06 December, 2011

Biggest Loser S12E12 - The Marathon

For the most part, this episode of the Biggest Loser was a fluff bit, before next weeks big finale. However there were some interesting things taking place, including a marathon. But before all that, the show begins with each of the contestants returning home. Becky is back in Benton, Antone is in Knoxville, Mesa welcomes back John and Vinny is back home in Nashville. Each are warmly welcomed by friends and family. While working out and visiting with family they get a chance to view a video from themselves as they were before they arrived at the Biggest Loser ranch. The video seems to refocus all their attentions back on their weight loss journey.

Each of the four contestants reunited with the 11 formerly eliminated contestants for the Biggest Loser Marathon. The winner of which will automatically win a spot in the final three, despite being voted out already or not. But there are other prizes. 5th place finisher receives $2,500, 4th place gets $5,000, 3rd place $7,500, 2nd place is good for $10,000. In addition to winning a spot in the finals, the first person to finish takes home $25,000.

However, with knee surgery on the horizon, Bonnie must drop out of the marathon before it begins. About half way into the marathon, Dr. Huizenga makes a medical decision to pull both Vinny at mile 20 and Joe just five miles from the finish. Neither are too pleased to be pulled as they each have the 'heart' to continue. The battle for first place is between Ramon and Courtney, though Ramon ultimatley pulls ahead. He finished the race a few minutes over five hours. Courtney is right behind by a few minutes. Third place goes to John at 5 hours and 15 minutes. Fourth place winner is Jessica at 5:17 and the final prize is awarded to Patrick who finishes in 6 hours and 24 minutes. Next to arrive are Sunny at 6:45 followed by Jennifer. Antone and Becky finish together at 7:15. At 62 years of age, Mike finishes in 10th place running. The final two, Johnny and Debbie are met by Anna one mile from the finish. She walks both of them in, having finished the marathon in 10:41. Everyone celebrates their accomplishment, but Alison reminds them there is still a weigh in.

For the final weigh in, there is a red line instead of a yellow line. The two people who fall below the red line will be automatically eliminated. The two above will be with Ramon in the final three.

Becky - 10 - 5.81%
Vinny - 28 - 8.92%
John - 29 - 9.8%
Antone - 30 - 9.29%

Because of their percentages, John and Antone will be joining Ramon in the final three. The next event is the live finale. Who will win? Who do you want to win? Once again, it's an all male final. Also, who is going to win the 'at home' prize?

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