24 February, 2011

A-Z Fitness - Water

One of the most important things we can do for our body is make sure it gets the proper amount of water. Of course, that's not likely a news flash to anyone. But sometimes people forget how important it can really be, especially when working out. The more we work out, the more we sweat, the more we dehydrate ourselves. We really don't want to dehydrate ourselves, it can lead to serious affects to the body including fatigue, cramps, headaches and even nausea. As you can see, a lack of water can be detrimental to our health, and thus our fitness.

Tips: Do you find drinking water to be bland? Try to zip it up with a twist of lemon or lime. Nicely chilled water can also be more palatable. Do you drink bottled water? It can be a fast and convenient way to enjoy your water. There are many low calorie water mix-ins to flavor your water.

Remember: As you work out, keep water close at hand. You'll need to continually replenish your water as you work out. Do you drink a lot of coffee in the morning? Keep in mind, coffee can be a dehydrator so you might want to drink more water to compensate. Be alert to the signs of dehydration, and if you feel a headache or other symptom, rest for a bit, and have a drink of water.

Goal: Do you drink soda? My challenge this week is to cut out soda and replace it with water. Even if you drink diet soda, there's really no benefit to it. So why not switch to water this week? You might find you'll start craving it more than soda. Trust me, it's been 14 months now since I've given up soda.

Last Weeks Goal: What vegetables did you try this week? Were you able to incorporate more vegetables into your snacking? How about making a simple substitute like instead of chips, eat carrots? Just a little change make all the difference.

What fitness words starting with the letter "W" inspire you?

22 February, 2011

S11E08 - We've Got Big Balls

Original Air Date: 02/22/11
Once the elimination from last week is finished, the black team is asked into the room. Alison informs everyone two people will be eliminated this week. One from the team with the lowest percentage and one person under a new red line. This person will automatically be eliminated.

Cara and Brett get to work right away, taking the red team to an Olympian gym. Cara has a surprise for Rulon when she brings out his former trainer. This is one of many times we learn Rulon is a former Olympian.

At the weekly challenge, both teams must knock giant inflatable balls from one end of a football field to the other using boxing gloves and without letting the ball fall to the ground. Winning team gets a three pound advantage. Once again, the red team easily beats the black team.

At a discussion later, Marci and Deni tell the black team to eliminate one of them if their team needs to. They ask to save their daughters from elimination. Jesse thinks they need to concentrate more on weight loss than already deciding who's going home. Deni is upset when Jesse doesn't quickly volunteer to offer himself up if Arther is in trouble.

At the weigh in: Red team has a 2.12% weight loss percentage, but Jennifer gains two pounds and realizes she's likely going home. However, on the black team all parents have thrown the weigh in to protect their children. Marci gains a pound, Jesse gains three pounds and Deni gains eight pounds, automatically eliminating her. Because of all the gain, the black team loses the weigh in, saving Jennifer another week. Jesse is the other parent who's eliminated.

20 February, 2011

Fitness Product Review - 1

For my first product review I decided to try Weight Watchers 'Smart Ones Home Style Beef Pot Roast' In general I enjoy most of the Smart Ones products but in this case I really didn't. For the price one pays for a Weight Watcher meal (and because of the price I don't very often) I expect quality food. The 'beef' in the Pot Roast tastes like horse meat (not that I know what that really tastes like), but the point should be taken. It was tough, and grisly. I know this isn't a special exception because I've tried it once before and thought I'd give it another chance. With other comparable meals available, and usually tastier, I felt let down in this instance.

As a personal preference, I think the gravy is good, but the amount of onions inside is ridiculous. Truly, I'm not an onion person, so if you like onions you may enjoy the meal.

Rating ♥ ♥ - - -

Next week: Fiber One

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16 February, 2011

A-Z Fitness - Vegetables

One of the best foods provided for us in this world is the vegetable. Whether using for cooking or snacking, there is an abundance to choose from. Think of all the vegetables ready for snacking; carrots, celery, radishes, cucumbers or vegetables handy for cooking with, peppers, asparagus, and who doesn't love onions? (Well I don't, but that's another story). Incorporating vegetables into your daily life will not only 'flesh out' most of your meals, but you'll find yourself feeling better (and better about yourself). The added benefit of vegetables is the more we eat, the fuller we feel, thus less likely to consider eating other foods, especially junk foods.

