25 September, 2009

Biggest Loser Recap - S08E02 Part-2

The second hour begins with a recap of the entire first hour, in case you might have forgotten something in between commercials. Once the food quiz is done, the teams next meet for a water challenge. In the water are various platforms connected by balance beams. Each beam gets smaller and smaller. The objective is to get everyone from one platform to the next. The goal? For each platform they reach without anyone falling off, the contestants get a reward. The rewards for the platforms are 5 lbs weight loss bonus for the first two platforms, a call home for the third platform and for the fourth and final platform they will have the satisfaction of a job well done. Well, that and another 10 lbs advantage at weigh-in. The group must work as a team if they are to make it to each platform, but before reaching the first platform, Tracey just about loses her balance and almost falls in. They continue to the second platform but as the commercial break comes, it seems Abby is ready to fall.

As you might expect, the trouble Abby experienced before the break was slightly exaggerated. The team is successful in making the second and third platforms, thus winning a 10 pound advantage so far as well as calls from home. The final beam they need to cross is only 6” wide and clearly a difficult task for the majority. Victory is theirs and the prize of an additional 10 pound loss is awarded to all teams, making the total they need to lose now 115, a little less than 8 pounds per person.

Bob and Jillian are told the news of their success but the trainers are unimpressed. They do not want the contestants to be over-confident so the last chance workout begins. Bob tries to motivate Julio while Jillian works with Rudy, challenging him to a tug-of-war. Bob sees Jillian having trouble and runs to help her out.

Jillian talks about how her intense training can sometimes have a ‘truth serum’ effect. Trying to get Shay motivated she asks her what is wrong. Shay breaks down and reveals how she has not been happy for 30 years. She realizes she has to let go of the fact her mom died early in life as a heroin addict. Feeling somewhat better she continues her workout till the time to weigh in arrives. Pink team weighs in first and Alison reminds them of the total they need to lose, an average of 8 pounds per person. Rebecca and Amanda’s totals are:
Rebecca PW (Previous Weight)-261 / CW (Current Weight)-255 / TL (total Loss) of 6 pounds.
Amanda PW-244 / CW- 240 TL-4 pounds. The group WTL (weight to lose) is now 105 more to keep everyone safe.

After the commercial break the purple team weights in. Despite not being on the ranch the week before Tracey uses a weight taken while she was in the hospital.
Purple team /-/ Tracey PW-238/CW-228/TL-10 /-/ Mo PW-336/CW-327/TL-9
Red team /-/ Sean PW-422/CW-411/TL-11 /-/ Antoine PW-349/CW-341/TL-8
Green team /-/ Allen PW-306/CW-296/TL-10 /-/ Abby PW-232/CW-221/TL-11
Brown team /-/ Danny PW-406/CW-394/TL-12 /-/ Liz PW-257/CW-247/TL-10
Blue team /-/ Rudy PW-414/CW-400/TL-14 /-/ Dina PW-245/CW237/TL-8
We break for the final commercial break with just two teams to weigh in. It looks hopeful they will make it to their goal for the week, but Julio is next to weigh in and people are concerned because of his workout ethics, they are afraid he may gain weight and add to the total of only two pounds needed to obtain their objective.

Returning back to the weigh in, we get to hear Shay one more time talking trash about Julio and how upset she is he has done nothing to help the group. The weigh-ins continue.
Black team /-/ Julio PW-394/CW-375/TL-19 (Spoiler Alert!) He loses the most out of anyone this week.
Orange team /-/ Daniel PW-300/CW-293/TL-7 /-/ Shay PW-459/CW-443/TL-16
All teams have weighed in and not only do they make it to their 115 pound goal, they do better than the original goal of 150, finishing this week with a total weight loss of 155 pounds. The teams are all excited. No one is going home…… this week.

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  1. I don't watch this show, but your write up is way more interesting I imagine than the actual show. LOL! You know Jeff, you should be a writer LOL!! Wait..you ARE!