15 June, 2010

Tracking Disaster

As can be seen from my last post, I'm a horrible tracker. Even with the best of intentions, my plans fall by the wayside. Why do I let this happen? Why can't I motivate myself? It always comes down to finding a reason to be motivated. Sometimes, even when you want something, you don't give yourself enough incentive. So what is my motivation? Losing weight does not seem to be enough, I need to discover exactly what I want to lose weight for.

I'm not saying I'm giving up till then. I have taken a few steps to do some changing. One thing, changing the night I go to Weight Watcher meetings. Last night I decided to try Monday nights at 5:30 and see if that works better than 6:30 on Tuesday nights.

And for the record, I started to track this morning and so far have everything logged.