18 January, 2011

A-Z Fitness - Really Realistic

Sometimes in our journey to fitness, we become over excited and tend to make big plans. It's good to think big, but are you being realistic in your goals and ambitions or are you dreaming? Wanting to lose 20 pounds is great, but are you expecting to lose that in a week or two? Shows like the Biggest Loser might make you think it's achievable, but it's not realistic. Let's keep in mind, the contestants on the Biggest Loser are on a fitness ranch, with personal trainers, working out several hours each day. Is that something you will realistically do? Probably not. Also, be realistic in what you eat. Suddenly deciding to cut off every food you like isn't very realistic either. Before long, you'll be craving the foods you've cut off and likely over indulge. As I've said before, it takes baby steps. Make your goals attainable and realistic and you will have better success.

Tips: If you are realistic about your goals and want to do all you can besides joining the Biggest Loser there are other options for you. Join a gym, hire a personal trainer, join Weight Watchers. Weight Watchers is nice because of the support, motivational encouragement from the team leaders and the help in tracking. If these are viable options for you, go for it. Looking for ways to be realistic in your goals without spending money is also doable. Get an ipod and go for a walk in the mornings, or take up running. Perhaps you have a friend who'll run with you. There are various games now available to help keep you active. Having fitness goals can be realistic without having to spend lots of money on a monthly basis. There are also various web-sites designed to help you track your daily calories, some are free.

Remember: Sometimes it's easier when you are not think about your ultimate goal. If you want to be realistic, think small. Being realistic and tackling smaller goals will help keep you focused and give you the confidence to succeed. Being unrealistic or merely planning and wishing to get in shape will only aggravate and disappoint you.

Goal: It's time to review your immediate goals. What are your immediate goals and are they realistic? Remember to think short term, make a realistic goal for the next week. Losing one pound a week can be realistic, losing 5-10 not so much. Try making a realistic weight-loss goal, a realistic exercise goal or a realistic dietary goal. Feel free to share it here.

Last Weeks Goal: What small steps did you make this week to change the quality of your food? I made a point to put out fruit this weekend, and I bought myself several packages of gum to lay around the house. Having a quality food within easy reach can sometimes make or break your decision to eat an unhealthy food.

What fitness words starting with the letter "R" inspire you?


  1. Good ideas! I have to keep the big picture in mind always as I work on small steps along the way. If the small steps don't seem like much I can look at the ultimate goal and recognize that I am one step closer.
    RANDOM - as in random exercise. Trick yourself into burning more calories by doing random fun things over and above your daily exercise.

  2. Great idea. I need to keep my own goals into reality. I keep thinking of how much more I have to lose in total, instead of just small steps of maybe 5 lbs at a time.

  3. Real early in the morning. That's the best time to do my exercise. I aim for an hour, but since I work 12 hour shifts I can't always fit that in. I strength train three times per week, hula hoop (that's so fun!) four days per week, and walk for a half hour every day that I can. Love it!

  4. I do the Hula Hoop on the Wii-Fit. It's the craze Alison is talking about on her website this week.

    I'm hit or miss on my exercise and I know I need to work on it more.

  5. I keep a journal, and exercise with a friend of mine. We are both wrinklies( over 60) So we keep it light hearted and fun, using a stepper and cross trainer. Portion control seems to be the biggest weapon for me. It is working better than denial of my most loved foods. I have been on this journey since I was in my teens, and it has become a way of life.

  6. Denial of your favourite foods is rarely a good idea. In the long run you'll crave it more. Controlling how much you eat is so much easier and rewarding. It's great to have a fitness buddy to work out with, sometimes I feel alone in this game. (See my SUPPORT) thread.