24 January, 2012

Biggest Loser S13E04 - Putting on the MacGyver Hat

Being only an hour long episode, the episode begins right into a challenge. The two teams meet outside in a 'battering ram' obstacle course. But Red Team is minus Buddy, who has gone home for the week as his wife is expecting. Alison informs them he will be back for the weigh-in. For this challenge, both teams will be given a battering ram. As they start out, they will be given a question they must answer with two choices. Before them are two doors for each team. Whichever question they feel is right, they will use the battering ram to bust through the door. If they get the question right, they will be able to move to the next question with ease, guess wrong and they need to wade through thick mud. The first team through all doors win the prize, access to the gym. The team that comes in last will be denied access to the gym. Black Team is first to answer, but get the question wrong and must wade through the mud. The Red Team is on a roll and makes it through most of the doors without having to wade through the mud. The black team is not so lucky and wades through mud for pretty much the entire episode. Red team wins with Black Team still a few doors back. Roy celebrates his victory with glee, but his wife Chris says he's a 'sore winner'.

With one week to go, Dolvett visits the Aqua team in Chicago. He hopes to help them through the last week by having a training day with them. He also does a quick infomercial for the Biggest Loser Slim Coach. Aqua team is certain they will lose the 50 pounds needed to make it back to the Biggest Loser Ranch.

Back at the resort, Chris is upset and demands the cameras leave her alone. When they remain she barricades herself in the bathroom. Roy goes to check on her as Bob shows up trying to figure out what's going on. Chris tells Roy she doesn't want to be there anymore. Roy tells her she can't quit, but she decides she's going to do what she wants to do. She continues to cry in the bathroom. Conda thinks Chris is doing it for the attention. The rest of the teams fears she's going to go home, just like Joe. Finally, Bob goes to talk to her and she says there too much going on in the house. For so long she's felt invisible and in the house it's impossible to feel that way. Bob tells her what she's feeling is normal, and she can work through her feelings. Chris is willing to try once more, and Bob reminds her not to give up on herself.

Cue the montage music and we get Bob Harper outside with his Black Team working out with whatever they can find. Though unhappy, Bob is willing to put on his MacGyver hat and get the job done. Chism says they don't need the gym because they are making their own gym. For the most part, they are working out using chairs. Lifting them over their head, stretching alongside them or simply walking and running. His training outside is working as best it can, but he's still having problems with Gail. She continues to move slow and cry about something. Bob jokes she'll cry about her shoes becoming unlaced.

While this is going on, Dolvett is in the gym having his own problems. Nancy is giving him lip, and Conda is doing her best to resist Dolvett's training. Despite his best intentions, she mutters under her breath and rolls her eyes at him. Finally he's had enough and kicks her out of the gym. He tells her to come back when she's ready to work out. Outside, she starts talking to the Producer and says Dolvett is just pushing her buttons. But Dolvett finally comes out to talk to her and he explains his position. He tells her it's difficult for him to train her while she continues to roll her eyes at him and has a 'smart comment' for everything he tells her. Finally he tells her she needs to figure out why she's there, and when she does, she can come back in. She thinks things over for a while and reluctantly goes back in and apologizes to Dolvett.

It's time for the weigh-in and Buddy joins his Red Team. He announces the birth of his son Levi.

At The Weigh-In:
Black team
Emily 244 / 235 / -9 "I didn't want to think that high, and I got it."
Chsim 332 / 320 / -12
Cassandra 212 / 206 / -6
Jeremy 358 / 347 / -11 "The whole season I can keep getting 11, I'll be happy."
Alison: "Gail, you seem very nervous."
Gail: "I'm a big gal, and I just want a big number."
Gail 302 / 297 / -5
Bob: "That sucks. You are a big gal. And a big gal has to pull big numbers."
Chris 222 / 215 / -7 "That was my goal number."
Megan 240 / 238 / -2 "I feel very disappointed."
Total 52 Pounds - 2.72%

Red Team
Buddy 363 / 353 / -10 "More than my son weighed."
Roy 278 / 272 / -6
Kimmy 203 / 197 / -6
Mark 266 / 255 / -11 "How about that, baby?"
Kim 230 / 220 / -10
Nancy 205 / 200 / -5
Conda: "The pressure is all on me."
Conda 275 / 265 / -10 "I definitely give Dolvet a hard time."
Alison: "Dolvett, it sounds like Conda does not make this easy for you."
Dolvet: "Not even a little bit."
58 pounds 3.19%

