28 September, 2011

Biggest Loser S12E02 - Dumb As Poo

The Biggest Loser begins this week with a new song. I'm not talking about the opening credits, Vinny is playing a song on his guitar when suddenly Alison shows up. And you know what that means. It's time for the first challenge of the week. Alison asks for three volunteers (from each group) to take part in the challenge first. Vinny (Red Team), Antone (Black team) and Mike (Blue team) are led to the first temptation challenge. The room they are led to is filled with doughnuts. Vinny wonders if they have found Homer Simpsons hideaway. Before the temptation begins, Alison explains what's going on for the week. Normally the gym is open to all at all hours, but for this week it will only be open during three time slots. In the morning between 5-7, in the afternoon between 12-2 and in the evening between 9-11. The catch for the temptation challenge is whichever team eats the most donuts, will be able to decide when each team works out.

A plate of 35 calorie each doughnut holes are presented to each contestant. Vinny and Antone refuse to eat any, but Mike from the older team downs 11 doughnuts (385 calories) to insure he'll be able to choose when his team works out. The second group is Patrick from the younger red team, Joe from the middle-age group and Becky from the older teams. As each person is hidden, and there is no knowledge of what the group before has done, Becky hopes Mike has not done anything foolish. All three decide not to partake but Joe tries a little strategy to make it sound like he's eating. However Patrick and Becky can tell he's obviously faking as he simply rattles a water bottle provided to help the doughnuts go down easier. The third group is Courney, Sunny and Bonnie from the young, middle age and older teams respectively. Again, no one consumes anything and Bonnie is even afraid to open her mouth for fear of gaining weight from the fumes. The next group is Ramon, Jennifer and Johnny and turns out to be the highlight of the show.

After Jennifer says she's not going to play games, Johnny agrees there is no way he's eating. Instead he decides to make it sound like he's eating a 'feast'. So the grunts and groans he makes as he's sitting there makes everyone laugh, Alison included. As the time runs out Alison can barely blurt out, "Stop, Please stop". The next and final round includes Jessica, John and a randomly picked (yea right) Johnny, since the blue team is down by one player. John is determined to work out when he wants to so begins his own personal doughnut eating challenge. By the time the powdered sugar has settled, John has scarfed down 37 donuts; a total of 1,295 calories. He decides to take the early morning time slot of 5-7 and gives the blue team the afternoon time slot of 12-2. He says he has done so because he 'respects' the blue team. The time slot of 9-11 is given to the red team and none are too happy with John for implying he doesn't respect them, Jessica is especially offended.

At the crack of dawn, Bob wakes up his team with a megaphone, and he's really getting into it. But things don't look good in the gym. Jessica is having problems with her knee and Bob has Antone on the ground crying. To top things off, Sunny is upset with John who has already begun game play. He's already said he wants to start a four horsemen alliance with Antone from his team and Vinny and Ramon from the younger team. He also insults her intelligence and says she's as dumb as a box of rocks and dumb as poo. Joe is just as upset with John for trying to make deals with the other team members. Joe feels John has already turned his back on the team. Bob encourages them to refocus because the other teams are going to LOVE the crack that has started to appear in his group.

Other moments of interest in this episode are Johnny struggling in his workout with Anna's team, Dolvett does his first product placement for Yoplait yogurt and Doctor Huizenga stops by to give some bad news to the contestants regarding their health, and why they need to improve. Also he doesn't sugar coat it, if you'll pardon the pun.

The Next challenge rewards the first two teams to complete it, weight advantages. In the center of a pool is a large raft with a maze on it. The teams must navigate balls through the maze, using their weight to tilt the raft, thus moving the ball. First place will win a 2 pound weight advantage and second place wins a 1 pound weight advantage. Essentially, you don't want to come in last. The first team to go is the red team and they finish the task in 7:45. The older, blue team, is next but require 14:45. Finally, the black team is up and they are on par with the red team. They have a bit of trouble getting the ball into the hole at the end, but still beat the red team by 3 seconds.

So Black team wins a two pound advantage and Red team receive a one pound advantage at the weigh in. Speaking of which, here are the results.
Red Team
Vinny -5
Jessica -7
Courtney -7
Patrick -6
Ramon -9
Total 34 (35 with advantage) 2.18%

Black Team
Joe -2
Jennifer -6
Sunny -6
Antone -10
John -15
Total 39 (41 with advantage) 2.38%

Blue Team
Becky -5
Mike -7
Bonnie -3
Johnny +2
Total 13 1.2%
Johnny is shocked he has gained two pounds but Anna says he makes too many excuses during the work outs and he needs to fight to stay on the ranch.

Elimination is an easy choice, Mike is the biggest loser of the team so he's safe. Bonnie gets one vote, but even in a tie Johnny goes home for having lowest weight loss (or gain in this case). The rest of the team agrees and Johnny is sent home singing. (Olivia he is not). Having started at the Biggest Loser ranch at 328, he's currently weighing 269 for a total weight loss so far of 59 pounds.

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  1. Great recap. I do not remember half of that. Nice blog :)

  2. Thanks for checking it out. Can't believe how long the recap was. There was just so much in this episode to write about. Some weeks I barely have anything to write about.

  3. I hope Johnny watched this episode and realized what it sounded like he was doing with his donuts to all of us. If I was Allison I would have been cracking up!! Great recap, Jeff! I liked this quote, as well as Anna's quote in Russian. I laughed out loud when she said it and my hubby came into the room and I repeated it to him. It's gonna be a fun season!

  4. They've really been talking up this season and if this episode is any indication, we are in for a fun ride! PS, I forgot about Anna's quote. What was it again? Don't sit on the couch and spit on the ceiling?