28 September, 2010

A - Z Fitness - Blogging?

Why is this a suggestion in my fitness article? Well, before I dig deep into the meat of this series I wanted to point out what has helped me. I've noticed when I keep up to date in my blog, I'm more serious about all I do. My tracking improves as well as my exercise routine. When writing things down I've found it makes me more aware of what I'm doing. I'm more aware when tracking, especially when thinking of reaching for that extra snack. If you're not sure where to begin, look at other fitness blogs and see what others are writing about. It'll either give you ideas of your own, or you'll be encouraged by someone else.

Tips: Don't feel you have to write a novel. Remember KISS - Keep It Simple Silly. Your blog can be tracking your calories, writing a daily affirmation to keep yourself inspired or one or two sentences on how well you are doing.

Remember: You don't have to have a blog with hundreds or millions of readers for it to be effective. Your blog can be for just you, friends or family. The objective is to get your thoughts down to review later. Your best encouragement comes from yourself.

Goal: For one week start a blog and track all your calories. Alternatively, write a message a day on why you want to get fit.

Last Weeks Goal: Last week I challenged you to find one item in your surrounding which distracts you from your goal and change it. What did you change and was it effective?

What fitness words starting with the letter "B" inspire you?


  1. I agree, blogging makes you more aware of what you are doing. I have a private page on my blog where I track my food. I use the twitter widget Roni on ronisweigh.com created to tweet all my food, which automatically goes into a table, and then I copy the table onto the private page of my blog every day. Besides tracking food, just blogging about life makes you more aware and accountable. Even if nobody is reading. I generally have about 40-80 views of my blog a day (why? I have no idea why anybody would want to read the drivel I write), and somehow just knowing that inspires me to live a better life. I'm also brutally honest on my blog. It's really just for me anyway. Inspiring letter "B" thing? Bacon? Burgers? Binging? ummmm...Belly Fat? Yeah, belly fat definitely inspires me.

  2. I was going to ask you what you use to track your food/calories?

    I'll check out what Caroline is using as well.

  3. Currently I track using the Weight Watchers point system. When I lost all my weight originally it worked really well. Once I stopped, I gained half the weight back. So giving it a try once more.