As the black team decides who is going home, the consensus seems to be for who is not working as hard as could be, versus the one who wanted to go home.
Megan - Gail
Chism - Chris
Cassandra - Gail
Chsim - Chris
Chris - Gail
Gail - Chris
Emily - Gail

Gail's Success So Far:

17 January, 2012

Biggest Loser S13E03 - Heaving & Sobbing

The episode begins this week with Joe complaining about missing his family. He says he misses them, especially since Mike (his brother), left last week. His team-member Jeremy tries to comfort him, but Joe doesn't look very comforted when the discussion is over, despite Jeremy's best attempts.

The food temptation challenge for the week is a Chinese Buffet. Alison explains one of the biggest excuses for gaining weight is not having enough time to eat healthy, thus spending more time dining out. Before the challenge begins, she continues by mentioning it's going to be 'Face-Off' week. Each contestant is going to face off on the scale. Which ever person wins the weigh-in between the two, will earn a point for their team. Whichever team earns the most points, wins, and will be spared having to vote someone off.

But how will the face-off's be determined? That's going to be the point of the food temptation. Both teams, one at a time will have access to the Chinese food. Whoever eats the most for their team will win a two pound advantage which they can keep or divide up. Also, they will be the sole person deciding what the Match-ups are going to be. However, if no one eats, or the teams in calories they eat. There will be no weight pound advantage and teams will be paired up automatically with their previous team-mate.

The red team is given the first chance. They are discussing the possibilities about what to eat when Kimmy essentially forbids it. She explains it's like alcoholism, and once they start in it'll be hard to resist further. Roy thought it would be a good idea, but deferred to Kimmy's way of thinking, considering she may be smarter in her decision. Next, the black team is given a chance. Jeremy is discussing doing it and suggests eating a fortune cookie. The team seems in agreement, they will eat. Emily suggest a girl not eating it, as it'll be harder for them to burn it off. When Chism is suggested, he refuses saying, "But Bob will be mad." Finally Cassandra decides she'll bite the bullet, errr fortune cookie. Then when she does, it's suggest another one is consumed in case the other team has the same strategy. As per the rules, the Black team wins the challenge. Conda from the Red team thinks it was just a sign of weakness. Cassandra assigns the teams following:

Black - Emily 5.30% (Weight Loss So Far) "Sorry kids, Santa's going down."
Red - Roy 6.21% (Weight Loss So Far)

Black - Jeremy 5.14%
Red - Lauren 5.28%

Black - Joe 6.44% "I feel bad, I don't want to take an old lady out.
Red - Nancy 4.61% (Cassandra's Mother) "I'm going to put extra cheese in your food all week."

Black - Chism 5.54%
Red - Kim 6.35% "I know how to compete. Chism's definitely going down."

Black - Chris 5.84%
Red - Mark 5.83% "I hope that I can beat her, I think it's going to be fun."

Black - Megan 4.25%
Red - Buddy 7.69% "I think she's [Cassandra] not pairing us up for Megan to win."

Black - Gail 4.35%
Red - Kimmy 5.94%

Black - Cassandra 7.95% "I feel better under fierce competition. And she's fierce competition."
Red - Conda 5.44% "My advise to her is to bring it, because I'm going to."

Later in the evening, Joe is seen packing a bag. He tells his team he's leaving. He says he misses his family too much and he needs them. He says it's getting harder and harder every day. Everyone on the ranch is shocked and confused, especially his team. Some feel he could have waited at least till after the weigh-in. When Bob finds out he's just as confused, he thinks his team is joking at first. Bob thinks he's using the biggest excuse of "My family needs me". Upset and dismayed, Bob decides to give Joe a call and have the last word. During the conversation Joe says he left for his kids, Bob replies "I thought you were here for your kids. I don't think you gave yourself enough of a chance. I mean, you were going to be a competitor in this house." Joe replies he felt it was the right thing to do, but Bob disagrees. Bob thinks Joe hasn't learned anything and that Joe's excuse is a 'crock'.

