15 November, 2011

Biggest Loser S12E09 - What Kind of School Do You Teach?

Alison Sweeney greets the contestants and informs them they are finally going to singles and the yellow line will be greeting them at the weigh in this week. But that isn't what's going to make the week so hard. This week will be five times as hard as they will be competing in a pentathlon. There is going to be five challenges during the week at which point they will all score points. At the end of the week, whoever scores the most points wins immunity, and the person with the least points will have a one pound disadvantage on the scale.

Challenge One - Merit
Each contestants goes into a 'voting booth' and chooses who they think deserves to be the biggest loser, from the most deserving to the least deserving. However, the results of this first challenge are going to be hidden till the end of the week. John realizes this event is more like a popularity contest, just like High School, and he was never popular in High School.

Challenge Two - Survival
For the second challenge, the contestants are brought out to the tennis courts. But there is no net or balls in sight. Instead, at one end of the court each contestant has three pegs sitting on a stand, at the far end are peg covers. When Alison gives the word, they will each run over and grab a cover, run back and cover one of the others pegs. Once all three pegs are covered, the corresponding contestant is out of the competition. The last person with a peg bare, will win the challenge and the most points. Points will the be awarded in order of who was last standing.
The results are: Sunny-7, Becky-6, Antone-5, Bonnie-4, Vinny-3, John-2, Ramon-1,

Challenge Three - Knowledge
7 trivia questions are going to be asked the contestants. If they can answer all 7 correctly, they will win 7 points. If they answer none of the questions right, they will win 0. Becky, being a math teacher hopes there is a question involving math as she'll have an advantage. Bonnie is confident as she's much older and should have more knowledge than the rest. One of the questions is "How many calories must a person cut out daily to lose 1 pound a week?" As the average person knows, one pound equals 3500 calories. So essentially the question is, "What is 3500 divided by 7?" The answer of course is 500 calories. Just about everyone has the correct answer to this math problem, but Becky. Right away Alison asks Becky what kind of school she teaches. Becky admits she's lost her mind.
Results: Antone-6, Vinny-4, Ramon-3, Bonnie-3, Becky-3, John-2, Sunny-1
Total: Antone-11, Becky-9, Sunny-8, Bonnie-7, Vinny-7, John-4, Ramon-4

Challenge Four - Strength & Balance
The next challenge takes place in the pool. Ropes are strung across the length of the pool and the contestants must use the ropes to pull themselves along as quickly as possible while trying to balance on a floatation device. Winner is the quickest person to do so, those who fall off will be judged by how far they go. Bonnie barely gets situated before she immediately falls off.
Results: Sunny 1:24(7), Joe 2:01(6), Vinny 2:08(5), Antone 2:09(4), Becky 2:10 (3), Ramon 2:29(2), Bonnie 2.1m(1)
Total: Antone-15, Sunny-15, Becky-12, Vinny-12, John-10, Bonnie-8, Ramon-6

Challenge Five - Speed
For the final challenge, they will be running another mile, as they did the first day. This time, they are more fit and able to do so without much difficulty, with the exception of Bonnie who only makes half way before the rest finish. To show their support for her, the rest of the contestants run out and walk her in the rest of the way. Points will be awarded according when they finish the mile.
Results: Ramon-7, John-6, Sunny-5, Antone-4, Becky-3, Vinny-2, Bonnie-1
Total: Sunny-20, Antone-19, John-16, Becky-15, Vinny-14, Ramon-13, Bonnie-9

With 20 points, Sunny is currently in first place. But the results of the first challenge have yet to be awarded, and will be done at the weigh in.

Weigh In
First Challenge Results:
Antone-7, Becky-7, Sunny-5, Bonnie-4, Ramon-4, Vinny-4, John-1
Final Results: Antone-26 (immunity), Sunny-25, Becky-22, Vinny-18, John-17, Ramon-17, Bonnie-13 (one pound weight disadvantage).

Antone -9 - "I feel fantastic about 9 pounds"
Sunny - 9 4.17% - "You know I was worried about the Pentathlon"
Vinny - 10 2.9% - "That's three weeks in a row in double digits."
John - 9 2.82% - "Nine is fine."
Ramon - 7 2.5% - "That's what I want, right there."
Becky - 4 2.15% - "Four pounds is really not a bad number."
Bonnie -5 (4) - 1.88% - "I just want to say to every body. If you believe you can achieve."

The choice for the night is between Becky and Bonnie, but Bonnie makes things easier when she essentially falls on the sword for Becky. She wouldn't feel right staying on the Biggest Loser ranch, knowing Becky was sent home. She asks for everyone to vote for her and they all comply. By the finale, Bonnie's goal is to weigh 160 pounds.

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