06 October, 2010

Biggest Loser Comments - S10E03

Just what are people saying about this season of Biggest Loser? Here are a few random thoughts from viewers while live chatting about episode 3 of the Biggest Loser this past Tuesday on Twitter. What were your thoughts?

Why did Tina plan a vacation if there were even the CHANCE of getting on Biggest Loser? Yep, she's the biggest loser.

WTH is up with these people? They are VERY unlikeable, with a few exceptions.

So happy Weight Watchers weigh-ins aren't as daunting as #BL10!! I would not handle the yellow line!

Alliances suck - wish there was a way to make it all about who earns it week to week instead of gaming the program.

I think some of these people may be the stupidest #BL10 contestants ever. Seriously.

I think if you win immunity, you are automatically given a 1 pound disadvantage the following week. Will stop all the game play

I wonder if anyone has ever fallen up the stairs to the scale. Oh I would die of laughter!

Is there going to be only 1 guy below the yellow line?

Brendan was too busy dreaming about Anna rather than working out.

If Ada can do it, the other women could to.

Jillian - "I am still the man around here!"

Funny that bob is eating an apple yet he didn't do a plug for Fruit, guess they didn't pay him enough for true healthy snacking.

Aaaron pleaded his case more? HUH?

Course he chose a guy!

Part of me hopes Tina goes home. You know, so she can go on her $16K vacation. *rolls eyes*

So tired of commercials, anyway off to make myself a Yoplait smoothie.

This #BL10 is very Lord of the Rings...

Hope Branden finds a few cat turds.

Once again all women up for eviction!

Now we get to hear how they really don't want to go home. To little to late.

I'd send Lisa and keep Tina just out of spite so she couldn't enjoy that ridiculous vacation! (Yes, I'm evil!)

Tina, don't forget to send Bob and Jillian a postcard from your vacation!

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  1. I like all the contestants this year but I really want Ada or Mark to win no body else because Ada really wants to be there some of the other contestants kinda don't want to be there. Also Ada is really competitive that is who I want to win the biggest loser season 10.

  2. YO Elisabeth get working miss I am working as hard as I can. Grow up come on. My luck has run out it never started dummy

  3. Let's get rid of elizabeth

  4. Watch Elizabeth get a personal trainer at home. With all the distractions gone, she'll apply herself and lose more than anyone. Guess who's going to win Biggest Loser? LOL

    No, that would be a nightmare. I agree, I really hope Ada is able to win. She truly deserves to win more than any one. If not her, then I'd go with Patrick. It would suck to be an unemployed father.