27 April, 2011

Why Did Rulon Walk Off The Show? A Biggest Loser Tirade

What is the deal with Rulon just 'walking' off? He seemed like he wanted to stay. He did his utmost to win the 'Track Challenge'. Sure, he was beat by Tara Costa but could that have anything to do with it? Was Rulon pissed off he let a girl beat him? Was his decision to leave a form of a tantrum and sour grapes? What do you think?

But that's likely not the true answer. Personally, I think Rulon had another weight gain for the week. Yes, for a while I've believed the producers know in advance what the weigh-in is likely to be. No reason they can't pre-weigh the contestants then have a weigh-in for the cameras to play up the drama. Let's be honest, that's not a real scale they step on. If my scale acted like that I'd toss it in the bin, but I digress. How many times has it come down to one last final weigh-in. So they producers must have realized he gained again, reviewed the tapes, caught him breaking more rules (sources say he was eating in his room again, sneaking off campus and making phone calls) so they politely asked him to leave of his own free will before they officially DQ'd him (Sorry Courtney I had to).

Personally, I enjoyed the former contestants and loved seeing Tara beat Rulon. I can't be the only person glad to see Tara and the others again. Out of all the episodes to cut down to 1 hour though, they chose this one? They could have built up more Rulon story/drama, showed more former contestants, argued and debated after Rulon walked off. Hell, this episode could have been three hours long.

Does Rulon walking off demean the rest of the season? Of course not. It's just a bad testament to Rulon's dedication to being fit. He obviously has serious issues he needs to deal with, and that's pretty sad. Also with Kaylee gaining weight again and her being sent away, we've got a win-win situation for Biggest Loser. It can only get better from here.

Wait, next week is make-over week. See? It's getting better already.

Biggest Loser Comments - S11E17

Instead of writing a recap of the show, I've decided to post a few quotes from the live tweeting of the episode I found interesting or humorous. What were your thoughts? Feel free to add your own in the comments section. What did you like or hate about the episode?


@Jeffrey__Scott - #BL11 Time to grow up kiddo!
@2Baway - You said what I was thinking

@stacigway - What? Which one is the gold medalist?...it really never gets old. #bl11

@biggestloserlvr - I want her to kick Rulon's ass so badly. #BL11

@Jeffrey__Scott - The only #TheVoice I want to hear tonight is Jillian screaming at the contestants. #BL11

@TheBLblog - Oooo, this is one product placement that works for me. I'm totally getting Biggest Loser Wheaties! Unless Rulon is on the box. #BL11
@Jeffrey__Scott - Don't you have to be an Olympian to be on a Wheaties Box? Oh wait! That's right! #BL11

@Nbflat2 - I was jumping up and down on my couch again watching @Tara_Costa pull the car! I did the same thing the first time she won! Ahahahaha #BL11

@Jeffrey__Scott - Last week they said "It's not who you think." Guess what? WE ALL THOUGHT IT WAS RULON! #BL11

@SlimDownToSexy - I think I must be missing something...why do people hate Rulon so much? #BL11
@1curiouspeep - Alls fair when you cheat, cry & whine like a baby and then quit, too bad for his fans!!! #BL11

@BL11Hannah - Once upon a time Rulon got beat by a girl. The End. #BL11

@DianeRo - I guess if he decided to leave, he's gone right? I mean, we won't see him at the finale either? #BL11

@Jeffrey__Scott - So do you think it's the Olympic spirit to give up? Those Doritoes must be calling his name. #BL11
@1curiouspeep - Or is it sour grapes because he didn't make the Wheaties box? #BL11

@Jeffrey__Scott - #BL11 ♫Naaa naaa naaa naaa. Naa naa naa naaa Hey heyy, goodbye!♪

@Hamsasya - Um excuse me. Time out. What is Jillian wearing. #bl11

@300toFinally140 - I hope Kaylee "Accidentally" drank too much water and ate too much all week, again. #BL11

@DOOL_BL - OMG Kaylee looked happy there when Ali told her she is below the yellow line, GO HOME KAYLEE!! #BL11

@Jeffrey__Scott - Rulon and Kaylee both gone this week? Let's just chalk this up to win-win. #BL11
@stacigway - Who do we root against next week?