During the week's workout, Bob is once again getting frustrated with Gail. As he continues to encourage and motivate her she suddenly starts crying. For the moment, Bob gives up on her and moves on to Cassandra and Emily. Then Bob has a great idea of pitting the two teams against each other in the gym, since it's face-off week. First he has Emily and Roy racing to see who can get 500m on a rowing machine first. Roy gives it all he can, but Emily just beats him. Dolvett then puts Conda and Cassandra against each other, and sweetens the deal with a little bet. The loser has to buy the winner lunch. The contest is a variation of burpies and Cassandra wins. However Conda claims Cassandra cheated, but no one saw her doing this, Dolvett declares Cassandra the winner. Later, Conda upholds her part of the bet and brings in a Subway sandwich for Cassandra.
Conda: "Cassandra, I brought your lunch."
Cassandra: "Awww, aren't you sweat." Replied sarcastically.
Conda: "I was gonna get a cheeseburger, but a bets a bet."
Cassandra: "Shocking that you followed through."
Conda: "Killing me that I have to do this."
Cassandra: Gleefully biting into the sandwich, "Mmmmmmmmm"
Dolvett walks in: "I see you lived up to your bet."
Conda: "Always."
Dolvett: "How does it taste?"
Cassandra: "Victory never tasted so good."
Sensing the hostility between the two, Dolvett decides to offer a rematch. Conda reluctantly agrees.

For the next challenge, Bob and Dolvett are invited in to coach and support their teams. The challenge is a water relay, each team must take a pail of water through an obstacle course. At the end of the course is block of ice with a prize inside. The goal is to melt the ice enough to take the prize out. The teams race to pump water into a bucket, pour them into a circular bucket spin, over a ten foot wall, and down a water shoot. Whatever water is left after the shoot is to be used to pour on the ice, to help melt it. The red team starts off strong but suddenly begins to lose the edge. Black team can suddenly see the prize inside the ice, but the red team has suddenly picked things up again. The red team pulls the prize out, but all the team members must get past the finish line for them to officially win. Suddenly it's a sprint to the finish as the black team is now struggling to pull the prize out. Bob calls his black team in to start for the finish, but it's too late. Red team wins the prize - videos from home. The prize is a double-edged sword for most of the team members. The red team knowing they have won, means their companions on the other side won't be getting their videos. Chris breaks down crying, because she wanted to see her kids. But Roy is kind enough to give his prize to her. Lauren and Mark follow suite, and give their prizes to Gail and Chism.

Later, it's Bob's turn to visit the Aqua team in Chicago. He's hoping to encourage and inspire them so they'll be ready for the challenge of making it back to the Biggest Loser ranch.

Before the face-off, there is a rematch that needs addressing. During the last chance workout all eyes are fixed on the next competition. Conda assures Cassandra she is going to be beat now that she can't 'cheat'. But once again, Cassandra is the clear winner.

Weigh In
As the winner of the temptation challenge, Cassandra won a two pound weight advantage which she can keep for herself or distribute among two other team-mates. She opts to give one pound to Gail and one to Megan. However, with Joe having left, the Black team forfeits the first point to the Red team. Because of this, Nancy is first to weigh in.

Joe - forfeit
Nancy - 207 205 -2
Red Team Point

Megan 248 240 -8
Buddy 372 363 -9
Black Team Point

Gail 308 302 -6
Kimmy 206 203 -3
Black Team Point

Jeremy 369 358 -11
Lauren 233 230 -3
Black Team Point

Roy 287 278 -9
Emily 250 244 -6
Red Team Point

Mark 274 266 -8
Chris 226 222 -4
Red Team Point

Kim 236 230 -6
Chism 341 332 -9
Black Team Point

Cassandra 220 212 -8
Conda 278 275 -3
Black Team Point

The Black team wins 5-3 so the Red team must vote someone off. There seems to be some animosity between Nancy and Kim and when their votes are revealed, they have voted for each other. Nancy does get one more vote, but the rest go shockingly to Lauren. The reason given is she has no distractions at home and it's assumed she'll have an easier time taking the weight off.

Nancy - Kim
Kim - Nancy
Lauren - Nancy
Conda - Lauren
Buddy - Lauren
Mark - Lauren
Roy - Nancy
Kimmy - Lauren

Lauren started on the Biggest Loser ranch at 246 pounds. Since then she's lost 53 and has run a half-marathon. Her next plans are to run a full marathon and to weigh 130 pounds by the finale.

