20 March, 2012

Biggest Loser S13E12 - ♫Vacation - Had To Get Away♪

This week the contestants are going to put the excuse "I can't lose weight on vacation" to the test. As a test, the contestants are going to Hawaii. Cue the Go-Go's ♫Vacation♪ and before long the contestants are relaxing in the water. Dolvett puts a stop to that quickly and tells them if they are not moving, they are not losing. To get the contestants moving more and inspire them, Bob and Dolvett introduce them to Bethany Hamilton. She's a professional surfer who's had her arm bitten off by a shark. Despite that, she's never given up, and continues to surf. She challenges the other contestants to surf with her. A few of the contestants are somewhat reluctant, but they all get out in the water. Chris, Kim and Kimmy have some surprising success.

Afterwards, Kim is feeling isolated and alone so heads to the gym while Kimmy, Megan and Chris are eating while Conda is talking about Kim.

Alison surprises the contestants with a Hawaiian themed pop challenge. Winner of the challenge gets a one pound weight advantage. Chris is hopeful, realizing she's the queen of useless trivia.

Q1 - How many miles does it take to complete an Iron Man competiton?
A-26.2 / B-58.8 / C-112.2 / D-140.6
Answer: D - Answered correctly by Chris, Kim and Buddy.

Q2 - Which of these vacation drinks has the most calories?
A-Mai Tai / B-Pina Colada / C-Blue Hawaaiian / D-Lava Flow
Answer: D - Answered correctly by Buddy, Kim, Conda and Chris

Q3 - Which dish has the highest amount of fat per serving?
A-6 oz. Kalua Pork / B-12 Choc. Macadamia Nuts / C-4 oz. Lu'au Potatoes / D-4 oz. Huli Chicken
Answer: B - Answered correctly by everyone but Buddy

Q4 - How many calories does a person burn surfing 1 hour?
A-100-140 calories / B-160-200 calories / C-250-290 calories / D-over 320 calories
Answer: C - Answered correctly by Jeremy, Megan and Mark
Results are Kim & Chris at 3, Buddy, Conda, Jeremy, Megan and Mark at 2 and Kimmy with 1.
Final question is a tie-breaker for Chris and Kim

Tie-Breaker - If you indulge yourself on 24 chocolate covered macadamia nuts, how many calories will you have consumed? Closest to the right answer gets the one pound advantage.
Kim guesses 518 / Chris answers 1280
Answer: 1320 - Chris wins the one pound advantage.

Later, Dolvett offers smoothies to a few of the contestants, but offers up a challenge for them. Sitting on the sand, they are to raise their feet off the sand and keep them off. The first person to drop their feet, will make smoothies for everyone using a bike powered blender. Out of Kim, Buddy, Kimmy, Jeremy & Mark, Jeremy is the first to drop his feet. Jeremy wonders where he can find this product, and Kim agrees she could drink one of these every day. Dolvett informs them the Yoplait Chocolate Banana smoothie mixes can be found in any groceries freezer. They are good and good for you. Pick some up today! (Okay Yoplait, when do I get paid)?

Dolvett is worried about Kim and pulls her aside because he's seen a change in her. She confirms his believe she is feeling isolated and alone. She also admits the other girls are willing to take things easy because they are on vacation. Though she initially agreed with them, she admits to Dolvett she's ready to break out of that thinking. Unlike the other girls, she's going to fight to stay on Biggest Loser. If she does not fall below the yellow line, she'll be safe.

For the next challenge, Alison has the contestants gathered on a large hill. Further down the hill are various posts with lei's of different colors. The object of the challenge will be to collect one specific color of lei's, run back up the hill, then place the lei's on other contestants "tiki's". Once a contestant has 10 lei's on their tiki, they are out of the challenge. There will be one black 'death lei' which will automatically eliminate someone. The last person standing will win immunity for the week. Buddy is the only one who is going to be unable to play because of his injury.

The first person targeted is Kim as she does her best to try and knock Chris out. Then Kimmy finds the death lei and instead of putting it on someone who has no lei's, puts it on Kim. Kimmy reminds people everyone signed up to play this 'game'. Chris is the next to be taken out. Jeremy, Conda and Mark all team up to take Megan out next. Conda refuses to call it an alliance, she prefers to think of it as a 'friendship. Next, Kimmy is targeted, but Jeremy makes a plan with Kimmy to not put a lei on her's if she doesn't put one on his. She agrees and they put a few on Mark, but Conda takes Kimmy out. With just three people left, Conda and Jeremy conspire to take out Mark, but they are going to make him work for it. Instead of taking him out right away, they make him run up and down the hill. Finally Conda tells Mark to put a lei on Jeremy's to put him out, because Mark only has one left to go. Instead of giving it to Jeremy as instructed he gives it to Conda because Jeremy is trying to let her win. Finally they realize he needs to be taken out and finish the job. Jeremy then lets his sister finally take him out.

For the next weigh in, the contestants are at Pearl Harbor. With the mememorial of the USS Arizona behind them, and the USS Missouri in front of them, they are called up to weigh in. Conda is reminded, if she gains weight her immunity will be void.

Kim 176 171 -5 2.84 "I like myself more and more every week."
Jeremy 273 266 -7 2.56 "That's what I needed. I gave my sister immunity, I just earned immunity."
Chris 177 174 -3 2.26 "With my one pound advantage, I hope it's enough."
Buddy 281 -275 -6 2.14 "Two weeks in a row I've been severely restricted. And I'm still staying above the yellow line."
Mark 204 200 -4 1.96 "Couldn't quite get it." (Getting under 200)
Conda 221 217 -4 1.81 "You can lose weight on vacation."

Megan 198 195 -3 1.52 "3 Pounds is not what I wanted."
Kimmy 219 217 -2 1.23 "I'm happy with 2 pounds"

For the elimination, the contestants are gathered on the USS Missouri. Kimmy tells everyone she wants to go home and asks to be voted out next. Emily reminds everyone that last week everyone voted out Emily because it was a good strategy move, so voting out Kimmy would not be a good strategy move. She tells the rest of the players, if they are truly playing for strategy, they would vote Megan out. Kimmy tells Alison she's sure here friends will vote her out instead of Megan.
Mark - Kimmy
Jeremy - Kimmy
Buddy - Kimmy

This week, three votes is enough to send Kimmy home. Chris cries and says she'll miss Kimmy. Kimmy thinks maybe she'll just miss doing the dishes alone. Having started the Biggest Loser journey at 219 pounds, Kimmy is now at 154. She hopes to one day open and run her own therapeutic horsemanship facility.


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    1. I do sometimes, depending on the content.