@Fit__Chick - If you don't have anything nice 2 say abt RULON come sit nxt 2 me.

@biggestloserlvr - Okay, now THAT is the shocker of the #BL11 episode!!! Kaylee and Vance!!!

@kindledscholar - I feel cheated. I didn't get my 2-hr #BL11 fix. But watching Kaylee go home almost makes up for it.

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26 April, 2011

S11E17 - Losing To A Girl

Original Air Date: 04/26/11
Contestants are back from New Zealand and back to the gym. But there is a surprise waiting for them. This week former contestants have come back to inspire and challenge. Greeting the teams are Ali Vincent and Sam Poueu from seasons five and nine respectively. Sam conducts some circuit training and Ali prepares a quinoa mango salad.

The challenge is held at Auto Club Speedway and special guest is Clint Bowyer who drives the Nascar Cheerios car. He introduces another guest, Tara Costa from season seven. She won the track challenge of her season and she's back to try again, hoping to inspire the others to do their best. Winner of this challenge receives a VIP experience with Clint and their face on a box of Wheaties. As a former Olympian, Rulon vows to win as he never had his face on a box of Wheaties. It's a close finish between Tara and Rulon, but Tara has come out ahead. No Wheaties box for Rulon. He seems very upset and discouraged by the loss.

At the Weigh In: During the last change workout, Rulon didn't seem into his workout. Before any weigh-ins begin he asks to address everyone. He formally announces he's leaving the show. The impression is he's leaving of his own accord, but later revealed he was disqualified for breaking show rules.

Despite Rulon leaving, the weigh in continues and someone will be voted out. Scale results of note are Irene having lost 100 pounds and Kaylee gaining two. But Irene's loss of only three pounds pushes her below the yellow line with Kaylee. When votes are revealed, Kaylee is sent home.

21 April, 2011

Biggest Loser Comments - S11E16

Instead of writing a recap of the show, I've decided to post a few quotes from the live tweeting of the episode I found interesting or humorous. What were your thoughts? Feel free to add your own in the comments section. What did you like or hate about the episode?

@Ali_Sweeney - Brand New #BiggestLoser tonight. Can't wait to read your reactions to tonights ep!!! And more New Zealand pics to share! #BL11

@BL11Olivia - Only a couple more hours until east coast #BL11 - who has predictions for tonights episode? #psychictweets
@Jeffrey__Scott - I predict Jillian will curse, Bob will do a product placement and Alison will look as gorgeous as ever. #BL11

@guiltfreecomfor - SEND BACK BRETT & BRING BACK COURTNEY! #bl11

@kaykoch - Someone please tell me what Bret ACTUALLY said as he flew in? I heard "The douche collector sneaks up on you." REALLY hopin I'm wrong? #BL11

@writerchickmc - OK guys - pretend you are those mountain goats and you've got this! #BL11 #MGCheerios

@Jeffrey__Scott - #BL11 Doing the chair would be fine, but I'd keep having flashbacks every time I sat in another chair.
@1curiouspeep - Haha! How true is that! Those chairs tip back easy too, I'd be a freaking mess, lol!

@defectivecandy - This season: Biggest Loser - Lets jump off everything edition!! #BL11

@taylora - Wow, when did Biggest Loser become Survivor or Fear Factor? If they have to eat bugs, I'm gonna lose it! #BL11

@Jeffrey__Scott - Rulon oO(I wonder what flavor chips New Zealand has.) #BL11

@Jeffrey__Scott - I've got a sneaky suspicion @BL11Olivia is gonna throw a bag of chips into Rulon's bedroom.
@BL11Olivia - LOL nice.
@dactyl64 - And we all know how hard it is to resist chips when someone throws them at you! #BL11

