25 May, 2011

S11E21 - Photo Gallary of Finale Moments

Really no bonus scenes for this episode. So here are a few recap photos as well as the winning moment, broadcast live. Interesting to be an all girl finale, I guess I know how it must be when women see an all male finale.

While Jay waits to find out if America voted for him or Irene to be in the final three, he shows off his new tattoo which reads - "What you're for strengthens you."

Irene is elated to find out America has chosen her to be in the final three.

This is a picture of Rulon at the Biggest Loser Live Finale.

All four trainers from this season of Biggest Loser together for the last time. Good-Bye Jillian.

Word is out. Jillian is going to be replaced by Anna Kournikova, probably not in those heels though.

The "At-Home" winner is Deni. It was either her or one of the twins.

The final three along with Alison.

So who ultimately won? Watch this clip of the last few minutes to find out.

24 May, 2011

S11E21 - All Girl Finale

Original Air Date: 05/24/11
Five months after the Biggest Loser Season 11 started, the live finale has finally arrived. We first find out the final three will be Olivia, Hannah and Irene. So who will win the at home prize? And which contestant will end up being the Biggest Loser? Alison talks with the trainers briefly before bringing out the rest of the contestants, to weigh in. The first three are Courtney, Ana and Marci. Of the three, Ana initially takes the lead. The next four introduced are Dan, Don, Q & Larialmy. Despite everyone's expectation, Dan and Don have lost a lot of weight since they left the show. With 124 pounds lost in total, Dan takes the lead away from Ana. Following a commercial break, Moses, Kaylee, Ken & Austin weigh in. Austin's total weigh loss is 174. It's enough to steal the lead from Dan. Arthur has an astounding 163 pound loss, but because the winner is determined by percentage, it's not enough to beat Deni who's lost 125; she now takes the lead. Next to come out are Jennifer, Jay and Justin. Rulon is a no-show for the final episode. Jay has 181 pound loss, which falls just short of his requirement to take the lead. Deni is this season's 'at home' winner.

It's a season of firsts this year. First time a team has made it to the end together, and first for an all girl finale. Before the weigh in though, Alison introduces who's replacing Jillian, it's tennis star Anna Kournikova. With the cameo for next season out of the way, it's now time for the weigh in, and to see who's the Biggest Loser. Hannah is the first to weigh in. Hannah has lost 120 pounds which is a 48.39% weight loss, Irene loses 116 pound and Olivia has lost 129. The percentage makes her this seasons Biggest Loser.
Congratulations Olivia!

Season 11 - Total weight lost
Ana - 109
Courtney - 110
Marci - 86
Dan - 124
Don - 130
Q - 93
Larialmy - 84
Moses - 153
Kaylee - 54
Ken - 158
Austin - 174
Sarah - 106
Deni - 125
Arthur - 163
Jesse - 83
Jay - 181
Jennifer - 114
Justin - 173
Rulon - 188
Hannah - 120
Irene - 116
Olivia -129
2,773 POUNDS!

That's over 1 TON!
Congratulations to everyone.
You are all the Biggest Loser!

17 May, 2011

S11E20 - Who Wants A Slime Burger?

Original Air Date: 05/17/11
The final four are glad they have made it so far and begin to reflect on how well they have done. Hannah and Olivia are especially proud they are the only couple still remaining, and in the final four.

One of the final challenges before the contestants go home is a Turkey Burger contest. Who ever can make the best tasting burger will win $5000 and a two week stay at Biggest Loser Resort at fitness Ridge. Their judges will be tough and fierce, - kids. Jay makes what he calls a Volcano Burger, Olivia makes a burger with 'green slime' in it - hoping it'll amuse the kids. Irene makes an I-Burger and Hannah has a Cheesy Turkey Chomper prepared. When the kids are finished, they are instructed to run over to who they think made the best burger. The children have three favorites, and one they don't care for. Hardly any child stand with Olivia and her slime burger. The majority of the kids have run over to Jay and he's happy he's won a challenge.

Now is the time for the final challenge and they meet Alison at a golf course. For this challenge, they will be walking the course with weights strapped to them, representing how much weight they have lost. At each hole, they will be dropping portions of the weight till they reach the final hole. The winner will receive a $15,000 at home gym. Immediately, the contestants feel the strain and wonder how they were able to carry so much weight before. Jay and Olivia have immediate problems, though tough it out. Irene chases Hannah most of the course, and over the finish line. Hannah has won the challenge.

