30 March, 2011

Biggest Loser Comments - S11E13

Instead of writing a recap of the entire show, I've decided to post a few of quotes from the live tweeting of last night. I'll throw in a few quotes from others I found humorous, as well as my own. What were your thoughts?

@TheBLblog Is it bad that I don't want them to beat Kaylee's percentage? I'm a #BL11 cast snob. No one else can join the club.

@BL11Hannah When @Ali_Sweeney is in the middle of nowhere wearing a hat...you know its challenge time! #BL11

@TheNetConnector - @Jeffrey__Scott: Me too! @FosterFitness Oh, the challenge is over? I was still singing Willy Wonka. #BL11 Oompa Loompa doom-pa-dee-do...

Yea, really needed that spa treatment, didn't they? #BL11

I would have brought my trainer, but I still get the point of Red Team. And so true. They SHOULD know how to do this on their own. But can they? #BL11

Cut to picture of Brett crying alone in a corner, with no one to train. #BL11

@stacigway Commercial break...time for some Cocoa Krispi...er, I mean Multigrain cheerios. #bl11

I've decided I'm going to start using the hashtag #chipgate for Rulon from now on. #BL11 Thanks for the idea @KatMoulton

Gee, who could be caught cheating on their diet? I've got no idea! *cough* Rulon *cough* #BL11 #chipgate

I think @Ali_Sweeney should have made them all hop during the challenge. #BL11

@bridgetrcook That was so nice of Trainer Bob to come straight to the gym from his paper route. #bl11

What? Not going to tell us what happened the first hour and a half? #BL11

And #chipgate cometh! #BL11

True enough @TheNetConnector Ok we got it ....Go see HOP this weekend...Enough already... #BL11

Woah! I never thought @BL11Hannah was going to spearhead the #Chipgate #BL11

Don't want to be the one to send the Olympic home? Why the heck not? #BL11

@garthygurl #BL11 Seems to me @Ali_Sweeney is getting a bit tired of all the gameplay

#BL11 We don't need our trainer! We don't need our trainer! We don't need our trainer! Who was saying that earlier? Someone remind me.

@FosterFitness This is the best ad for my career ever. #BL11

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29 March, 2011

S11E13 - Chipgate

Original Air Date: 03/29/11

Alison begins the show with a video of when they contestants first arrived at the Biggest Loser ranch. But initially there was a white team who didn't make it onto the show so they will now be given a chance to join the game. If they can beat the lowest percentage of weight lost (held by Kaylee) they will be welcomed to the show. In an anti-climatic moment, neither member of the white team makes it and they leave for good.

Moving quickly to a pop challenge, the teams must balance two balls on a board as they walk towards a basket where they must then drop the balls. The first team to accomplish this wins a minute advantage in the next challenge and the losing team will be sent off-campus. Green team finishes first with the black team right behind. Red team is the last to come in and must leave the ranch for a week, but they are given a $1,000 allowance to spend on a specific shopping list of essentials they can purchase. They use the money to purchase time at a local gym, but opt out of bringing Brett along in favor of a night out and spa treatments. Later, they have to break the news to Brett he's not training them this week. He's not very happy and Courtney and Jennifer wonder if they made the right decision.

The red team rejoins everyone during the Easter themed challenge. Each team must find a set number of dyed eggs. First team to do so wins a special screening of the movie, "Hop". In addition to the eggs on the field is one golden egg. Olivia finds the golden egg and her prize is having the sole vote at the elimination for the evening. Olivia scoffs that it's more a punishment than a reward.

With Hannah being on the black team, Jillian realizes she'll be safe at the vote so she decides to focus her attention on Rulon who is lately losing his motivation.

At the weight in: Kaylee shocks everyone by losing five pounds, it seems shes ready to stay on the ranch and fight for her weight loss. The next shock of the night is when Rulon admits to eating chips in his room at night and making other bad decisions. Things look bad for the black team when the red team only needs to have lost five pounds to remain safe. The final shock of the evening happens when the red team loses a combined weight of only two pounds. Those two pounds came solely from Courtney, meaning Jenn has lost nothing this week and becomes the next victim at the elimination.

24 March, 2011

A-Z Fitness - Zeal

You might think zeal is related to motivation, and to some degree you might be right. But ultimately, zeal isn't something you should have to work on. If you don't have motivation, you need to inspire yourself. But the only reason you'd do such a think is because you naturally have the zeal to want to keep yourself motivated and fit. Does that mean an article on zeal is a waste of time then? Not necessarily. Even if you don't have the zeal to keep fit, you can still be told you need to be healthier by a Doctor, or just naturally decide for yourself it's something you need to do. So then how do you use your zeal? Everyone is zealous for something. Find what that is for you and use it to your advantage.

Tips: What are you zealous for? Even if losing weight is not at the top of your list, perhaps it's looking or feeling better. If that's the case, use that to find the motivation inside yourself to want to take on the task. Additionally, find a fruit you might be more zealous towards eating as a snack, find a fitness routine or exercise you are more zealous for and work on that.

