26 October, 2010

A-Z Fitness - Fruits

Fruits are one of natures greatest snacks. Juicy, delicious, full of flavour and come in many varieties. Apples can be tart, sweet and/or juicy. But why stop with an apple? Grapes, pears, nectarines, strawberries, bananas and many others are easy to come by. But are you getting enough, and what are the benefits? Besides the endless variety being over-whelming, fruits have many great qualities. Low in calories and yet filled with such wholesome goodness. Most fruits help reduce the risk of various diseases and are filled with important (and essential) vitamins and minerals. Fruits have also been known to help smokers stop smoking. Can your candy bar say the same thing?

Tips: It's true, out of sight can be out of mind. Do you or family members have snacks in handy easy to reach areas? Why not do the same with your fruit? Is there a better place to keep your fruit so its closer and easier to reach? Do you see them once you open the refrigerator? Try leaving a few apples, bananas or oranges in a small bowl in the kitchen. You'll be more prone to reach for an apple on the kitchen table than you will when it's buried in the bottom of your fridge.

Remember: Everything needs to be done in moderation. While not eating any fruits isn't a good idea, neither is eating only fruits. There are plenty of other food options to enjoy in life; healthy, tasty, alternatives to a bag of Doritos.

Goal: This week I'd like you to try one new piece of fruit. Over the course of the year I've tried Kiwano, Cherimoya, Mango and fallen in love with Pitaya's, more commonly known as Dragon Fruit. These exotic fruits might be hard to find, but ask your grocer what is available in your area.

Last Weeks Goal: Last week your goal was to take control of emotional eating. Were you tempted to eat when you weren't hungry? What did you do to battle emotional eating? Did you ask for support from your family and friends?

What fitness words starting with the letter "F" inspire you?


  1. What IS that fruit? Dragonfruit? Must find it. I don't think I indulged in emotional eating last week. I did overeat a couple of times, but I think it was because I didn't eat enough earlier in the day, then come early evening I was starving...and once I got started, #dietfail. Oh well. Today I did eat a granola bar in the afternoon and feeling much stronger right now.

    F-word? How about "Family". That is really what inspires me the most to be fit. For my kids, to set a good example, and to be around to enjoy their lives and my grandkids (one day).

  2. Yes, the picture at the end if me and my Dragon Fruit. There are also varieties which are white inside with the black edible seeds. Very interesting.

    I have a hard time towards evening also. I tried to be careful when it comes time for lunch. I've found if I eat something smaller with a light snack around 2 or 3, I'm less inclined to over indulge in the evening.

  3. Fruit is my FAVE, Jeffrey!! It might be hard, because I think I've tried all the fruit I can get locally...but I'll try a new one!