11 January, 2011

S11E02 - Doughnut Stompin'

Original Air Date: 01/11/11
Irene is really upset about her mother going home, but more bad news comes when Alison tells the contestants those with the mystery trainers beat their weigh-in percentages. As an incentive, the contestants on the ranch are told if they beat the other teams percentage they will all win immunity for the week.

But the other team plays dirty pool when they send the contestants at the ranch a box of donuts. Arthur realizes he's very tempted to grab one so everyone decides to stomp on the box of donuts. Arthur takes the remains to the dumpster, though is still tempted, despite them being stepped on and mushed.

The challenge for the week has the contestants making a bridge across water with air mattresses. The winner of the challenges gets a three pound advantage. The contestants from the ranch lose, but win the weigh in anyway. All teams are safe for the week.

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