Remember: A person doesn't have to be zealous about only one thing. If several things will help motive or inspire you, and you are zealous for them, use them! Don't think you have to be painted into a corner once you choose one thing you want to work on, or have the zealousness for. Also, just because you are not naturally zealous for something, doesn't mean over time you won't become so.

Goal: Find what you are zealous for in your fitness routine and work on it this week. Do you enjoy cardio, or strength training? Focus on that this week, especially to work towards a new goal you have never accomplished or thought you never could before. When you concentrate on what you are naturally more prone to, you'll be far more successful.

Last Weeks Goal: How did everyone do on last weeks goal? I did a lot of substitution this week, usually trading out candy from the company candy jar for a banana or another piece of fruit. I've always been a big yogurt person but have never tried a Greek Yogurt, so took this opportunity to pick one up from the store. So what did you do for healthier snacking this week?

What fitness words starting with the letter "Z" inspire you?

22 March, 2011

S11E12 - The Campus Is Not A Prison

Original Air Date: 03/22/11
This week the blue team is split into four groups of three. Brett's red team consists of Justin, Jennifer & Courtney. Bob's blue team is Moses, Irene and Olivia. Cara's team is green and has Austin, Ken and Kaylee. Finally Jillian will be working with Rulon and Hanna on the black team. Because Jillian has only two people on her team, one previous eliminated contestant will be coming back and Rulon and Hanna get to decide who it's going to be.

Bob takes his team to 'Crunch' for their work out while Jillian invites her team to her beach house for relaxation, and of course a beach work out. Brett takes his team for a hike while Cara and her team are boxing.

At the next challenge, it's revealed Jay is back on the black team. For the challenge, they winning team receives a video call from home. All they have to do is simply hold on to weight equivalent to what they have lost. Red team wins, but opts to pass the prize over to the blue team.

Kaylee earlier tells Cara she thinks she's ready to go home and at the weigh in shocks everyone when she loses no weight. But she's visibly upset when her team loses enough to earn immunity. Alison reminds everyone the campus is not a prison and if the contestants want to leave at any time they are welcome to do so. Kaylee halfheartedly decides to remain on the campus. The red team falls below the yellow line and with Jennifer being the biggest loser of the team, it's either Justin or Courtney to leave. Justin petitions to save Courtney and the rest of the teams comply.

18 March, 2011

Fitness Product Review - 2

Fiber One Bar

I've actually tried several varieties of the Fiber One bars. I've always been impressed with the quality as well as the variety of choices available. Whether you are a chocolate, caramel or peanut butter fan you'll likely find something you'd be willing to try. The price has always been fairly reasonable and I'm always finding great deals on these products. Do yourself a favor and give one a try.

As a personal preference, I'm partial to the Oats & Peanut Butter. It's a great mid-morning or late afternoon snack. The mocha variety is also excellent.

Fiber One Oats & Peanut Butter
Calories: 150
Fat: 4.5
Carbs 28
Dietary Fiber 9

Rating ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ -

Do you have a product you'd like me to review? Send me a note, leave a comment or call my blog phone.

17 March, 2011

A-Z Fitness - Yogurt

Okay, yogurt itself is not the best fitness advice I have for you this week. Essentially it's pointing to eating healthier items, as opposed to regular snacks you usually grab, i.e. Candy Bars, Chips or Cookies. One package of Reese's Peanut Butter cups has 260 calories and 15g of fat. 4 Thin Mint Girl Scout cookies have 160 calories and 8g of fat (and really, who can only eat 4 thin mints)? A 1 oz. serving of Doritos chips has 140 calories and 7g of fat. Now compare that with a Yoplait yogurt which has 80 calories and 0g of fat. Now compare this type of snacking once a week and you can see how the added calories and fat in the other snack foods really add up.

Tips: Don't kid yourself into thinking you need to stick with a simple vanilla flavor. There are many brands, all offering various flavors. Many of these are also fat free and very low in calories. Weight Watchers has many great flavors from Strawberry to Amaretto Cheesecake, all very tasty and in the 100 calorie range. Look around and find a variety you enjoy.

Remember: Obviously yogurt is not the be all and end all of healthy snacking. If you are not a yogurt person, there are many things you can find to substitute for cookies and chips. Perhaps you enjoy cottage cheese? There are a few great tasting varieties, some even including fruit. Which reminds me, fruit is the most natural snack to turn to instead of anything else. But if you are going to pick up yogurt, keep away from the varieties which include cookies pieces and candy for mixing in. Wouldn't that be defeating the purpose of altering your snacks?

Goal: Replace some of your unhealthier snacking this week with something healthier, like yogurt. If you are already doing this, I want you to try new varieties or flavors and find a new favorite. And of course, report back and share your experiences.

Last Weeks Goal: The last goal was to find 10 minutes of exercise time a day. How did you do? Were you able to fit in time at the gym or walking in the neighborhood? Did you do anything different or unusual? Feel free to share. I like to try and do a few minutes on the Wii fit in the morning and a bit of walking on my lunch break at work.

What fitness words starting with the letter "Y" inspire you?

