26 October, 2010

A-Z Fitness - Fruits

Fruits are one of natures greatest snacks. Juicy, delicious, full of flavour and come in many varieties. Apples can be tart, sweet and/or juicy. But why stop with an apple? Grapes, pears, nectarines, strawberries, bananas and many others are easy to come by. But are you getting enough, and what are the benefits? Besides the endless variety being over-whelming, fruits have many great qualities. Low in calories and yet filled with such wholesome goodness. Most fruits help reduce the risk of various diseases and are filled with important (and essential) vitamins and minerals. Fruits have also been known to help smokers stop smoking. Can your candy bar say the same thing?

Tips: It's true, out of sight can be out of mind. Do you or family members have snacks in handy easy to reach areas? Why not do the same with your fruit? Is there a better place to keep your fruit so its closer and easier to reach? Do you see them once you open the refrigerator? Try leaving a few apples, bananas or oranges in a small bowl in the kitchen. You'll be more prone to reach for an apple on the kitchen table than you will when it's buried in the bottom of your fridge.

Remember: Everything needs to be done in moderation. While not eating any fruits isn't a good idea, neither is eating only fruits. There are plenty of other food options to enjoy in life; healthy, tasty, alternatives to a bag of Doritos.

Goal: This week I'd like you to try one new piece of fruit. Over the course of the year I've tried Kiwano, Cherimoya, Mango and fallen in love with Pitaya's, more commonly known as Dragon Fruit. These exotic fruits might be hard to find, but ask your grocer what is available in your area.

Last Weeks Goal: Last week your goal was to take control of emotional eating. Were you tempted to eat when you weren't hungry? What did you do to battle emotional eating? Did you ask for support from your family and friends?

What fitness words starting with the letter "F" inspire you?

19 October, 2010

A-Z Fitness - Emotional Eating

Stress and depression target many people. You don't have to be diagnosed with depression to have it. One problem with these feelings is you're more prone to emotional eating. Essentially emotional eating is eating when you're not hungry, primarily comfort foods. It doesn't matter what time of the day it is. Emotional eating can be early morning, if bakery happens to be your thing; mid-afternoons with a handful of candy bars; or evenings and a pint of ice cream. The key is to identify when you are emotionally eating and figure a way to combat it. This can be done simply by going for a walk, keeping away from your trigger foods or finding something to keep yourself busy such as gardening, scrap-booking or even cleaning. It might not sound easy, but you'll feel better and that's the first step in battling emotional eating.

Tips: It's never simple to resist the urge of your favourite foods. Make sure you stock lots of fruits, vegetables or other healthy snack options at home or the office. Keep 'snack' buying to a minimal or none at all if possible. If you need that one piece of chocolate in the house for emergencies, buy a single candy bar and put it away, out of sight. You know the adage, out of sight out of mind (for a little while any way).

Remember: In the long run emotional eating does not make you feel better. More often than not, it makes you feel worse. Whether you binge on your comfort food or not you'll regret eating when you're done. And that will make you feel even worse.

Goal: Take control of your emotional eating. Do your utmost to make sure emotional eating does not take control of you. Do what you can to stop it; keep yourself active, call a friend for support or simply resist the urge to buy comfort foods that make you prone to emotional eating. Feel free to try something different and report back with your success.

Last Weeks Goal: Last week your goal was to find a food alternative. How did you do? Did you find something new and different as a healthier food option? This past week I bought a different kind of cereal, one higher in fiber and lower in calories. I still enjoyed it, maybe not as much as a bowl of Lucky Charms, but I'm doing better for it.

What fitness words starting with the letter "E" inspire you?

13 October, 2010

Biggest Loser Comments - S10E04

Just what are people saying about this season of Biggest Loser? Here are a few random thoughts from viewers while live chatting about episode 4 of the Biggest Loser this past Tuesday on Twitter. What were your thoughts?

Yes a cupcake challenge and Curtis Stone teaching them how to make 100 cal cupcakes

I hate that they have these temptations.....I like how most people chose not to participate

And the cupcake winner's plan backfires -- target on your back, oh yes

Enough with the gameplay, enough with the babble, LET'S WORKOUT ALREADY!

The Red Shirt curse! Are we suddenly watching Star Trek?

Mark, I don't care about your hurt back. Stop whining.

The girls are not really pulling the big numbers like the past few seasons.

Wait, weren't we supposed to be going to Bob's for dinner?
I thought Bob lived at Subway.

Another hidden commercial. Pretty sneaky sis. BRB, off to get my Yoplait yogurt.

Okay, Ada. I should remember her name. It's different, and she's super cute with those pigtails.

I wish they'd show us a few more commercials. Not enough.

Frado... TWENTY pounds? Wow!

Only two pounds? Good bye Orange Bow... or whatever your name was.

