01 October, 2009

Biggest Loser Recap - S08E03 Part-2

Time for the last chance workout and Jillian is quick to start yelling at a few contestants. To the camera she says Bob is like the good parent while she is the bad parent. This can be seen as she continues to yell while Bob is pushing Amanda with encouragement while still not allowing her to give up. Tracey is still not able to receive any help from the trainers. She talks about not having a strategy yet for her choices, “but trust me, there will be one”. Oddly, Mo is not around as she is contemplating this.

Having all the power this week, several of the teams decide to talk with Tracey and see if she would be willing to not pick such obvious choices. Daniel (orange) approaches her first worried she will pick Shay and he’s hoping for some mercy because he feels Shay really needs to stay on campus. Tracey agrees that Shay does need to stay on campus and she really wants Daniel to stay also. The pink team visit next and Tracey asks what they would like. Amanda and Rebecca would like Rebecca’s weight to count instead of Amanda’s. Tracey tells them she is concerned she may fall below the yellow line and wants them to promise if it comes to it, they will not pick purple to go home. Rebecca is unwilling to give her that promise, so Tracey is not going to guarantee them anything either.

The teams now meet in the weigh in room where Bob and Jillian join them. Alison is already there and reminds everyone that two teams will fall below the yellow line and one will be going home. She also reminds everyone how Tracey is holding the power; Bob and Jillian look uneasy. Tracey says if she had the chance to do the week over, she’d do it differently. Rebecca rolls her eyes while Alison points out that Mo was just as surprised when Tracey stepped over the line to take control of the game. Mo says, what’s done is done and he wants to support Tracey in her decision as they are partners. Jillian speaks up and says that’s the problem Mo has. With Tracey as his partner, she should have thought about him before making both of her decisions. Mo says he was surprised by both decisions but he should still support her. Jillian disagrees and tells him you don’t support someone when they make crappy decisions and that’s what Tracey did. If Tracey wants to throw herself into the fire, then there is nothing they can do. She continues and tells Tracey she has learned nothing so far and she’s full of $%!#. She concludes, telling Mo he needs to start looking after himself, because Tracey is not going to do so, “I’m done” Jillian says in disgust, finishing her tirade. Poor Alison looks shocked and seemingly at a loss for words.

The teams begin the weigh in and the Green team weighs in first as they have immunity.
Green: Allen PW-296/CW-292/WL-4 /-/ Abby PW-221/CW-216/WL-5
Black: Julio PW-375/CW-368/WL-7 TP-1.87
Brown team is next and Tracey starts her control as she chooses Liz’s weight to count.
Danny PW-394/CW-390/WL-4 /-/ Liz PW-247/CW-243/WL-4 TP-1.62
Blue teams weighs in next and Tracey chooses Rudy.
Rudy PW-400/CW-388/WL-12 /-/ Dina PW-237/CW-234/WL-3 TP-3.00
Pink team weighs in next and Amanda hopes that Tracey will choose Rebecca instead of herself. Amanda is relying on the friendship they have built so far and hopes Tracey stick with ‘her word’. However Tracey says she has watched Amanda in the gym and she should be confident in herself so she will chosen to weigh in, not Rebecca. Pink team do not believe her and knows she is just being strategic, not really caring about friendship or otherwise.
Rebecca PW-255/CW-248/WL-7 /-/ Amanda PW-240/CW-235/WL-5 TP 2.08
Tracey next picks Sean to represent the Red team. Sean is not hopeful because he knows Antoine looses more than him.
Antoine PW-341/CW-330/WL-11 /-/ Sean PW-411/CW-405/WL-6 TP 1.46
Orange team is next and Daniel reminds Tracey she wanted Shay to stay for as long as possible because she knew how much she needs it. He hopes she meant it. So she is finally asked which of the Orange team will be represented and Tracey says Shay told her she worked hard during the week and would feel confident on the scale, so she will represent them both. Jillian is flabbergasted. Rebecca once again reiterates that Tracey is ‘full of crap’ and is sick. If Shay does not lose more than 7 pounds, she will be in jeopardy of going home.
Shay PW-443/CW-437/WL-6 /-/ Daniel PW-293/CW-287/WL-6 TP 1.35
With only the purple team to weigh in, both Red and Orange teams are currently under the yellow line meaning if purple does not fall below the yellow line, one of them will be going home.
Purple team is asked which of them will be represented and Tracey decides she will since Mo most likely will not have the weight loss. Alison tells her she needs to lose more than two pounds to stay above the yellow line and she replies, “That’s all?”
Tracey PW-228/CW-217/WL-11 /-/ Mo PW-327/CW-326/WL-1 TP 5.26
Despite Tracey’s great weight loss, the room is silent. No one cheers for her, instead they look stunned. Jillian swears and Bob stops himself from clapping. A few seconds pass where you could hear a pin drop. Alison speaks up and notices there is no applause, but congratulates her on her weight loss.

All teams must now decide which team will be sent home. As they congregate to make a decision Shay fights for herself to stay, stressing she is not ready to go home considering she still weighs 437 and no real support system at home. The red team, instead of fighting for themselves point out they do have great support at home and so want everyone to vote them out because Shay ‘can not go home’. Sean says he is going to miss everyone, even Tracey despite all her crazy decisions during the week. Shay is in tears and is thankful for everyone’s support in the house. When it comes time for the vote, the decision seems to be obvious. The first three teams, black, green and pink all choose the red team to go home. Alison reminds them if they receive one more vote they will go home. The purple team is next to decide and Tracey reveals she is sending the red team home.

Once the show is over Antoine is revealed to have lost 105 pounds and is currently seeing Alexandra, who was voted out week one. Sean so far has lost a total of 120 pound.


  1. Even though she was a crapper..I think I would have had to clap for an 11 pound loss. BTW, who are you rooting for?

  2. I agree. I think the group were so shocked at her decisions coupled with the fact she lost so much with no trainers. It may be possible Bob and Jillian didn't cheer for her because she's going to think she can do it without them now.

    Previews for next week look wild.