@TheBLblog - Wait. Rulon had to swim two miles in 45 degree water after a plane crash and he couldn't win the challenge? #BL11
@suzrenee I thought everyone loved him. From week 1 he has bugged me... #BL11
@FosterFitness - Have you heard he was in the Olympics? :)R

@Hamsasya - #bl11 Subway & Biggest Loser are so obsessed with eacother-they just need to go ahead & just have a love child allready. Bigway Lossub

@rynequin - If rulon gets out of this bungee jump because he's suddenly afraid to die I think he should go home immediately....after Kaylee. #BL11

@Jeffrey__Scott - Not many shows left for Jillian, and another episode she's gone. No wonder this show has seemed quiet. Is this what we can expect? #BL11

@Jeffrey__Scott - Are they going to try and make us feel bad for Rulon now? Nope, too late. #BL11
@Stars252525 - My thoughts exactly on Rulon. #BL11

@Jeffrey__Scott - #BL11 Save it Kaylee! Puhhh leeeezzzzeeee!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
@deekcampbell - She and Cara both. Blah blah blah.

@Jeffrey__Scott - So Kaylee and Rulon are both safe? And Jillian is not available? Worse episode ever! #BL11

@DOOL_BL - Hannah looks good, i think Ken needs more help. I really hope they keep Ken! #BL11

@cardiomommy - i'm sad for Ken.... but thank god Hannah is safe!!!! #bl11

@Haley_Singleton - I cannot believe someone is stupid enough to walk off the BL Ranch... Next week should be revealing. #BL11

@lenkees I am sure @Jeffrey__Scott was happy to see @Ali_Sweeney bungee jump a while ago! #BL11
@Jeffrey__Scott - You were so right! LOL RT
@Ali_Sweeney - you like bungee jumping

@Jeffrey__Scott - Yea! @Tara_Costa on the next #BL11 Looking forward to next week!
@FitBottomedGirl - Love Tara!
@Tara_Costa - Ohh thank you!

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19 April, 2011

S11E16 - Go Jump Off A Bridge

Original Air Date: 04/19/11
It's the second week in New Zealand and Alison has a surprise for everyone. No more teams, the game is moving to singles. In case the task is too daunting for Bob, Jillian and Cara, another trainer is brought in. It's Brett, who's followed the Biggest Loser crew from America.

During the course of the episode, trainers take pairs of the contestants along on special excursions. Cara takes Kaylee and Hanna to jump off a Canyon, Brett takes Jay and Austin rock climbing. Bob takes Irene and Rulon bungee jumping, but Bob opts out as does Rulon. He tells Bob, after having survived a plane crash, he's not willing to tempt fate any more. Bob convinces Rulon it's a fear he needs to let go of, and Rulon relents and joins Irene.

Atop a bridge, Alison introduces a river-board challenge. Winner receives a helicopter tour and more importantly, immunity at the weight in. Once the competition is explained, Alison does a bungee dive off the bridge. Kaylee, Rulon and Olivia lead the challenge, but it's Olivia who comes in first. Olivia is able to bring someone along and the offer is extended to her sister Hannah.

At the weigh in: As the week before, the weigh in takes place out doors. This week the trainers have pushed the Biggest Losers hard and Kaylee has a shocking five pound weight loss and Rulon has ten. Falling below the yellow line are Ken and Hannah, and Ken receives the majority of the votes and is forced to leave.

14 April, 2011

Biggest Loser Comments - S11E15

Instead of writing a recap of the show, I've decided to post a few quotes from the live tweeting of the episode. Mostly my quotes, but a few from others I found interesting or humorous. What were your thoughts? Feel free to add your own in the comments section. What did you like or hate about the episode?

Not even 5 minutes into the show and product placement? #Bl11
@krystaltiger -The next two weeks are product placement - NZ tourism :) #BL11

Brett is probably following behind in a rowboat trying to catch up with everyone else from #BL11

@2Baway - Ken, maybe Bob and Jillian will come along and help. Oh wait, you have to help yourself. #BL11

#BL11 Though I agree with Ken, you gotta imagine how hurtful that would be to hear.