Tips: Use colorful vegetables in your cooking like peppers, they really enhance the flavor and are appealing to the eye. Also, if you find someone who doesn't like peppers, they are easy to pick out. Go online and look for recipes for vegetables. You'll be surprised with the results and might just find your next best dish.

Remember: Out of sight, means out of mind. If you buy vegetables for snacking, don't put them in the bottom of the fridge in the crisper straight away. Cut some up and have them handy and ready to eat. Also, keep in mind some vegetables like potatoes or corn should be avoided because of the starchy nature, and are higher in calories.

Goal: Use a vegetable you've not cooked with before and try using it. Or set up vegetables as a means of snacking this week. Baby carrots are tasty and so convenient. Slice up a cucumber and eat the slices instead of potato chips. Broccoli and Cauliflower are also great for mindless snacking.

Last Weeks Goal: Did you grow in an understanding of anything new this past week? What was the research you did? What did you find? Share your thoughts here to help encourage others.

What fitness words starting with the letter "V" inspire you?

15 February, 2011

S11E07 - A Little Tied Up At The Moment

Original Air Date: 02/15/11

The episode begins with a cheerful and smiling Alison Sweeney, a sure sign a pop challenge is about to take place. In this challenge each team is tied to an enormous rope, which ever team is able to untie themselves will have the only access to the gym for the week. Once again, the red team beats the black team who is very discouraged. Bob tells the team they don't do well because they don't work well together. Hannah chastises the team also which is not taken well by the rest of the team.

On the red team, Cara notices Rulon is not putting his all into his workouts. When she confronts him, he tells Cara he will do better. But perhaps it's said to just shut her up? We'll see why I say this in a future episode.

While working out in the pool, Jennifer and Justin have a competition to see who can swim the length of the pool the quickest. The winner will be served breakfast in bed by the loser. Justin prevails and is brought a Subway breakfast sandwich the following morning.

Later, the teams are challenged with moving a 24 ton train 8000 feet. To make this even more difficult, they will be asked trivia questions. If you give the wrong answer, time will be added to your total time. Winners decide who sits out on the opposing team during the weigh-in. Once again, the red team prevails in the challenges. The red team opts to sit Irene out instead of Arthur.

At the weigh in: The red team has a total weight loss of 2.68%, but Arthur from the black team has a weight loss of 20 pounds, which helps them beat the red team. At the elimination, red team votes out Jay.

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08 February, 2011

S11E06 - The Land of Chocolate

Original Air Date: 02/08/11
The couples are merged into two separate groups, with the 'unknowns' (Cara & Brett) wearing red and Bob & Jillian's couples donning black. No sooner do they change into their new team colors, they are presented with a temptation challenge. They are led to a room filled with chocolates and told whoever eats the most, will have the power to swap two individuals. When the dust settles, Sarah & Deni are swapped out for Jay and Jennifer, who are hurt and feel it's a strategic move to eliminate them. None of the trainers are happy with the switch and it's found out Arthur was the one who essentially sabotaged both groups.

During the workouts, both the Black and Red teams have access to the gym. No one is happy with sharing.

For the weekly challenge, the teams are given obstacles to overcome involving strength, speed, agility, endurance and knowledge; the winners receive videos from home. The black team starts off great and finishes well before the red team. They all enjoy their videos, but Deni cries as she watches footage from her daughters wedding, which she had to miss to make it on the Biggest Loser.

At the weigh in: Jennifer and Jay show the red team they are an asset by losing 17 and 14 pounds. But Q loses only 7. In the end, the red team lose a 3.43% percentage and black a 4.38%. With the red team having lost, Jay and Jennifer feel they are next to go, but red team is upset with Q for not doing as much as he could and they choose to eliminate him.

