22 February, 2011

S11E08 - We've Got Big Balls

Original Air Date: 02/22/11
Once the elimination from last week is finished, the black team is asked into the room. Alison informs everyone two people will be eliminated this week. One from the team with the lowest percentage and one person under a new red line. This person will automatically be eliminated.

Cara and Brett get to work right away, taking the red team to an Olympian gym. Cara has a surprise for Rulon when she brings out his former trainer. This is one of many times we learn Rulon is a former Olympian.

At the weekly challenge, both teams must knock giant inflatable balls from one end of a football field to the other using boxing gloves and without letting the ball fall to the ground. Winning team gets a three pound advantage. Once again, the red team easily beats the black team.

At a discussion later, Marci and Deni tell the black team to eliminate one of them if their team needs to. They ask to save their daughters from elimination. Jesse thinks they need to concentrate more on weight loss than already deciding who's going home. Deni is upset when Jesse doesn't quickly volunteer to offer himself up if Arther is in trouble.

At the weigh in: Red team has a 2.12% weight loss percentage, but Jennifer gains two pounds and realizes she's likely going home. However, on the black team all parents have thrown the weigh in to protect their children. Marci gains a pound, Jesse gains three pounds and Deni gains eight pounds, automatically eliminating her. Because of all the gain, the black team loses the weigh in, saving Jennifer another week. Jesse is the other parent who's eliminated.

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