Was Cara crying? There's no crying in training!

@garthygurl - #BL11 Put Cara and Ken in the ring....and btw did she jump off the builidng?

@imspoken4 - Umm, sorry Cara but you are NO @MyTrainerBob & @JillianMichaels you have to EARN the right to compare your self to them!!! #bL11 #fb

@a13k - I think Cara from #BL11 just made herself look really bad!

@sarahjmp - Bobs yoga class is hard, and I am only watching. #BL11

@defectivecandy - Jeesh looks like they stepped onto the set of Survivor by mistake. #BL11

Can we finally close the book on #Chipgate? #BL11 Great job Rulon. I knew you could do it! oO(I almost believed that). LOL

@stacigway - Really Rulon, you're going to talk about Jay letting you down? You put down your tostitos long enough to point fingers? #bl11

@FallenAngelGabe - +4lbs? That lazy pig! #BiggestLoser #BL11
@guiltfreecomfor - hey, not cool. Game player yeah, but no need 2 call her a lazy pig. Thats just messed up.

Kaylee needs to go home YESTERDAY!!!!!!!!! #BL11

@sweating_it_off - Must be that gravity in New Zealand! #bl11

If people can pass along rewards, maybe Moses can pass along his elimination to Kaylee. She'd probably accept it. #BL11

@Jason_Yu - Why doesn't Kaylee just volunteer to go home. #Annoyed #BL11

Kind of expecting them to cast votes and have their torches snuffed tonight. #BL11

Watch Moses catch everyone off guard and play his hidden immunity idol! #BL11 #Survivor.

@stacigway - Well, kaylee, if you didn't want your dad to go home maybe you shouldn't have been eating crap with him all week. #bl11

@biggestloserlvr - Did Kaylee throw this deliberately...again?! And it backfired, again?! #BL11
@ervc1 - So ready for her to go home

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12 April, 2011

S11E15 - New Zealand

Original Air Date: 04/12/11
Despite the bad news of losing Courtney and Brett, Alison has some good news for the contestants. For the next two weeks, they will be in New Zealand. Before departing, a quick contest will award one member an upgraded airline ticket in premium economy. Austin guesses closest to the height of Sky Tower in Auckland and wins.

Arriving in New Zealand, the first challenge is to climb to the top of the Sky Tower then jump off it. Bob and Ken are reluctant to do so but overcome their fears and jump.

Jumping from the top of Sky Tower isn't Ken's only concern this episode. He's also worried about his weight loss and injuries. Jillian confesses travel is hard on weight loss, but Cara is upset Ken went to Jillian and defends her weight loss strategies. She tells Ken to join Jillian if he thinks she's better at training and giving advice. After a brief chat with Jillian, Ken decides to stay with Cara, who vows to prove herself.

Another challenge for the week is a 5K over some rough terrain, including sand. All contestants must run as a team, not leaving anyone behind in order to make them work together. Winners receive a helicopter ride to Waiheke for a lunch. Irene and Olivia win but hand the prize to Kaylee and Moses.

At the weigh in: Jillian's prediction about how tough it is to lose weight while traveling comes true. Moses has lost no weight, Jay has gained two pounds and Kaylee has gained four. Despite this, Ken loses six pounds, Rulon loses seven and Austin has lost eight. Blue team has lost the weigh in but Irene is safe meaning it'll be Olivia or Moses who has to leave. As he would do for his own daughter, Moses asks to be voted out, so Olivia can stay.

06 April, 2011

Biggest Loser Comments - S11E14

Instead of writing a recap of the show, I've decided to post a few quotes from the live tweeting of the episode. Mostly they are my quotes, but I'll throw in a few from others I found interesting or humorous. What were your thoughts? Feel free to add your own in the comments section. What did you like or hate about the episode?

jeffrey__scott - Time for #BL11 Role Call!
TheBLblog - Role Call? Can I play Jillian?
DearTeamPurple - Can we TAKE #HotBOB?
(NOTE) I said Roll-Call not Roll-Play

Jeffrey__Scott - #BL11 Not a very exciting episode so far. We need another scandal, or revisit an old one. ;)
BucksMontStyle - I'm so with you. Snore.

