13 March, 2012

Biggest Loser S13E11 - The White Elephant In The Room

With only 9 contestants left, Alison announces they are no longer teams. The Biggest Loser has now reached the singles stage. Everyone is going to be working for their own, and the yellow line at weigh in is back. Kim earlier stuck up for Cassandra when she was voted out, so now feels like a target. Having been teamed up with Kim at the beginning of the game, the two are going to continue to work together but realize they have to stay above the yellow line, or one of them is going home.

For the first challenge, the contestants are brought to an ice rink. As an individual game, they will need to start believing in themselves, and that will start with standing on their own two feet, as Alison points out. They are all tied to a ring in the center with buzzers for each contestant on the outside of a larger circle. The contest will continue in rounds, each one ending when another contestant has hit the button. There are nine prizes to win, the winners get to pick last, and the losers must choose first. But when a person picks a prize, they are given the opportunity to keep it, or trade for someone's prize already won. Because of a stress fracture on his tibia, Buddy will be unable to play and immediately earns 9th place. The game begins and no one seems to be doing very well, Kim even falls and hits her head on the ice, but gets right back up. Finally Conda realizes in order for her or her brother to win, they will have to work together. She works with him so he can hit his buzzer, winning the the first place of the first round. When the second round begins, Kim is shocked to learn Mark, along with everyone else, seem to help Megan win the second place. Mark claims he's helping Megan to get a bit of a break. The third round begins and Mark has taken advantage of the short break. With Chris' help, he easily wins the third place prize. During the fourth round, it's a battle between Kim and Conda, but Conda is able to earn the fourth place prize. The fifth place begins with Kim, Kimmy, Emily and Chris. Kim starts off strong, but stumbles giving Chris the wedge she needs to pull the others to her buzzer. Chris wins the round in under a minute. With Emily and Kim the last pre-singles team left on the ice, they easily pull Kimmy to Kim's buzzer to end the sixth round. The seventh round is only between Kimmy and Emily now and Kimmy feels she'll lose for sure. But she digs in and gives it her all, winning the seventh place. This makes Emily automatically earn the eighth prize, she feels embarrassed.

Time to pick the prizes and Buddy, being in ninth place, gets to pick first. Each of the prizes are hidden in boxes, so no one knows what they will get, till they open the prize. As luck would have it, he opens a box with a Biggest Loser hat in it. Unless there are some awful gifts, he's certain the hat will be his at the end of the prize selections. Emily's turn to pick and she wins a phone for a day. As much as she would love to keep it, she's certain it'll be stolen away by someone else. Kimmy's selection is an autographed photo of Alison Sweeney. Kimmy opts not to trade it in, it's coming home with her. For Kim's gift, she picks a box of chocolates. She would love to take the phone from Emily, but knows she's going to need it and selflessly keeps her chocolates hoping no one else will steal the phone away from Emily. Chris' prize is a one pound weight advantage. She's also certain her prize will be stolen away, but opts not to trade. Conda's prize is cold hard cash, a one dollar bill. She trades it for the one pound advantage. Next Mark opens a prize giving him two votes at elimination. Alison reminds him it's only available if he stays above the yellow line. Realizing the power it holds, he decides to keep the prize. Megan is surprised to find a live goldfish in her prize. As much as she loves her fish, she trades it for Conda's one pound weight advantage. Finally, the last prize is given to Jeremy. It turns out to be shopping with a celebrity, with the advantage of bringing someone along. Emily tempts him by saying someone is on the phone for him, but he decides to trade it for Conda's goldfish. He realizes she'll appreciate the prize much more than he will. Thus ends this white elephant themed game.

The next half hour of the 90 minute condensed episode consists of the contestants working out, where Dolvett gives special attention to Kim and Bob gives his attention to Emily. He works with her in weight lifting training where she's training him. He's trying to help her believe in herself once more. He's afraid she's going to allow herself to fail and fall below the yellow line.

Later, as Jeremy is eating and keeping an eye on his goldfish, Conda is preparing for her shopping trip. She has chosen Kim to accompany her and they two get to shop with Jessica Simpson. The girls are ecstatic. But Jeremy wins a prize of his own. While Conda is gone, Rachel visits the Biggest Loser ranch. She's illustrating the highlights of Progresso soup. Jeremy observes the last time they met, it was like a 'date' with Rachel and now she's making soup for his. He believes his relationship with Rachel is progressing.

In a touching moment with Dolvett, Kimmy relates how she turned to food. As a child, her mother was schizophrenic and realistically unable to provide adequately for her own children. Kimmy began feeling like the mother of the house at eight when her mother many times refused to let the kids eat, thinking it would purify their body. As she got older, Kimmy began to make sure there was enough food in her own house. It was a psychological move on her part, to feel secure. To give her more confidence in herself, Dolvett takes her wall climbing, to help her get over her fear of heights.

Weigh In
Mark 213 / 204 / -9 / 4.23% "YES, Come on. Love it!"
Chris 184 / 177 / -7 / 3.8% - "Wow, I haven't been in the 170's in years."
Megan 204 / 198 / -6 / 3.43% - "I'm in wonderland."
Kim 182 / 176 / -6 / 3.3% - "I'm really happy with that number."
Jeremy 282 / 273 / -9 / 3.19% - "Told you I didn't need it." (one pound)
Conda 228 / 221 / -7 / 3.07% - "I'm happy, seven pounds is great for me."
Buddy 289 / 281 / -8 / 2.77% - "That's awesome."
Kimmy 167 / 163 / -4 / 2.4% - "Wow, I wasn't expecting to do that well."
Emily 195 / 190 / -5 / 2.40% "It's weeks like this that blows the wind out of your sails."

The Elimination:
Kim - Kimmy
Megan - Emily
Chris - Emily
Jeremy - Emily
Conda - Kimmy
Mark - Emily & Emily

Emily is voted out, but is using her time off the ranch to improve in her next ambition, to be a signer. She reaches out to Olivia from Season 11 who meets with her to help her meet her goal. Since her Biggest Loser ranch, she's gone from a weight of 264 to 174. Additionally, she's hoping to win the home prize and use the money to move to New York City. But don't tell her friends and family, they don't know yet.

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