10 January, 2012

Biggest Loser S13E02 - Too Much Vandalism, Not Enough Working Out

After a quick review of the first week, Alison greets the contestants and gives them information on what is going to take place during the week. First she informs them, the Biggest Loser on the winning team can assign immunity to only one person on the losing team. Most seasons this would seem ridiculous, but in this season it gives players an opportunity to give immunity to their former partner. But Alison is not done with the teams, she asks for two team leaders from each team to follow her. Emily of the Black team and Kim of the Red team immediately raise their hands. Reluctantly Joe of the Black team and Kimmy of the Red team raise their hands with no deliberation within the teams.

The four contestants follow Alison to a room with a table with poker chips on it. She says, "If you thought the stakes of this game were high, we're about to up the anti." With a five pound advantage on the line, each team will bet how much they can lose during the week. The team who bets the most, has the opportunity to win the advantage. But if they lose, the other team will receive the advantage. As a little help, Alison says the previous week the Black team lost 3.64% and the Red team lost 3.98%. With Red team having won the last weigh in they are given the option to bet first. Red team starts off strong with a 3.8% bet, this equates to 94 pounds, roughly 10 pounds per person. Knowing how hard it is to lose weigh the second week, the Black team opts not to challenge the bet, they call the Red teams bluff (if that's what it indeed was). Joe says he's going to let the Red team beat themselves, to which Kim laughs. She informs Joe they are going to beat the Black team, her attitude suggests Joe is weak for not betting more, but Joe knows better. When Red team ends up having to bet someone out, he's going to relax back with a cup of coffee.

The team leaders go back to inform their teams what transpired. Joe explains what has happened. Kim informs her team of their bid, stunning them. She's still very cocky and laughs at how easily Black Team folded. The rest of the Black team fully support Joe and Emily for folding. Kim thinks Dolvett is going to be excited by them winning the bet, but he's rather distressed. He knows losing 94 pounds week two is a difficult challenge at best.

During the workout in the gym, Bob refuses to lose another challenge, but finds Gail resting and Cassandra crying in a corner. To make matters worse, Dolvett annoys Bob by using a lot of his techniques. Then when Dolvett spray paints "94 lbs", Bob just about loses it. He ultimately leaves the gym's 'Toxic Atmosphere'.

Later, Rachel, the Biggest Loser Nutritionist stops by, Jeremy is immediately smitten with her. She's claims most Americans don't know how to eat healthy, so her job for the day is to show them how to eat healthy. Jeremy says he will listen to WHATEVER she tells him. Kimmy (of the former purple team) thinks it's a bad idea turning the teams into a grocery store, filled with cookies and chips. Rachel teaches the Red team some great substitutions and a few good recipes.

The next challenge promises the winning team six months of the Biggest Loser Meal Plan. For this challenge, they will be outside on the docks. Each team must spin a wheel which will bring in puzzles pieces hanging over the water. Once collected, the teams must solve the puzzle, then raise it up before the other team. It's a close race, but the Black Team narrowly wins. Kim from the Red Team is upset, but she's been taught if she doesn't have anything nice to say, to not say anything at all. Frustrated, she zips her lips.

Having concluded her assignment on the ranch, Rachel the nutritionist visits the Aqua Team in Chicago. She wants to help and encourage them, so they can make it back to the fitness ranch. Like she did with the Black and Red teams, she gives them pointers and tips using Jenni-O products.

On The Scale:
Red Team
Kim 239 236 -3 "I'm not happy at all."
Kimmy 210 206 -4 "Not what I wanted but I"m still going in the right direction."
Roy 292 287 -5 "I was shooting for 15."
Lauren 237 234 -4 "Four pounds lighter than I was last week."
Nancy 212 207 -5
Conda 285 278 -7
Mike 345 338 -7
Makr 282 274 -8
Buddy 381 372 -9
2.09% - They lose the bet and Black team wins a 5 pound advantage.

Black Team
Gail 313 308 -5 "I'll take a five pound weight loss."
Megan 252 248 -4 "Four pounds is not enough for me."
Cassandra 225 220 -5
Emily 254 250 -4 "I wanted 7, a pound a day. I'm not happy."
Chris 232 226 -6 "That feels really good."
Joe 342 334 -8 "I was pretty satisfied."
Jeremy 376 369 -7 "I'm now the heaviest guy on my team now that Ben's gone."
Chism 349 341 -8 "We don't have to go to that room again."
52 - 2.22%

The Red team has lost, but there will be two people safe. One is Mark who is the Biggest Loser of his team, and with Black team winning the weigh in, Chris (Biggest Loser of that team) chooses Roy to be immune as well.

