21 October, 2011

"The Biggest Loser" Tweets of the Week, Season 12 Week 5 edition

This is going to be an interesting blog entry for several reasons.
1.) I'm back dating this to October.
2.) This was originally posted to someone else's blog.
3.) I only contributed to this post, I didn't write it.
4.) I have O.C.D.
Essentially what happened is I was invited by a twitter pal of mine (@theblblog - a.k.a Jennifer Wielgus) to guest blog an entry. I, of course, jumped at the chance. What can I say? More exposure is more exposure. And I can use all the exposure I can get. So that's the back story. Following is the article as it appeared on Phillyburbs.com.

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On this week's episode of "The Biggest Loser," Sunny enjoyed a luxury usually reserved for celebrities and other richie-rich brats: an at-home trainer.

Honestly, even if I had bank, I don't think I'd ever want my trainer coming over, because then he'd see all the pictures of himself in the giant collage on my wall. (Just call me Crazy Jen Davola.)

Bob wasn't exactly a delightful house guest. Or dinner guest, for that matter. In fact, after I pointed out his poo-pooing of the menu selections at Rudy's Country Store & BBQ, where Sunny's family took him to eat, the restaurant contacted me to say, "We do have lean meat, y'all!"

I of all people can dig that. Lean + meat = sweet Paleo dreams.

But back to the whole Guest From Hell bit. I invited Twitter pal and fellow blogger Jeffrey Scott to come into my house this week and dissect some #BL12 tweets. His (mostly unedited) contribution appears (in italics) below my usual shenanigans, because I think you should always make visitors sleep in the basement. Or the barn. Where they can only sleep after they shovel some sh*& and lose 14 pounds!

deekcampbell: #BL12. I actually want Bonnie to stay so I can see her flip out on Anna. Or, even better, one of the male trainers should have a go at her. Editor's note: Something tells me she's not their type.

garthygurl: #BL12 best part of watching BL at the gym -- didn't have to hear Bonnie whine -- YAY ME! Editor's note: Gloat much?

amandatyson: True story: Bonnie from #BL12 walked in on me in the bathroom by accident at our sleep test during finals week hahahaha oh bon bon. Editor's note: OMG, you totally should have blown the whistle on that bathroom creeper! We might have had Dimples this season instead of Blanche Du-Blah!

Amanda would want me to Be Kind. So I'll take that comment back. ...At least until Tuesday.

HealthyLGalJail: Whoa...now @Antoine_Dove ... you know that is not your best. You should have done the farm last chance workout! ; ) #BL12 Editor's note: I adore you and your genius Twitter-Jail, Plan-B account, but I have to tack some extra time onto your sentence for the name fail. I believe you wanted...

JayneTransforms: Don't bob your head in faux disappointment, @Antone_Davis...we know sandbagging when we see it. #BL12 Editor's note: Well well. It looks like Bonnie's got company on the shiz list! A lot of it...

Tradledee85: You all suck. #BiggestLoser #BL12 Editor's note: All right! A little levity, someone, please?

its_gail: @TheBLblog Bob farting would be cute -- admit it. #BL12 Editor's note: I hereby place you on Official Fart Watch. Or should I say, Listen?

HealthyLoserGal: "The girls" lol RT @TheBLblog: Has anyone named a body part? let's all share, in the spirit of @BIGGVINNYMACK! #dolvettcanttakeourfunny #BL12 Editor's note: Somebody got bored (and lonely?) in the clink! That's OK. Your girls, your biz.

anitx: Riding @MyTrainerBob is on my bucket list....I mean a mechanical bull! #BL12 Editor's note: Um, we're going to turn this over to Jeffrey before things get too wet and wild.

(Walks down to the basement). You're on, Jeffrey! ...HEY! I didn't tell you you could play with my Superjock toy! And why is a picture missing from my trainer collage?

Just kidding. We're cool! So, I understand you want to open with a "Price is Right" joke?

@FosterFitness: I can’t wait for them to spin the Big Wheel! #BL12 Jeffrey's Note: And don’t forget to have your pets spayed or neutered.

@biggestloserlvr: 60+ women seem immune to blonde Russian’s charms. #BL12

@Erinxlovelove: "Bonnie, are you trying to resist me?" "Anna, are you trying to seduce me?" #BL12 Jeffrey’s Note: Anna WAS pretty close to Bonnie, but that’s part of her charm. (see @biggestloserlvr's comment)

@RunonAwesome: People are watching you because Bob Harper is standing right frickin' there with a bunch of cameras. #justsayin #BL12 Jeffrey's Note: Maybe Sunny thinks the world revolves around her.

@Mama_Angelou: So...can #Cecil be counted as a member of the #RedTeam and get kicked out for the week so the other members can stay? #BL12 Jeffrey's Note: Now THAT would be a twist. And wouldn’t it be awesome to watch Cecil run the marathon at the end?

Of course what would any Biggest Loser Tweet recap be without a few ridiculously obvious statements?

@TheBLBlog: Anna has assumed Cara's overstate-the-obvious role this season. #BL12 Jeffrey’s Note: You thought you'd slip by unscathed? But your comment about the obvious is far from the most obvious. I give you the first runner-up…

@kimberrymuffin: Bonnie, please. Anna is doing what she’s there to do! #BL12 Jeffrey’s Note: Or more likely, Anna is ‘trying’ to do what she's there to do. So who wins first prize for the most obvious statement made thus far?

@aubreykrol: Honestly, it doesn’t surprise me that Bob's team is winning. He’s been there the longest and knows how life on the ranch works. #BL12 Jeffrey's Note: Fair enough.

But who would I choose as TOTW?

@stacigway: She's fallen and she can’t get up. #BL12 Jeffrey’s Note: Not only do I love a good 80s reference and a Bonnie pun, but I was thinking the same thing before I saw this tweet. And besides, us cheese-heads have to stick together.

Well, I must say, it's been fun visiting. Thanks to Jennifer for having me visit this week, but it’s time to return back from whence I came. au revoir! PS – Pardon my French.

Whew! O.K., it's Jen again, and I'm trying REALLY hard not to make a comment about some OTHER things Jeffrey needs to be pardoned for. But you're supposed to be kind to your guests -- right, Amanda?

Next time one of you comes in to help with Tweets of the Week, maybe I'll offer you a cot in the kitchen. And let you eat some of my...ummmm, no. No. My meat is all mine!

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

Once again, my thanks to Jen for including me. I'll be sure to repay the favor some day. (Though I'm uncertain if she'd consider that a threat).

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