16 October, 2009

Biggest Loser Moments - S08E05

One more chance to control the game.

Rudy wins 1,000 calorie piece of cake.

Tracey wins once more.

Tracey "has the ability to gain control whenever she needs it."

Bob and Jillian looked perplexed by who won.

Bob is surprised Tracey feels close to him.

Jillian is angry she won't be able to pound on Tracey.

Tracey has a hard time splitting the teams. Or is it crocodile tears?

Is it just me, or does Alison look very uncomfortable?

The new blue and black team. Tracey divided just about everyone up.

"This marks the beginning of 'game on.'"

Discussion how Tracey didn't pick from her heart - she's heartless.

Liz works so hard she passes out.

Dina is having problems with the step. She has yet to conquer it.

Suddenly I have a craving for turkey breast.

Blue team starts off strong for the reward challenge.

Daniel drops his end before anyone is ready, making them more upset.

Alison hands out the winning videos to blue team.

Rebecca tries to give Dina her reward. Dina politely refuses.

Liz surprises Dan by trading her video for his.

Shay drops 16 pounds, giving the black team immunity.

And there is much rejoicing.

Even Alison seems to be celebrating.

Mo falls on the sword, hoping to save Tracey.

Sure enough, Mo is sent home.

Mo goes from 355 lbs to 279. Total loss so far 76 pounds.

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