29 September, 2010

Biggest Loser Comments - S10E02

Just what are people saying about this season of Biggest Loser? Here are a few random thoughts from viewers while live chatting about episode 2 of the Biggest Loser this past Tuesday on Twitter. What were your thoughts?

I see they didn't address the sports bra issues.

I'm glad Biggest Loser doc just increased national awareness about serious flaws with gastric bypass surgery.

"The terminator" and "the grave digger" sandwiches hahaha

There seem to be lots more close ups of the fat hanging bellies.

There should be 2 weigh-ins. One for the men, one for the ladies. At least for the first few weeks.

How do you lose 41 pounds in one week?! Holy crap!

Dear Burgandy: There are no lanes. Love, Alison

And now the sob stories of why they can't lose weight at home. Guess what, sooner or later you'll have to.

They got rid of the fridges with their names at the end. HOORAY!

I think Tina would do better at home. But game play says she stays.

So sad when you can't rely on family for support.

If Tina walks out next week, that is so sad!

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28 September, 2010

A - Z Fitness - Blogging?

Why is this a suggestion in my fitness article? Well, before I dig deep into the meat of this series I wanted to point out what has helped me. I've noticed when I keep up to date in my blog, I'm more serious about all I do. My tracking improves as well as my exercise routine. When writing things down I've found it makes me more aware of what I'm doing. I'm more aware when tracking, especially when thinking of reaching for that extra snack. If you're not sure where to begin, look at other fitness blogs and see what others are writing about. It'll either give you ideas of your own, or you'll be encouraged by someone else.

Tips: Don't feel you have to write a novel. Remember KISS - Keep It Simple Silly. Your blog can be tracking your calories, writing a daily affirmation to keep yourself inspired or one or two sentences on how well you are doing.

Remember: You don't have to have a blog with hundreds or millions of readers for it to be effective. Your blog can be for just you, friends or family. The objective is to get your thoughts down to review later. Your best encouragement comes from yourself.

Goal: For one week start a blog and track all your calories. Alternatively, write a message a day on why you want to get fit.

Last Weeks Goal: Last week I challenged you to find one item in your surrounding which distracts you from your goal and change it. What did you change and was it effective?

What fitness words starting with the letter "B" inspire you?

25 September, 2010

Biggest Loser Comments S10E01

Just what are people saying about this season of Biggest Loser? Here are some random thoughts that occurred to a few during the live chatting on Twitter this past week. Do you see your comment? Feel free to claim it, or just add your own to the list.

Obesity and anorexia in one family? OMG.

It seems like those who are not making it to the Biggest Loser ranch, need it the most.

There is more death on this episode of Biggest Loser than all Arnold Schwarzenegger films combined.

Your life is NOT over just because you didn't make it onto a television show.

"I need the Biggest Loser" Oy Vey. No, you need self confidence.

Bob - "You have made it through chemo...and now here is the new Extra sugar free gum to help curb cravings"

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20 September, 2010

A - Z Fitness - Atmosphere

When I say 'atmosphere', I'm not talking about the air around us, but that could work as well. You can't keep fit if you can't breath. However, this time I'm referring to our surroundings. The 'atmosphere' of your apartment, home or office.

When we've decided to dedicate ourselves to a fitness goal, one might forget no matter how motivated we are, influences are there we may not be aware of. For example; you decide to go out for a jog. How motivated do you think you'll continue to be if your route takes you past bakery and doughnut shops? Answer, not very long. Yet influences come from all over, posters at work, what you watch on TV, even your computers desktop wall paper.

Tips: Drastic changes need not be made if you feel your 'atmosphere' is working against you. Choose a route on your run that doesn't take you past bakery shops, change your computer desktop to a motivational one. Hang a few motivational pictures at the office or even your house. You might even want to find something different to watch on TV if you enjoy cooking shows which feature food high in fat.

Goal: Try to find at least one item in your immediate surrounding which distracts you from your goal and change it.

Remember: Little things add up to big things. It doesn't matter if it's little calories you take in, or calories you burn off.

What fitness words starting with the letter "A" inspire you?

12 Week Goal

Now that the Biggest Loser is beginning again, I've decided to get back to keeping my blog updated. There are a couple of things I'm going to be working on in the next 12 weeks to look forward to.

First I'm planning on playing along with Biggest Loser at home. This weekend I purchased a copy of the Biggest Loser Wii game and there is an option for a 12 week program so I will be using that as a template to follow. In conjunction, I'll restart my visits to Weight Watchers. It's been a bad summer for me and I put on a lot of weight. So much so, I'm actually ashamed of myself. For the most part I've been hiding from weight watcher meetings as well as friends and family.

The other project I'll be working on is a 26 part A-Z fitness series aimed at working on something new every week, and doing a bit of research on how to improve in that particular area. My primary goal is to print a new article each week, so I'll still be working on it by the time my 12 week Wii program concludes.

In both projects, reader support, encouragement and comments will be greatly appreciated. True, I've had a hard time with weight loss lately, but when I get working on a project, I tend to stick with it till the end. Not that watching weight, (or more to the point) fitness has an end.

16 September, 2010

Emotional Eating

I certainly have a love/hate relationship with eating well. When I'm eating well, I'm really doing it well. When I begin to slack, I really slack and emotional eating takes over. Initially I've lost over 100 pounds but since then I've put almost half of it back. I really want to get back to what I lost before and know it'll be a struggle. I know the reward is worth it and taking baby steps will lead to more and more inspiration. I'm going to continue to keep my own blog updated, because that always seems to help inspire myself, as well as finding inspiration from you (others dealing with the same thing I am).