A-Z Fitness - Understanding

What exactly are we meant to understand? How to eat? What food is? Obviously we know how to eat and what food is, the understanding comes in knowing what food to eat and what the make-up of it is. But we need to know more than that in our fitness goals. Just knowing what foods are good, isn't enough. We need to understand why they are good or bad and how they affect our bodies. As we all eat different things, and we all have different bodies, you need to understand the food you personally eat and how it affects you. You also need to understand what exercises work best for you. What are the best foods to have on hand when you're craving a sweet? What is the best way to motivate yourself? Answering these and other questions you have will give you a better understanding of what you really want from your fitness goals.

Tips: If you are looking to do research, there is a vast assortment of tools available for you. The handiest can be the internet with so many blogs about health and fitness. You're bound to find something to fit your need. Also check out the book store or library for something more convenient to read. Nothing like relaxing on the beach in Mexico as you are reading a book. In a hurry? You don't have to look far to find a quick magazine with additional information. The check-outs in most grocery stores have them staring back at you as you purchase your food.

Remember: Everyone is unique. Do research that fits your situation best. Don't restrict your research to just losing weight, you could also research how best to maintain your weight, or what sort of exercises work best for you. Not everyone has the body of an athlete an knowing what you are capable of is a great idea for everyone.

Goal: Your goal for the week is to do research on something you need to work on, but have not done so yet. What can you find to do research on? What trigger foods are? The nutritional benefits of water? What vitamins you should be taking? Feel free to report back with any new information you've found interesting. Share what you learn to help others understand.

Last Weeks Goal: How were you in your tracking this past week? Did you spend the week tracking or just a day? How did you do so? More importantly, what did you discover? Anything new or useful? Keep up the good work because you can do it, and you are worth it!

What fitness words starting with the letter "U" inspire you?

04 February, 2011

A-Z Fitness - Tracking

It might not seem like it, but tracking is on of the most important things you can do. Why is this? Tracking does just as it suggests, helps keep track of what you are eating. Most people when they are watching what they eat, try to maintain a certain amount of calories for the day. Generally, that's a good idea to do no matter where you are in your fitness quest, losing weight or maintaining. Have you tried tracking? You'd be surprised how quickly the calories can add up. 1 Tbsp of Ketchup can have 20 calories; 1 Tbsp. of light mayonnaise can have 35 calories; 1 Tbsp of regular mayonnaise can have 90 calories and 8 oz. of orange juice can have 110 calories. If you are not tracking, you may not even be aware of what you are putting into your body. Track can help make you more aware.

Tips: You can find small, convenient journal books in most book stores. There are also many online programs to help with tracking. Some you have to pay for, but I've found several free ones. If you attend Weight Watchers or some other type of program, they generally have free weekly trackers available for use. If you own a Droid phone or one of those apple devices, you can find apps to use as well, again some you pay a one time fee for, others are free. Find out what works best for you.

Remember: If you are going to track, don't kid yourself. Make sure to track everything you eat. This includes condiments, juice, coffee sweetener and all BLT's (Bites, Licks & Tastes). If you don't keep track of those, the tracking will be ineffective because they can add up fast.

Goal: Make it your goal to write down everything you eat. Try to do it for a full week. Not only will you be more aware of what you are eating, you can do a review at the end of the week and see what exactly you have been eating. It might help you figure out where you are going wrong, if losing weight is a problem for you. If you find it too difficult to continue for a full week, give it a try for at least a day.

Last Weeks Goal: Last week you were to find and give new support. What did you come up with? Were you given support at all, and more importantly did you try to support someone else's fitness?

What fitness words starting with the letter "T" inspire you?

01 February, 2011

S11E05 - I'm Done, Can I Go Home Now?

Original Air Date: 02/01/11

Brett and Cara's contestants finally move into the Biggest Loser ranch where they will continue to be trained. But this means they are now eligible for elimination if they go below the yellow line.

With a weigh in to start the show, Irene and Don both gain weight. Irene claims to have done so for Don who wants to go home. He also admits he wants to leave. Instead of giving the contestants an hour, Alison allows Don to leave without further delay.

Once the two groups of contestants meet, Alison gives them a challenge. If they can lose more than 48 pounds, they will win immunity. The original campus team end the week with a weight loss of 63 pounds, winning them immunity. The 'unknowns' fall short. They must now eliminate their first member and it'll be either Q or Larialmy. Q vows to do better if he's allowed to stay, so the rest of the team vote out Larialmy.