30 November, 2010

A-Z Fitness - Kudos

It's said imitation is the sincerest form of flattery. That may be true, but ultimately people are more flattered when they receive kudos from a loved one. Kudos are what you give people when you appreciate something they have done, to acknowledge the hard work they have put in on a particular task. So how do kudos relate to fitness? It's true, you can give yourself 'props', but how much more will someone else appreciate receiving them? The more you recognize how others are doing in their fitness goals, the more you'll focus on your own. And you never know, you might receive a few of your own.

Tips: Don't be surprised if someone thinks you are 'after something'. True, it does seem in this day and age the only time a person gives kudos they are trying to receive something back; either fishing for a compliment back or some sort of favour. However, a true appreciation for someone is to NOT expect anything back. To solve this problem, send an anonymous note or preface a verbal compliment with "I was thinking how much I appreciate you for", and then give a valid reason for why you appreciate them. The intended recipient will realize its more sincere and less likely to think you are 'fishing'.

Remember: There are different ways to give kudos. A pat on the back, gift card or note of appreciation is as effective as a verbal accolade. Also, you don't have to reserve your appreciation for only fitness goals. There are many things you can appreciate someone for; being a good mother, a caring person, keeping a bedroom nice and tidy, working hard for the family. Certainly you can think of something you give a person kudos for.

Goal: This week I've got a unique goal to work on. Instead of trying to give yourself kudos, try spreading it to other people. Truly, the best acclaim one can receive is from another person. Everyone enjoys knowing they have done a good job or are appreciated. Try to give away either three kudos in a single day or try to give one out each day to a different person. Especially at this time of the year will it be more appreciated.

Last Weeks Goal: So how did you do on your goal from last week? What substitutes did you make? Was it a continual effort all week long or did you try once? Even trying a single time can be helpful as you'll likely keep it in mind for later use. As always, even though it's not this weeks goal, doesn't mean you can't keep working on it.

What fitness words starting with the letter "K" inspire you?

23 November, 2010

A-Z Fitness - Junk Food

Having the right attitude about junk-food is certainly helpful. When I say junk food I mean candy, fast food, bakery, soda, highly processed foods and stuff of this sort. Of course when I mention junk food, generally people know exactly what I mean. Sure, it might taste good while you're eating it, but it certainly catches up with you. You know what they say, 'A moment on the lips, forever on the hips'. It's so much easier to take in the calories than to burn them off. Did you know McDonald's medium size French-fries has 380 calories and 19 grams of fat? A Starbucks Caffè Mocha has 260 calories and 8 grams of fat. A piece of Cheesecake Factory cheesecake can have as many as 1000 calories per serving? That's a lot of sit-ups! Something to think about next time you have a craving for junk food.

Tips: You can still eat out or buy snacks without it being 'junk food'. Look for foods low in calories, low in fat and unprocessed. These foods are much healthier for you and make you feel better physically and mentally.

Remember: Junk food is just what it says, junk. Americans especially have gotten into the habit of using junk food to replace wholesome nutritious meals, and I'm just as much at fault as anyone. Sure, it's fast and easy but at the end of the day, it takes it's toll on the body.

Goal: Try replacing a high fat item you enjoy for a low calorie one this week. Enjoy French fries with lunch? Try a bag of baked chips. Drink Caffè Mocha's in the morning? Why not replace it with a regular black coffee. Enjoy cheese cake? A cheesecake flavored yogurt will do the trick. Can you think of other substitutions you can make? Why not make a list and share them here?

Last Weeks Goal: So what did you decide was your ultimate initiative for wanting to keep fit? Did you figure one out? I kept coming back to thinking my main initiative is to encourage others. Of course I've been struggling with my weight for a few weeks so I wonder if that's enough? How about you? What did you come up with, and what did you discover about yourself because of it?

What fitness words starting with the letter "J" inspire you?

22 November, 2010

Top 9 Ways To Tell If You've Been Watching Too Much "Biggest Loser"

9. You know who Alison Sweeney is but have yet to watch one episode of 'Days of Our Lives'.

8. Your friend offers you a piece of Trident Sugar-Free gum and you correct her saying, "You mean Extra Sugar-Free gum".

7. Someone calls you a big loser and you take it as a compliment.

6. Your last nightmare featured the local gym and Jillian Michaels.

5. Uncontrollable guilt grips you every time you use bottled water instead of a Brita Filter.

4.You complain the Biggest Loser contestants used to inspire you, instead of make you angry.

