06 March, 2012

Biggest Loser S13E10 - I Could Lose One Pound Taking A Poop

The morning after Chism has been eliminated, Alison gathers both teams. She has come to inform them they are having their trainers switched. The Black Team will now have Dolvett, and the Red Team will have Bob. To top things off, whichever team wins the weigh-in, will be the only ones voting. The entire Black Team seem devastated. Emily says she she has little faith in herself and Cassandra is close to freaking out.

Bob is delighted to see the Red Team show up for a workout. He's ready to break them out of their comfort zone as soon as possible. The Red Team are ready to accept the challenge but the Black Team, except Conda, are despondent. Dolvett is shocked by their lack of enthusiasm. Chris is anxious over Dolvett's 'drill sergeant's approach. Noticing Emily's disposition, Dolvett wants to push her past her fears. He makes her run a 10 on the treadmill for 30 seconds, which is something she thought she couldn't do.

In a quiet moment, Bob is talking with Buddy about the daughter he lost. Buddy tells about the first ultrasound his wife and him received where they discovered something wrong with their unborn child. It was found she already has problems with her stomach and heart and missing a kidney. The way the Doctors talked to him, Buddy got the feeling they were suggesting to abort the baby as a humane gesture; Buddy opted not to do. After she was born, she remained in the hospital for six months and had 10 brain surgeries within that time. On the final day, Buddy knew something was wrong when he entered the hospital room and saw a room divider surrounding his daughter. He knew then his daughters fight was over. He held her for the last time and realized he had no way to pay for her funeral. Feeling like a failure, Buddy turned to eating as a means of escape.

In a change of strategy, Dolvett decides to take his team to a ballet class. In order to prove to them they need to break out of their comfort zone, Dolvett dresses up in ballet gear as well, including the ballet shoes. All the girls seem okay with his outfit. The girls are shocked to learn how difficult ballet can actually be. Dolvett admits he's feeling like one of the girls.

And now for something completely different, it's time to get down and dirty. For the challenge, each team is brought to a giant mud pit outside. Inside the mud pit are hidden weights ranging from 10 - 45 pounds. There are 40 weights in total. For each team, only one person can be in the mud pit at any time, so each team member has to move as quick as possible. Winners of the challenge receive a two pound advantage. Black team, consisting of all girls, realize how much they are going to need to win. Megan scores first from the Black Team but the Red Team soon passes them as Emily begins to struggle. Kim finds a few while she's out and pulls it up slightly for the next person to come get. This strategy secures an easy win for the Red Team, giving them the two pound advantage. Kimmy is so happy she runs and gives Alison a hug, despite Alison's protests.

Earlier in the day, Kim, Cassandra and Emily were worried about being targeted next. Their solution is to approach Conda and suggest an all girl alliance. Without haste, Conda tells Buddy on the Red Team. Buddy is surprised considering Conda still has a brother on the Red Team. Buddy then tells Mark and Jeremy and they conspire who they are going to target at the next weigh in. Conda has already confirmed the rest of the Black Team is stressing this week and will likely lose the weigh in.

Weigh In
Red Team
Mark 215-213 / -2 "Yea, I'm not pleased with that."
Buddy 294-289 / -5 "It's not so good."
Kimmy 169-167 / -2 "That's better than none."
Jeremy 289-282 / -7 "I've had worse weeks."
Kim 186-182 / -4
Total: 22 pounds - 1.91%

Before the black team weighs in, Emily admits to everyone "I don't think we're going to do it." Dolvett is shocked, thinking he made some great progress with Emily over the week.

Black Team
Cassandra 175-172 / -3 "That's not great at all."
Chris 185-184 / -1 "I was not thrilled about the change this week. The stress got to me."
Megan 205-204 / -1 "I could lose one pound taking a poop."
Emily 199-195 / -4 "It's not what I wanted."
Conda 231-228 / -3 "I felt like I'm back."
Total: 1.21%

Red Team has won the weigh in and will now vote someone off the black team. The only person safe is Emily who has won the Biggest Loser for the week. As typical, the Red Team is given an hour to decide who to vote for. They listen to everyone on the black team, but Jeremy is worried because of the threat of the 'all girl alliance'. Cassandra says she still needs to be on the ranch because she's not ready. Chris wants more time because she feels her journey didn't start till Roy left, when she had to learn to stand on her own two feet. Megan says she needs to stay or she's doomed to fail. Emily feels Cassandra deserves to be here and Kim actually backs her up and says she'd rather go up against a competitor instead of people sliding by. Conda doesn't buy it, she thinks Emily is just playing the game and would just as soon vote out Jeremy or Mark if it suited her.

Mark - Cassandra
Kim - Chris
Kimmy - Cassandra - close to Conda
Jeremy - Chris
Buddy - Cassandra

Cassandra is hurt she is going home but Kim tries to encourage her by mentioning why the others voted her out. They consider her a threat, and she needs to remember that.

After Biggest Loser: Cassandra is in New York and looking for an apartment. She also has a job interview with Condé Nast Traveler, which she feels has gone well. After the finale, Cassandra will return to New Yor for a second interview with Condé Nast Traveler.

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