17 November, 2010

A-Z Fitness - Inspiring Initiative

Having the right initiative is very important for succeeding any fitness goal(s) you might have. Without it, you'll never properly be in the right frame of mind. Your initiative is what fuels your goal. Having a goal of losing weight is great, but without the proper initiative it simply won't work. It can be something as simple as wanting to feel better about yourself, wanting to look better, or wanting to eat healthier. Somewhat related to a goal and your motivation, having an initiative will get you started in the right direction, because motivation isn't enough.

Tips: To find your initiative, ask yourself why you want to achieve your goal. The answer will likely be the same for each goal you have.

Remember: Your initiative is a lot like a goals, but one initiative is what inspires you more than anything else. It's very important to figure out what yours is because it'll be different for everyone.

Goal: This week you are assigned the task of making sure you know what your ultimate initiative is. If you feel you have various reasons for wanting to keep fit, compare them and determine what is primary. I've got to admit, I've been trying to work towards several goals, with a main initiative. So this week I'm making sure I complete this goal personally.

Last Weeks Goal: Last week you were going to change one bad habit. Which bad habit did you try to break? How well did you do? Fall a little short? Don't worry, change takes time and with the right support and motivation you can do it! I may not be a professional fitness trainer, but I can offer my support to anyone that needs it.

What fitness words starting with the letter "I" inspire you?


  1. Last week's goal for me, was to stop drinking soda. I actually did pretty good! Friday & Saturday I drank some, but got right back in the zone on Sunday and so far so good!

    I know that soda contains a lot of sugar, and is not helping me reach my goal - so it's gone!!

  2. My goal this year was to cut out soda completely. I drink water as a replacement, but I really need to drink more I think. Probably should start limiting my coffee next.

  3. Oh, I didn't really break a habit last week. But I'm in the process of getting off of nicorette. I quit smoking like three years ago and have been addicted to nicorette ever since. My husband recently developed acid reflux and after changing his diet and giving up so many things he loves (caffeine, onions, tomatoes, soda, wine...anything with acid) he finally bit the bullet and quit smoking which can also affect A.R. To support him I decided to finally quit the nicorette. But when I gathered up all my stashes here and there, I had over 300 pieces (yes, bit addict). So I rationed them out and have been slowly weaning off (10 days of 6 pieces a day, 10 days of 5, etc.) I am down to two pieces a day for 8 more days, then one piece a day for 10 days, then DONE. It has been hard. Just as hard as quitting smoking. Addictive personality much?

    Writing a novel here. I always fill other blogger's comments up with things I don't want to write about on my own blog :)

    The letter "i"? Illness. Illness inspires me to stay healthy. I am terrified of diabetes and heart disease which run in my family (right along with obesity).

    I'll try to nail down my "initiative" this week.

  4. No worries, I have to limit myself also or I'd fill up your comments. LOL

    Sounds like you've got a great plan going there, and trying to kick the nicorette habit counts as your habit you are trying to change because it's a continual process. Love how you are keeping up with it.

    Great job!