Bob's fridge is filled with water and gum.

Bob is admitting to being vegan after he pimped Jenny-O turkey last week?

Okay, I like Frado's decision. Or more to the point, why he did.

I don't know how the women even have a chance in a challenge like this. unfair.

Pushing 900lbs of carpet is going to seem a lot heavier to a woman.

I think next week they competition should be knitting a scarf.

This will be a boys club soon enough.

They're (left behind players) baaack!

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12 October, 2010

A-Z Fitness - Diet is a dirty word

Okay, so you've realized you need to drop a few pounds. The natural thing to decide is you need to go on a diet. But did you know thinking that way may not be the best route? Maybe it's splitting hairs, but the word 'diet' gives the connotation you'll be doing this for a short while. Reaching your target weight shouldn't mean though, that you go right back to eating what you did before. Once you do that, you'll be more prone to gain it all back, and probably more. What you want to do is create a program that you can stick to indefinitely. The reason you gained weight in the first place was not watching what you were eating or getting proper exercise. And that's something you should be doing on a daily basis, for the rest of your life.

Tips: Don't create a program you won't be able to stick to. Work on a program you are certain you can work with.

Remember: Cutting out all your favourite foods won't help. In the long run, you'll crave them more which can lead to binging. You can still eat your favourite foods, you just need to remember to keep in moderation, with smaller portions.

Goal: Do you have a favourite food you love? Is it high in calories? See if you can find an alternative, with a lower calorie count. Or cut your consumption of your favourite food this week to a minimum.

Last Weeks Goal: Last week you were going to find a new food or a new way of preparing your food, in a healthier manner. What did you try? Let others know in the comments.

What fitness words starting with the letter "D" inspire you?

06 October, 2010

Biggest Loser Comments - S10E03

Just what are people saying about this season of Biggest Loser? Here are a few random thoughts from viewers while live chatting about episode 3 of the Biggest Loser this past Tuesday on Twitter. What were your thoughts?

Why did Tina plan a vacation if there were even the CHANCE of getting on Biggest Loser? Yep, she's the biggest loser.

WTH is up with these people? They are VERY unlikeable, with a few exceptions.

So happy Weight Watchers weigh-ins aren't as daunting as #BL10!! I would not handle the yellow line!

Alliances suck - wish there was a way to make it all about who earns it week to week instead of gaming the program.

I think some of these people may be the stupidest #BL10 contestants ever. Seriously.

I think if you win immunity, you are automatically given a 1 pound disadvantage the following week. Will stop all the game play

I wonder if anyone has ever fallen up the stairs to the scale. Oh I would die of laughter!

Is there going to be only 1 guy below the yellow line?

Brendan was too busy dreaming about Anna rather than working out.

If Ada can do it, the other women could to.

Jillian - "I am still the man around here!"

Funny that bob is eating an apple yet he didn't do a plug for Fruit, guess they didn't pay him enough for true healthy snacking.

Aaaron pleaded his case more? HUH?

Course he chose a guy!

Part of me hopes Tina goes home. You know, so she can go on her $16K vacation. *rolls eyes*

So tired of commercials, anyway off to make myself a Yoplait smoothie.

This #BL10 is very Lord of the Rings...

Hope Branden finds a few cat turds.

Once again all women up for eviction!

Now we get to hear how they really don't want to go home. To little to late.

I'd send Lisa and keep Tina just out of spite so she couldn't enjoy that ridiculous vacation! (Yes, I'm evil!)

Tina, don't forget to send Bob and Jillian a postcard from your vacation!

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05 October, 2010

A-Z Fitness - C is for Cooking

C is for 'cooking', that's good enough for me. But how does cooking relate to your fitness? It all boils down to how your food is prepared. Eating chicken can be a great lean alternative to a hamburger but frying it up in grease really defeats the purpose. Same goes for vegetables used in your cooking. Trying to be lean while covering your vegetables in butter or cheese sauces can have the opposite effect of what you are trying to do. Anyone else remember the Saturday morning PSA's of the 80's telling you not to drown your food? "It's no fun to eat what you can't even see."

Tips: Try baking your chicken instead of frying it. Seasoning your vegetables can bring as much flavor as sauces. If you are a meat eater, try cooking with the leanest cuts or try turkey alternatives.

Remember: All foods have calories, if you absolutely must 'liven' up your cooking with a condiment, choose something low in calories, especially fat calories. Your waistline will thank, as will your arteries.

Goal: This week, look through cook-books or on-line for a new, healthier way of preparing your favorite foods and give it a try. You might be surprised.

Last Weeks Goal: Last weeks goal was to track your calories. How did you do? Were you able to start a journal? If you did, why not keep it up?

What fitness words starting with the letter "C" inspire you?