20 January, 2011


It's not an article, it's a support thread. Looking for support or want to give your support to those in need? This is a chance to look for and receive specific support in your fitness goals. Sometimes, knowing others are dealing with the same thing you are, is half the battle.

The goal is to help others succeed by urging them along and giving them positive persuasion. Remind them of their objective and show your reliability. Individually, fitness can be a challenge but teamwork can help us all out.

If you need support in a specific area, leave a comment. Want to offer support to myself or others? Leave that in the comment section as well.


  1. Sometimes I feel like I'm alone in this journey. Despite the number of shows on TV or magazine out there. Sometimes support is just needed in specific areas. Exercise, Food, Tracking, or any number of areas. This week I'm working on support and concentrating on tracking.

    Do you track? How do you track? Journal, internet? All thoughts and suggestions would be appreciated.

  2. I use a food journal - called Diet and Exercise Journal. It lets you track calories, carbs, fat, etc- as well as your daily exercise. I also use SparkPeople or LiveStrong when I need to look up nutritional information. I get behind on it - and then I forget what I had - so I am making a HUGE effort to write it down after I finish my meal.
    I know these last 20 lbs are going to come down to focusing more on what I am eating! I have to be more and more regimented! It is so hard - especially on the weekends.

  3. Weekends are hard. I think finding what works best for you is the key. I also do a lot of free-thinking tracking. In other words, I think about what I eat and try to remember it later when I'm writing it down. That's a problem as I forget, so I'm trying to work on tracking ONLY as I'm eating something. Not waiting till later, or writing in advance. I track so much better when I write it down as I'm eating.

  4. Sometimes I feel like I am alone on the journey as well. Even though there are lots of shows and lots of talk about health and weight loss, in the end I feel like everyone's concerned about their own issues (as they should be) and I am on my own.

    I have struggled recently because of health issues. I've had two surgeries in the past four months and have been told "NO activity" after both surgeries. So, in the four months I have put on almost 20 lbs. This is after losing 65 and being super physically active. Going to no activity...well, I started to gain immediately.

    I have figured out that when I don't FEEL great I am not so motivated to EAT great. So...being physically active is super important for me so that I feel good and like I'm making progress which is motivating to me to eat better.

    Sorry if all that came out negative...I don't feel negative!! Just trying to be honest about my feelings. It motivates me to read your blog and the comments and understand that others struggle as much as I do.

    I have found that I also need to track everything I eat. It's weird how being accountable to a piece of paper helps me make better choices. I used fitday.com for the entire time I was working to lose 65 lbs. I then switched to livestrong.com to track where I maintained that weight loss for over a year. I have been slacking on tracking! I will go back to livestrong and my daily plate to track now...I am motivated to take this 20 lbs off and another 15.
    Thanks for your support and motivation and forum to discuss!! I have also started blogging to help share what I've learned and hopefully motivate others who at any stage of the journey. The stronger our support community the better!

  5. Thanks for the thoughts Marianne. Sorry for taking so long to get back to you. I know the struggle you've had and I applaud your success and obviously wish you continued support. Don't worry about seeming negative. Sometimes just talking about things to someone helps. As for your blog, keep it up and don't be afraid to post your link.