20 September, 2010

A - Z Fitness - Atmosphere

When I say 'atmosphere', I'm not talking about the air around us, but that could work as well. You can't keep fit if you can't breath. However, this time I'm referring to our surroundings. The 'atmosphere' of your apartment, home or office.

When we've decided to dedicate ourselves to a fitness goal, one might forget no matter how motivated we are, influences are there we may not be aware of. For example; you decide to go out for a jog. How motivated do you think you'll continue to be if your route takes you past bakery and doughnut shops? Answer, not very long. Yet influences come from all over, posters at work, what you watch on TV, even your computers desktop wall paper.

Tips: Drastic changes need not be made if you feel your 'atmosphere' is working against you. Choose a route on your run that doesn't take you past bakery shops, change your computer desktop to a motivational one. Hang a few motivational pictures at the office or even your house. You might even want to find something different to watch on TV if you enjoy cooking shows which feature food high in fat.

Goal: Try to find at least one item in your immediate surrounding which distracts you from your goal and change it.

Remember: Little things add up to big things. It doesn't matter if it's little calories you take in, or calories you burn off.

What fitness words starting with the letter "A" inspire you?


  1. Love the look of your blog! Looks great and the format is amazing too. Great tips! Get hooked up with Network blogs on Facebook and you'll probably draw more readers and such! *HUGS*

  2. Thanks for the information. Never heard of that, so appreciate the suggestion.

  3. Attitude. Without the right attitude all is for naught!