15 March, 2011

S11E11 - Stone Soup

Original Air Date: 03/15/11
The red and black teams are done away with. All contestants will now be part of a large blue team. In addition to the change, Alison informs the group if they can match last weeks weigh in, they will all have immunity.

During the week, the contestants have several guests. First is Dr. Huizenga who has good news for the contestants. After he is finished with the contestants, there is a pop challenge involving Curtis Stone and Lorena Garcia. The blue team is broken into teams of two. The goal will be to cook the healthiest and tastiest dish. Winner will receive the Biggest Loser meal plan for home use. Hannah admits a crush she has on Curtis stone, but it's her sister Olivia and Moses who win.

During the workouts, Bob & Jillian work with the guys and Cara & Brett work with the girls. With a target to shoot for, all the contestants work together to try and match last weeks weight loss. The contestants need to lose an average of 5 pounds each, but Marci doesn't lose any weight and Kaylee gains two pounds. Once again Marci offers herself up, this time to save Kaylee

08 March, 2011

S11E10 - Here's Mud In Your Eye

Original Air Date: 03/08/11
Things are shaken up when each team must choose a captain. Marci and Justin are chosen for black and red teams. The captains will be responsible for making a few decisions without consulting the rest of the team. One person from each team must be chosen to do all the cooking for the week and only two people can be chosen to work with the trainers. Marci chooses Olivia to do the cooking and Hanna and Sarah to work with the trainers. Justin has decided on Ken and Kaylee to work with the trainers, and Ken to do the cooking for the team.

For the challenge of the week, the players must run a muddy obstacle course. Winning means splitting a $6,000 cash prize. Despite red teams past record, the black team wins the challenge.

Despite having lost the challenge, Justin is positive they will win the weigh in. He starts the team off by losing eight pounds for the week, and the team has a 2.61% loss for the week. But Marci is just as confident her team will win this week. She starts her team off by losing five pounds. After Hanna and Olivia weigh in with only two pounds, things don't look good for the black team. Jen needs to have lost more than 14 pounds, but only loses one. The black team loses only a 1.76% and Jennifer begins to cry. More tears come when she is voted out.

02 March, 2011

A-Z Fitness - Xercise

Okay, perhaps it's a bit of a stretch to say exercise begins with an X, but it doesn't mean it's any less important. Even when watching what we are eating, exercise is another aspect we need to concentrate on. It helps to keep the body as well as the mind fit. The better our body, the better our mind. The better our mind, the easier our fitness goals will become. When is the last time you got home from the gym and craved a carton of ice cream? Honestly, I don't think I've ever had that happen. I'm likely to be more aware of what I'm eating, and striving for it to benefit my body.

Tips: Be sure to plan a schedule for working out. Don't hope you'll find time in the day because something will always come up. Schedule a set amount of time at the beginning of the day or towards the evening. If you have a gym membership, plan specific day(s) for when you'll go. Sometimes things come up, but unless it's an emergency, don't let that stop you. IF you fall into that rut, you'll start canceling your appointments at the drop of a hat. Well, at least dropping your hat and picking it back up could be considered exercise, just as long as you do it 100 times per session.

Remember: Exercise doesn't mean you have to buy a gym membership, buy expensive running shoes or knock yourself out for hours every day. Keep things simple, enough so you can handle whatever your goals might be. In lieu of a gym membership, try running in your neighborhood. Can you invest in home fitness equipment? You don't have to buy the latest and greatest, look around and see what deals you can find. Let other people buy the latest and greatest, they'll likely sell their old equipment at a fraction of the price. I know, I recently purchased a home exercise bike for $25. Don't forget to keep the time you exercise to an amount that's comfortable to you, but make sure you do it!

Goal: Can you find 10 minutes a day to exercise? If you find it difficult to squeeze time in for running or heading to the gym, can you find at least 10 minutes?

Last Weeks Goal: How did you do drinking the water this past week? Did you enjoy it? Did you find out it wasn't so hard? How about cutting back on soda. Were you able to do that, even a little? Keep up the good work!

What fitness words starting with the letter "X" inspire you?

01 March, 2011

S11E09 - With Friends Like These...

Original Air Date: 03/01/11
Once the elimination from the previous week is over, Alison informs all teams they are going home for two weeks. While at home, Arthur is reunited with his father who discusses his past mistakes. Meanwhile Austin goes bowling with some friends who celebrate his birthday with a cheesecake. Despite their peer pressure, he resolves to pass on the cheesecake.

While home, the contestants were supposed to be training for a 5K. When they finally get back to the ranch, that's exactly what happens. But instead of working in teams as they did the first week, they will all be running the 5K as individuals.

The prize remains the same, those who finish first, get to choose which trainer they want. Although most of the contestants stick with their original trainer, Sara switches things up and chooses Bob & Jillian, forcing Arthur (having come in last) to switch over to Brett and Cara as trainers.

During the course of the two weeks, Arthur lost only 16 pounds which shocks many and draws many emotions. Most vocal is Bob who pleads with the red team to keep Arthur. Despite the pleas, Arthur is the next eliminated.