25 September, 2009

Biggest Loser Recap - S08E02 Part-1

As the episode begins, Julio reflects on the vote and reminds himself it’s still a game they are playing. Alexandra leaving hits a few of the members fairly hard, some believing Julio should have been the one to go home as he does not seem to be that motivated. Shay was very vocal about Julio staying. Before the contestants leave the elimination room however Alison gives them all a proposition. She asks what they would think if no one had to go home. They all agree that would be nice, but considering it’s a game, not very likely. So Alison gives them the deal. If they group combined can lose 150 pounds, no one will go home this week. The caveat however is if they don’t there will be two people going home. The great deal suddenly doesn’t sound to good to everyone as the dreaded second week is well known for delivering very low losses, and in some cases weight gains. The group leaves the elimination room to discuss a plan for doing what they believe to be extremely hard to do. Mo works on getting the team to work together and stresses the need for a plan. He says with a proper plan their task “will be done”. He then has Daniel explain to everyone exactly what week two is all about. He explains how his first week in the previous season he lost 30 pounds, and the following week he lost only 3. So the task is daunting considering the average total they need to lose is 10 lbs a person. Jillian and Bob arrive on the scene and the information is shocking to them. So shocked in fact they claim they should almost pick ‘two to go home right now’. Still, they decide to work this to their advantage and do all they can to help the contestants. They split everyone in two and Bob takes half to train, while Jillian take the other half to discuss nutrition. They then switch groups.

Most everyone is willing to give this their best, but Dina has doubts. She is concerned since she only lost 8 pounds the week before. With the second week weigh in approaching she’s afraid she’ll lose nothing. Bob reassures her if she puts her mind to it, she will do what she has set out to do. Meanwhile Jillian has a chat with the Brown team as it seems they are taking forever when it come to make snacks or meals for the day. She shows them (commercial mode) the ease of planning and portioning out meals and snacks for the week with the aid of Ziploc storage bags (commercial mode ends). Cut to Los Robles – Medical Center. Mo is heading to the hospital to see how Tracey is doing and if she will be coming back to the ranch. He wants to relax her and let her know there is no pressure for her to return if she is not able to. He brings her team shirt and she is ecstatic. She then reveals she is being released the following day. Why end this segment on a positive note? We once again hear Shay complain how Julio is not working out at all and not motivated.

Tracey is finally released from the hospital and she is welcomed by everyone on the ranch. Mo suggests she join the game officially by putting on her team’s colored shirt. Now it’s Bobs turn to sell a product and he shows the value of the Biggest Loser Protein Powder. Commercial break just after Jillian gives her training tip of keeping a food journal.

Alison gathers the teams together for a quick lecture given by Curtis Stone. The group is told they will be quizzed on the information he gives them, but if they can answer 5 of the 8 questions correctly, they will gain a 15 lbs pass from the total weight the group needs to lose at the weigh-in. Curtis talks about various topics including portion sizes, fats & oils, salads, pastas, soda and snacking. As he finishes Alison tells them the quiz will now begin.

The first team to answer a question is the purple team. They are given a question based on portion sizes which they get correct. The Orange team is next with a question on cooking with oil. They also get their question correct. Brown team is asked a question based on eating out and they continue the winning streak. Only needing two more questions correct, the pink team is asked a question on starches which they answer correctly as well. Green team is next with only one more correct answer to go. They are asked to guess the calories in a sample of soda. Unfortunately they get the question wrong and the team still needs one more correct question to win the 15 pound advantage. The red team is next and asked a multiple choice question on desserts. They are given three choices and asked to guess the one with the least amount of calories. They decide the parfait has fewer calories than the fruit with a drizzle of chocolate sauce added; they are so wrong. One more chance to win the quiz as the blue team must answer a question on protein and snacking. The group is relieved when they get the answer correct, thus only needing 135 pounds to keep everyone safe. Instead of an average of 10 lbs per person, they only need 9. As the first hour comes to an end, Curtis Stone gives a cooking tip on snacking. He highlights the grill and gives a suggestion of putting pineapple on skewers and grilling them.

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