Before heading home, the contestant have one final weigh in. Things are slightly different for this weigh in though, the two contestants who fall below the yellow line, will have America vote who they want in the final three. It comes down to Irene and Jay falling below the yellow line, meaning both Hannah and Olivia will be in the final three. A 66% chance one of them will become the Biggest Loser.

With the final weigh in over, the contestants head home to work out and lose as much as possible before the live finale. Upon arriving at home, a DVD is sent to each contestant. The DVD includes a video from each, filmed before they entered the Biggest Loser ranch, hoping to motivate themselves. But Irene and Jay have an additional job to do. Each must convince America they deserve to be included in the final three. Who is ultimately voted into the final three? And who will be this seasons Biggest Loser? Next episode reveals all!

16 May, 2011

What I learned at Weight Watchers - Week 1

It's a no-brainer we all need some type of support when we want to take control of our health. But how do you react when you face anti-support? Typically, this comes in the form of "Food Pushers". How can you deal with these situations? Ignoring a Food Pusher doesn't usually work. You literally have to deal with them. No, I'm not suggesting you punch them in the face, but there are a few things you can do.

Some Food Pushers are like ninjas. They celebrate a birthday or promotion by bringing in cupcakes for the entire office, leaving a little gift in their workmates cubicles. Unlike a real ninja, "Food Ninjas" are easy to deal with. Either you can give the treat away to someone who'll appreciate it, or simply throw it away. "GASP! You can't throw food away Jeffrey!" Why not? How much nutritional value is in a cupcake? Not much if any, you will not deprive anyone of nutrition. And the Food Ninja should be none-the-wiser.

Yet, that isn't always the case. A frontal approach is also used. When a "Food Striker" approaches, it's best to let them know you don't want the food. True, they may not understand your motive, so it'll be important to tell them something they will understand. Say you are allergic to whatever is in the food, tell them your Doctor instructed you to lose weight, or be brutally honest. Not every tactic will work with every Food Striker, so make sure you know who you're dealing with and what will work on them. Keep in mind, whatever they are sharing with you is special to them, so don't say you 'don't want their garbage'. Even if garbage it might be.

Lastly, some people will just never 'get it'. Try as hard as you might, they won't understand or be hurt when you decline. What can you do then? It's possible these "Foodies" enjoy food so much, they can't believe others don't want exactly what they want. You may have to employ a tactic used for Food Ninjas and Food Strikers. The other option is to take a page from Nancy Reagan when she stressed to "Just Say No".

“Be who you are and say what you feel
because those who mind don't matter
and those who matter don't mind.” - Dr. Suess

10 May, 2011

S11E19 - First Let's Take This Seat Off

Original Air Date: 05/10/11
As Hannah is reflecting on how far she's come, Alison comes to announce finals week. That's right, all contestants are going to be given a four part test on how well they can teach a spin class, motivate others, answer general fitness questions, and how well they can box. The winner of this challenge walks away with $10,000.

The first portion is teaching a spin class and the contestants have to teach Bob. Jay starts by taking the seat off and earning a poor 58 points. Austin does better and earns 95, while Hannah and Olivia score a perfect 100.

In the next challenge, Brett asks fitness questions and the many scores are very close, 80, 82 and 83. Jay scores the highest with 88 points, but Hannah only has 77.

When it's time for Cara to grade the contestants, she wants them to 'act like fighters' and is looking for the fighter spirit. Irene has problems with this test and only scores 70 but Hannah scores another 100 points.

For Jillian's turn, she's going to role-play being a new contestant and will score according to how well she is motivated by the others. Again, the scores are close; 80, 85, 89, and two 90's.

As a final test, Alison is in the gym with a unique challenge. All five will be playing the Biggest Loser Ultimate Workout Game on the X-Box. Each has a fitness avatar looking just like them which they must imitate as closely as possible. First place scores 100 points and all other places earn 10 less points. The game includes many grueling tasks, giving Irene, Jay and even Austin some trouble. When this challenge is over, Hannah narrowly beats her sister by 3 points.

During the challenge, the contestants must haul 100 sand bags to the top of a platform. Winning this challenge means a one pound advantage for the week - A prize as good as gold this late in the game. Olivia does her best to win this challenge also, but Austin out performs her and wins the advantage.

