02 February, 2012

"The Biggest Loser" (Completely Unbiased & Neutral) Tweets of the Week, Season 13 Week 5 edition*

Last time I checked, this show was called, ‘The Biggest Loser’, not ‘The Biggest Complainer’ or ‘The Whiniest Loser’ or ‘Send Conda Home Now She’s Such A Loser, Loser’. But that’s certainly the vibe I’m getting after going over the past tweets from Tuesday night. Remember when the show was all about inspiring us, motivating us, and betting on who’s going to vomit first? But now look what we have, a series filled with people complaining and whining. And this is certainly reflected on the tweeters from the past week, and yet, even I sound negative. Because of this, I’ve decided to go in a different direction here and give everyone a completely unbiased and neutral ‘Tweets Of The Week’, because who wants to listen to complainers 17 times a day?

@ovictorio I guess we don't want to save this season? Re-edit the negativity and attitudes. We watch for inspiration, support and ideas. #BL13
Notes: Exactly my point, but let’s move on to more positive tweets.

@AmyCremenBL6 These #BL13 teams need to CHILL with the attitudes.
Notes: Hmmm, this may be more difficult than I thought.

@stacigway When did this turn into the Real Housewives of Biggest Loser Ranch? Good lord. Did I turn the channel to Bravo on accident? #bl13
Notes: James Lipton called, he kindly requests you to leave Bravo out of this.

@Erinxlovelove Tip: Don't watch #BL13 right after #BL11...damn it's like night and day. Day being #BL11, obviously.
Notes: Are we just pretending BL12 didn’t even exist?

@AnneYantha Seriously?!? NANCY and MARK?!? Conda is right there!!! #BL13 #unbelievable
Notes: I’m right there with you, and totally agree. But I wanted this to be more of a Neutral post. So perhaps a change of pace, lets concentrate on the individual contestants. That should work.

@hicksie234 I'm sorry what did Kim mean by "pink white whatever color"? #BL13
Notes: A white elephant is sort of a trash present, a pink elephant is the result of a white elephant alcohol present. 'Milwaukee's Best' anyone?

@LauraRWalton I think I like Jeremy as much as I dislike Conda. #BL13
Notes: Ahhh, I see a bit of positivity there, even if having to use a bit of negativity. I’ll take it!

@JeanneMallory ok why's it ok for Chism? He's so big shouldn't he pull more? #dontunderstand #BL13
Notes: He certainly should. But that seems to be the Red Elephant in the room no one is talking about.

@JonHaven360 I think Cassandra is gorgeous just the way she is. (Just one person's opinion) #biggestloser #bl13
Notes: See people? It can be done. Positivity at its best. Also I agree.

@JayneTransforms Ascot....or hicky scarf?? #bl13 #lovebite
Notes: Use your imagination. Or whichever is funnier.

@slc0915 I don't like Aqua. Sorry. They're too cocky. They're about to get humbled. #BL13
Notes: Had to throw in this differing view because it seems everyone else disagrees. For example...

@myopic_review Adrian, you had me at the ascot. You've won me over the monkeybars #BL13
Notes: Yet, despite the good show on the monkey bars, Conda still found something to complain about.

@SunnySinclair I think the aqua team is a breath of fresh air. They want to be there and they're positive! #BL13
Notes: Positivity helps! Of course so does wanting to be there. Right Joe?

@writerchickmc I think in addition to change of diet, the stress caused the Aqua Team to pull low numbers. #BL13
Notes: Stress? What stress? Oh yea, the focus of over 90% of the tweets from this past episode.

@Miameow09 Conda brought her attitude again. Oh goody. #BL13
Notes: You didn't mean that, I see right through your sarcasm. Sorry folks, I’ve given up trying to be unbiased and neutral. Like Kim, Conda has sucked me into her negativity world.

@JRushJacobs Of course Conda is hating on Adrian already, SERIOUSLY?!?!
Notes: Some people are haters and thrive on it. (This is also the response for below)

@_LaurenVee Why is Conda rooting against her own team member? What a snot. #Bl13

@lifeinblubber - I actually feel bad for Conda....I can't imagine that the public backlash is easy. #BL13
Notes: I almost agreed with you about being sorry for her, then the comment below came in.

@jtrayan Wow. "Drowning our new teammates." What is WITH you, Conda!? #BL13
Notes: Hopefully this isn’t her solution for unwanted puppies. (Sorry, was that too much?)

@deekcampbell If eye-rolling burned calories, Conda wouldn't be on #bl13.
Notes: If the Olympics made eye-rolling a sport, Conda would certainly win the Gold.

@FosterFitness I wish Conda had just fallen off that treadmill. #BL13
Notes: And the rest of Tuesdays’ tweeters seemed to agree with you.

Well, I tried as best as possible to stay on topic, unbiased and neutral. Hope the producers of the show are keeping tabs on what's being said this season. We want to be motivated and inspired. We'd like our trainers to be unbiased and neutral. We'd also like to have our cake and eat it too. Wait, no! That's what's started this cycle spinning.

* This article was originally posted on phillyBurbs.com
Used with permission from Jennifer Wielgus

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