3. You own a T-shirt that says "Team Bob".

2. You refuse to eat Thanksgiving dinner unless a Jennie-O Turkey is used.

1. Every Tuesday night you're sitting on the couch eating a pint of ice cream.

17 November, 2010

A-Z Fitness - Inspiring Initiative

Having the right initiative is very important for succeeding any fitness goal(s) you might have. Without it, you'll never properly be in the right frame of mind. Your initiative is what fuels your goal. Having a goal of losing weight is great, but without the proper initiative it simply won't work. It can be something as simple as wanting to feel better about yourself, wanting to look better, or wanting to eat healthier. Somewhat related to a goal and your motivation, having an initiative will get you started in the right direction, because motivation isn't enough.

Tips: To find your initiative, ask yourself why you want to achieve your goal. The answer will likely be the same for each goal you have.

Remember: Your initiative is a lot like a goals, but one initiative is what inspires you more than anything else. It's very important to figure out what yours is because it'll be different for everyone.

Goal: This week you are assigned the task of making sure you know what your ultimate initiative is. If you feel you have various reasons for wanting to keep fit, compare them and determine what is primary. I've got to admit, I've been trying to work towards several goals, with a main initiative. So this week I'm making sure I complete this goal personally.

Last Weeks Goal: Last week you were going to change one bad habit. Which bad habit did you try to break? How well did you do? Fall a little short? Don't worry, change takes time and with the right support and motivation you can do it! I may not be a professional fitness trainer, but I can offer my support to anyone that needs it.

What fitness words starting with the letter "I" inspire you?

09 November, 2010

A - Z Fitness - Hard Habit to Break

I've been working on this fitness blog for over 8 weeks now. You might say writing these articles has become a habit for me. But what really is a habit? A habit is something you do repetitively, on a continual basis so that it's second nature. So how does this relate to your health and fitness? Not surprisingly we have habits when we eat, whether we recognize it or not. The bad habits we've formed when it comes to something as simple as getting a drink or quick snack can be very important. We may need to break a habit when it comes to our exercise routine as well, or perhaps lack-there-of. The key is to identify the habits we've picked up, and change as many bad ones as we can.

Tips: Try replacing your regular soda with a diet soda. You'll be surprised how satisfying many diet sodas can be. Even better, try switching to water. Do you worry water may be too bland? There are many 'mix-ins' available for water. Most are low in calories and surprisingly taste very good. Have a craving for chips or candy? Why not try a piece of gum. It'll keep your mouth busy, and you'll enjoy the taste of the many varieties and flavours available. What about other bad habits? Make a list of what you feel your bad habits are, put a star next to the ones you feel are the most important to change.

Remember: Much like gaining weight, you didn't pick up a habit overnight. Going 'cold turkey' is not usually very effective. True, you may struggle, but if you keep with it and 'exercise' patience, you'll be surprised how many bad habits can be reversed. Keep in mind not all bad habits are food related.

Goal: For the next week, make it your goal to change one bad habit and stick to it. You don't have to change all your bad habits, take it one step at a time. Once you beat one, the others will fall in line (with a little work).

Last Weeks Goal: Last week your goal was to create a new goal for yourself. Was it weight related? Did it involve dropping a clothing size? What goal did you create and how have you been doing with it? My goal for the past year has been to stay away from soda, even diet. I'm happy to report I've done great with it so far. Drinking water is second nature to me now, I don't even miss soda.

What fitness words starting with the letter "H" inspire you?

02 November, 2010

A-Z Fitness - Gooooooaaaaaals

Goals are important to have because it focuses you on a specific task. Without a proper goal, you really aren't working towards anything. A marathoner has the finish line as his goal, as does the race car driver. A footballer has the goal as his goal, even a barrista has a goal of serving you fresh, delicious coffee each morning. Working on your health and fitness without a goal is almost pointless. Even a person with excellent health and a fit body should have the goal of making sure they stay that way. Of all goals to have, ones with your health and fitness in mind are extremely important. When you keep yourself fit, you'll look better and you'll feel better too.

Tips: Make sure goals you set are ones you'll actually do. Focusing on something you have no interest in will never inspire you. It should be effective and simple, set goals that will be fun, interesting or unique. As long as you're truly interested in working towards your goal, you'll be able to accomplish it. Also, make sure your goal is specific. "To lose weight", will hardly inspire you.

Remember: Goals are great to have, but setting one too high will only result in failure. Instead of setting your initial goal as to lose all your excesses weight, why not start off with something simple? How about a goal of losing 5 pounds? Goals don't have to be about weight loss. Set a goal of having one piece of fruit a day?

Goal: As our topic this week is goals, you should set one for yourself. No one will have the same type of goal. Be creative if you want. Don't forget to share with others for additional motivation.

Last Weeks Goal: Last week your goal was to try a new kind of fruit. What did you discover as you searched around? Did you find anything new to try? What did you think? Share your experience.

What fitness words starting with the letter "G" inspire you?