At the weigh in: Before Alison weighs the contestants, she offers Austin and Olivia a chance to exchange the prizes they've won. Olivia can trade her $10,000 for a one pound advantage and Austin can trade his one pound advantage for $10,000. Neither decide to exchange. Irene and Jay have a great loss for the week and are determined to be safe right away. Once Olivia weighs in, she pushes her sister below the yellow line. Jillian is upset Olivia didn't trade in for the one pound advantage. If Austin has a good week, both sisters will be below the yellow line. Unfortunately for Austin, even with the one pound advantage he falls below the yellow line with Hannah. Olivia refuses to vote out her sister and others agree. It's Austin going home this week.

05 May, 2011

When Jillian Leaves

Jillian, Jillian,
fare thee well.
Jillian, Jillian,
you put them through hell.

You showed they had guts,
You showed they had glory.
Till they broke down and cried,
as they told you their story.

To quit was no option,
as so many found.
You drove even harder,
till they puked on the ground.

You got in their face,
you stood on their backs.
you kept them inspired,
when they tried to relax.

You reminded them all,
it was more than a game.
I'll still watch when you're gone,
but it won't be the same.


04 May, 2011

Biggest Loser Comments - S11E18

Instead of writing a recap of the show, I've decided to post a few quotes from the live tweeting of the episode I found interesting or humorous. What were your thoughts? Feel free to add your own in the comments section. What did you like or hate about the episode?


@Jeffrey__Scott - Jillians last season = let's cut the shows by an hour suddenly.

@Nyxks - ummm Hannah looks better outside of that dress, it doesn't suit her at all or that hair - oh well she's happy that's what matters.

@TVReviewProgram - Awesome Austin ....looking like a million bucks! And he lost another 3lbs in hair for the weigh in!

@Jeffrey__Scott - I'm jealous of @BL11Austin. I want to dance with @Ali_Sweeney. Come on, like that's a big surprise to anyone here.

@luannschindler - Everyone looks fantastic on #bl11. Ali's hair is so elegant!!

@Jeffrey__Scott - Does anyone happen to know how long it'll be till #TheVoice is on?
@defectivecandy - really, do they have to have that at the bottom of the screen?

@Jeffrey__Scott - I wonder if he could use that magic wand on Jillian to make her stay another season.

@Jeffrey__Scott - Ho-hum, another #BL11 first? Seems to be happening each week lately.

@Jeffrey__Scott - I'm going to be blown away if the Biggest Loser first isn't some watered down semi-trivia fact.
@ChelleBelle87 - I bet someone lost 20 lbs or something...they make it sound like a catastrophe!
@ervc1 -You really expect much?

@Jeffrey__Scott - Next week in a Biggest Loser first, there will be no Biggest Loser firsts.
@FitInMyHeart - ROTFL!!!!! I was thinking the same thing!

@Jeffrey__Scott - Suddenly have an odd urge for Extra Sugar Free gum. Weird, where did THAT come from?

@scotps23 - Talk about a @PriceIsRight moment!
@KatMoulton - LOL 'It's a new car" I can hear it in my head now

@Jeffrey__Scott - They forgot to bury the last key
@ozipherus - LMAO! How classic would that be...
@scotps23 - Ali's got the key in her pocket. Whoop!

@stacigway - Bob looks like an old man tonight. He's headed out after the workout to catch the early bird special at Perkins.

@defectivecandy - Ghhhhh....biggest loser feels soooo rushed tonight :(

@mikiepocd - How much was hair, Austin?

@Jeffrey__Scott - I've got to admit, Irene has quickly become one of my favorites.
@jennifuhohjenny - I'm totally with you!..I love @BL11Irene, I think she's tough and cute and funny. Sorta like Ada from #BL10.
@melgotserved - I just dubbed her Irene the Machine

@jeffrey__scott - Has Cara or Brett said word one tonight?
@TheBLblog - Shhh! You'll jinx it.
@Liciak7 Hahahahahaha I was just saying how peaceful it has been tonight to not listen to Cara!

@Jeffrey__Scott - For what it's worth, I'd LOVE to lose 3 pounds in a week. #BL11

@Jeffrey__Scott - With only 6 minutes left, I smell a non-elimination week.