As the Red team is deciding who is going home, Mike raises the question of sending someone home who hasn't been doing a lot of work. Conda immediately smirks and informs Mike he's the one not working hard enough. She says while everyone else is sweating, he's not. It's obvious she has a problem with Mike, and she shows it when they are in the room with Alison.

When making her decision, Kim claims Mike "...slacked and went back to bad habits." Mike challenges this comment and says the nutritionist informed him it was in his best interest to stop half way in a workout and have a snack. Conda tries to argue the point and things begin to get heated till Alison finally urges everyone to 'move on'.
Roy is next to vote for Mike and more heated words arise from both Mike and Conda. Once again, Alison encourages them to continue to which Mike & Conda quickly reveal their votes, each for the other. The rest of the teams votes go towards Mike. He's upset by Conda judging him and claims he's suffering from abandonment issues. She claims had she know this in advance, perhaps her vote would have been different. With the majority of the votes, Mike leaves the Biggest Loser Ranch. Since his adventure began, he has lost 56 pounds and by the Finale, hopes to be 120 pounds lighter and nicotine free.

03 January, 2012

Biggest Loser S13E01 - No Excuse Zone

A new season of Biggest Loser has begun and this time things are going to be slightly different. But I'll get into that in a bit. The show begins and we are given a quick preview of what to expect this season, as well as a bit of foreshadowing to a rivalry between Bob and Dolvett.

This year the teams are:
Purple: Kimmy, 48 / Megan, 21 (Mother & Daughter)
Gray: Chism, 19 / Mark, 43 (Son and Father)
Red: Christin, 42 / Roy, 62 (Married)
Blue: Joe, 38 / Mike, 40 (Brothers)
Brown: Buddy, 41 / Ben, 34 (Brothers)
Aqua: Daphne, 36 / Adrian, 34 (Sister & Brother)
Orange: Nancy, 63 / Cassandra, 25 (Grandmother & Granddaughter)
Green: Jeremy, 22 / Conda, 23 (Brother & Sister)
Pink: Kim, 38 / Emily, 29 (Strangers and Former Athletes)
Yellow: Gail, 57 / Lauren, 26 (Mother & Daughter)

Alison greets the teams and they discus what has been their biggest excuse for gaining so much weight. Mark from the Gray team says he's just gotten lazy. Jeremy from the Green team says his family has always been heavy and it's just easy to go along with that. Emily from the Pink team says her excuse is no time. Time seems to be a factor for almost everyone as everyone agrees, including Ben from the Brown team, who has nine kids (with one on the way) and Orange team member Nancy who has 13 kids and 54 grand-kids. Kimmy from the Purple team says life was always hard on the farm and Chism's (Gray Team) excuse is an accident he had when he was ten. Mike of the Blue team claims he's a food addict and Christine from the Red team says she's an emotional eater. Buddy of the Brown team is always put things off for tomorrow. He says his daughter passed away 5 years ago, and he wants to start living again. No more waiting for tomorrow.

When the introductions are over and excuses have been aired, Alison announces a challenge before they even get into the Biggest Loser ranch. The team to finish last, will be sent home. Alison explains they will be pushed like never before and now have no excuses. Its going to take strength, smarts and sheer determination to become the Biggest Loser; and that's what the first challenge is about. The first part of the challenge is a sprint. One member from each team is going to run a 40 yard sprint. The first four to cross will automatically move into the gym. The remaining six teams will have to compete again. The race begins, but Mark from the Gray team pulls a hamstring and falls over. The race is won by the Blue, Orange, Brown and Yellow teams.

The next heat is also a 40 yard dash, with a twist. They will have to solve a puzzle before they can continue. When complete, the wood puzzle will look like a key. Four of the remaining six teams move on, the final two will have to challenge each other. The next four to move on are the Gray, Red, Purple and Green teams.

The final challenge will be between the Pink and Aqua teams. It's almost a 'Survivor' themed challenge. Both team members will participate, standing on a platform. The last team standing on the platform will move into the Biggest Loser Ranch. Being strangers, Kim and Emily are worried the Aqua, brother and sister team, will beat them. Determination sets in and the Pink team are able to outlast the Aqua team.

