13 October, 2010

Biggest Loser Comments - S10E04

Just what are people saying about this season of Biggest Loser? Here are a few random thoughts from viewers while live chatting about episode 4 of the Biggest Loser this past Tuesday on Twitter. What were your thoughts?

Yes a cupcake challenge and Curtis Stone teaching them how to make 100 cal cupcakes

I hate that they have these temptations.....I like how most people chose not to participate

And the cupcake winner's plan backfires -- target on your back, oh yes

Enough with the gameplay, enough with the babble, LET'S WORKOUT ALREADY!

The Red Shirt curse! Are we suddenly watching Star Trek?

Mark, I don't care about your hurt back. Stop whining.

The girls are not really pulling the big numbers like the past few seasons.

Wait, weren't we supposed to be going to Bob's for dinner?
I thought Bob lived at Subway.

Another hidden commercial. Pretty sneaky sis. BRB, off to get my Yoplait yogurt.

Okay, Ada. I should remember her name. It's different, and she's super cute with those pigtails.

I wish they'd show us a few more commercials. Not enough.

Frado... TWENTY pounds? Wow!

Only two pounds? Good bye Orange Bow... or whatever your name was.

Bob's fridge is filled with water and gum.

Bob is admitting to being vegan after he pimped Jenny-O turkey last week?

Okay, I like Frado's decision. Or more to the point, why he did.

I don't know how the women even have a chance in a challenge like this. unfair.

Pushing 900lbs of carpet is going to seem a lot heavier to a woman.

I think next week they competition should be knitting a scarf.

This will be a boys club soon enough.

They're (left behind players) baaack!

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  1. haven't seen this show yet... my sister and I are following you

  2. It's an interesting show. Not exactly ideal for true fitness, it is a reality show after all. But I just love it. Thanks for following.

  3. It works for Indonesians since our man was the champion for the Asian Biggest Loser 2009. So I love the show and like it to be continued.

  4. True. I'm not saying it's not inspirational. And the weight loss from the contestants is genuine. I was meant people shouldn't expect the same results when they want to lose weight, unless they go through the same regiment as the contestants.