@KatMoulton - Fairy Godfather returns.

@stacigway - I heard a lisp! Tim Gunn is there! He's saving our Purple Team!

@lenkees haha!! U crazy!
biggestloserlvr This season cracks me up!

@kindledscholar - MY prediction: The thing that blows Bob away is @BL11Olivia singing on the scale!

@Jeffrey__Scott - The Biggest Loser first was @BLOlivia singing? Really? Is this a #TheVoice tie-in?
@KatMoulton She KICKS the Voice's ass
@keltaylor312 - I would rather listen to @BL11Olivia than #thevoice. Just sayin.

@TheBLblog - I cannot help laughing at Tim Gunn and his magic wand and fairy references. It's because no one's going home. I'm happy.

Join in the live chat of Biggest Loser each Tuesday night on Twitter. Use the hash-tag #BL11

03 May, 2011

S11E18 - A Fish Called Hannah

Original Air Date: 05/03/11
Tim Gunn visits the Biggest Loser ranch this week and he presents himself as their Fairy Godfather, equipped with three magical surprises for them. The first surprise, isn't much of one as they have already figured out it's make-over week. The contestants receive their make-overs, including new cloths.

Once the make-overs are done, the contestants show up one at a time to receive their second surprise of the night, family has come to visit with them. When Olivia's husband shows up he's got a surprise of his own for her, he's lost 99 pounds! Once all the contestants have arrived, they are all treated to a special private concert for them performed by OneRepublic.

Another surprise awaits everyone, but it's not from Tim Gunn. Alison Sweeney announces the next challenge where the winner will receive (in my best Rod Roddy voice) "A New Car! They are on a beach and before them are 50 car shapes sand piles. Each one containing a key. Once they dig up the key,they must run up a flight of stairs to the pier leading to the parking lot where TWO new cars wait. That's right, there are two cars to be won. Irene quickly wins the first car, and on her second attempt. It's over an hour later when the second car is won. When there are only two piles left, it's a race between Olivia and Austin. Olivia prevails.

At the weigh in: Everyone is worried if they will fall below the yellow line, and Jay is the first to do so. Jillian is concerned for him and she vows if he's not eliminated this week she'll draw it out of him. As Olivia weighs in, she's happy to see she's lost 100 pounds. She's promised herself if she lost 100 pounds on the ranch she'll sing a song for the contestants, and she does so. Bob is speechless. But her great weigh in means her sister Hannah is now below the yellow line with Jay. Jay realizes he's likely to go home but suddenly Tim Gunn appears. He promised the contestants three surprises and he's only given two. With a wave of his 'magic' wand, he makes the yellow line disappear. No one is going home this week.

02 May, 2011

Could Kim Lyons Replace Jillian on The Biggest Loser?

When you think of the Biggest Loser, you probably think of Bob Harper or Jillian Michaels, the most well known trainers in 'Loser' history. So well known in fact, they were even the trainers on the Australian version for a few seasons. But unfortunately for Team Jillian fans, she is leaving once this season has concluded. So who could possibly be her replacement? Someone new, or a trainer fans may be familiar with?

Kim Lyons
Kim Lyons was a personal trainer for the Biggest Loser during the 3rd and 4th seasons.
Positives - She was an original replacement for Jillian during the 3rd season. She knows the program and is a trainer and nutritionist. When she sets her mind to a task, she follows through to the best of her ability.
Negatives - It's been a long time since she's been on the show. Would she even come back if asked? Would anyone besides dedicated fans of the show or loyal Kim Lyons fans care?

Brett Hoebel
Brett is one of the current trainers on season 11 of the Biggest Loser. Though it seemed he was 'fired' he returned a week later.
Positives - Brett is a hard working and dedicated individual. Out of the two new trainers this season, he appears to be a fan favorite.
Negatives - When all four trainers had their own team, he was the only one who lost all those he was coaching. For season 12, it's unlikely the producers would incorporate only 2 male trainers.

Cara Castronuova
Like fellow trainer Brett, Cara is one of the new trainers of Season 11.
Positives - If the producers want a female trainer for season 12 viewers are most familiar with, Cara would get the call. She's a very caring and nurturing individual and truly cares about the contestants.
Negatives - Outside of Biggest Loser, she's not a fitness trainer. She's got a tendency to take things personal and this can interfere when she trains the contestants.