Alison welcomes the teams into the ranch with the exception of the Aqua team. However, she informs them they will be welcome back to the ranch in one month if they are able to lose 50 pounds as a team. If they really want to be on the Biggest Loser Ranch, they are going to have to earn it.

In the morning, Alison greets the teams and tells them it's time to meet their trainers. Cue the helicopter and motorcycle. Dolvett repels onto the ranch via a helicopter as Bob speeds onto the ranch via motorcycle. Bob thinks it's funny how excited all the contestants are to see him, he's hoping to put them through hell. For the next two hours, the teams will get to work with both Dolvett and Bob, then they will get to pick their trainers.

The contestants spend the next two hours with the trainer till some start puking (and fake puking), Roy from the Red team collapses and Ben from the Brown team starts suffering from fatigue, not remembering his or Bobs name. During this time, we also get to see more of the other contestants, sometimes even more than we really want to see. Finally, Alison arrives to announce a special twist. Each couple will now choose which trainer they want to work with. That is to say, each person on the team must choose a different trainer. This is going to be a season of no excuses and no partners.

Each team is given time to decide which one will work with what trainer. They use various methods; Rock-Paper-Scissors and flipping a coin (weight) are two methods used. Finally each team must decide. Teams are decided like so:

Green Team: Jeremy, Bob - Conda, Dolvett
Pink Team: Kim, Bob - Emily, Dolvett
Blue Team: Joe, Bob - Mike, Dolvett
Red Team: Chris, Bob - Roy, Dolvett
Orange Team: Cassandra, Bob - Nancy, Dolvett
Brown Team: Buddy, Bob - Ben, Dolvett
Purple Team: Megan, Bob - Kimmy, Dolvett
Gray Team: Chism, Bob - Mark, Dolvett
Yellow Team: Gail, Bob - Lauren, Dolvett

Divided, the teams work with their trainers once more before the weigh in. During this time we get to know the contestants a little better. For example Emily tells Dolvett how she broke her back professional wrestling, and still finished the match because she hates losing. Later, when Dolvett doesn't think his team is working as hard as they could be, i.e. stopping to rest or take potty breaks, he gives them a motivational speech. Dolvett refuses to be the 'Bad News Bears' this year.

On The Scale:
Gail 322 / 313 -9 "I worked harder this week than I ever have my entire life."
Chism 361 / 349 -12
Megan 259 / 252 - 7 "Seven pounds, I mean that's awesome."
Chris 240 / 232 -8
Jeremy 389 / 376 -13 "I'm one of the biggest guys on the team, so there is a huge responsibility on me to put up a huge number this week. So to put up 13 pounds sucks."
Joe 357 / 342 -15
Ben 396 / 381 -15 "I'll take 15, it's a step in the right direction... But I'm missing my wife and kids."
Emily 264 / 254 -10 "A week and ten pounds, that's good."
Cassandra 239 / 225 -14
Black Team Total 103 3.64%

Roy 306 / 292 -14 "Ho ho ho, that made me happy."
Conda 294 / 285 -9
Mike 358 / 345 -13
Kimmy 219 / 210 -9 "I want to say thank you to Dolvett"
Lauren 246 / 237 -9
Mark 291 / 282 -9 "I don't think I was much help this week with the injury."
Nancy 217 / 212 -5 "That's crazy. I think they did something." (referring to the scale)
Kim 252 / 239 -13 "I'm really happy to see this number."
Buddy 403 / 381 -22 Gives Alison a fist bump.
Red Team Total 103 3.98%

With Dolvett's first win, he's ecstatic, but Bob says he's going to be damned if he lets it happen again. Black team must now decide who to send home, with the exception of Cassandra who is the Biggest Loser of the week. As the black team is deliberating, Megan pleads to stay, stating how much she hates herself more each day. Meanwhile Gail says she has nothing to go home for and needs to be on the ranch. Ben says he does have something to go home for, his wife and kids are his life. He misses them too much. He asks the others to send him home. Some of the contestants don't agree and consider sending Megan home instead, but when the team meets with Alison, they honor Ben's request and send him home.

At home:
Ben 396 / 346 -50 "Ben wants to prove his dedication by losing 150 pounds by the Finale despite being sent home Week One.