Jeffrey__Scott - #BL11 Rulon dragging his team down?
Fit__Chick - Too many chips!

Jeffrey__Scott - #BL11 Did the staff go out of their way to make the kitchen more horrible than necessary?
1curiouspeep - that's pretty bad, huh!

garthygurl - #BL11 put that beetle in Rulon's room...in the chip drawer

2Baway - Wholly guacamole batman! #BL11
(NOTE) Yep, that was a product placement.

mrnls - Ugh no more cara! Sorry she has just made no connection for me all season #bl11
(NOTE) It doesn't help she'll likely replace Jillian next year.

DOOL_BL - @Ali_Sweeney always look beautiful at the weigh-in. But tonight, Ali you look so comfortable in that outfit #BL11

Jeffrey__Scott - #BL11 I think Courtney will do fine this week. It's the black team that concern me. Esp Rulon.
2Baway - Or Hannah

Jeffrey__Scott - How long does the typical weigh-in take to film? And when is it usually done? Morning, Night? #BL11
Ali_Sweeney - we shoot weigh-ins at night. Depending on # of people, can take a couple of hours. #BL11

jeffrey__scott - #BL11 Are they going to save Courtney for last?
TheBLblog - You are a wise man

#BL11 :( I'm repeating all the bleeped out words right now. Courtney, you are going to be missed!!!!!!!!

summersjd - Brett, I hope there's a twist coming up & they bring you back!! #BL11

LuanaMGS - What's with #BL11 spoilers? Guess I can't come to Twitter before the show is on!
(NOTE) Yea, it sucks for West Coast tweeters.

Jeffrey__Scott - #BL11 Product placement for DQ?
mikiepocd - Nah, it's her family's biz. Lots of clips of her working there on home video.
Jeffrey__Scott - you spoke to soon. LOL
mikiepocd Nope. I was wrong.
Ali_Sweeney - LOL so on point with our brand. #BL11

stellar_zee - did anyone else cry at the end of #biggestloser #BL11 tonight? that was the outcome I was NOT expecting.

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05 April, 2011

S11E14 - A Night On The Town

Original Air Date: 04/05/11
For the first challenge of the week, each team must guesstimate exactly how far a mile is. Given flag markers, they are sent off. Winners of the challenge receive a night on the town, losers will be forced to clean the gym. The black team (Rulon, Hannah & Jay) are off by only four feet and thus win the challenge.

Having lost the two other members of her team already, Courtney gets the privilege of working with Brett on a one-on-one basis. His plan is to break her plateau and take her to the final four.

Meanwhile, Jillian is talking to Rulon. After last week admitting he's been secretly snacking, she's worried. Rulon argues with her and claims he wants to treat himself after working out hard. Jillian wishes he could find a way to treat himself that doesn't involve food. Then when she finds out the black team won a night on the town, she loses it and informs them it's not a real prize but a set-back.

The black team enjoy a limo ride to Hollywood Boulevard and dinner at the Geisha House. Hannah is surprised when a guy comes over to toast their victory, keeping his eyes on her the whole time. Rulon and Jay suddenly disappear, giving Hannah some alone time.

At the last chance workout, everyone is being pushed to their limit. Jillian focuses on Rulon after his night on the town and Brett focuses all his energies on Courtney, the last member of his team. Pressure is on Courtney because she knows if she loses, Brett will also have to leave.

At the Weigh In: Black team has some surprising weight loss numbers, but Courtney is most surprised to find she's lost only one pound. With no one else on her team, and with the lowest percentage, Courtney is immediately eliminated. She tells everyone not to worry about her because she's got a great support group at home. Unfortunately, this means Brett is also leaving the ranch.