23 October, 2009

Biggest Loser Moments - S08E06

Black team is shocked Mo is gone.

Tracey is hurt by the reaction of the black team when they see her.

As Tracey begins to cry - Shay, "That's my cue." and leaves.

If you can't win the weigh-in at least win the challenge.

Reward challenge is on the beach.

They must dig up keys to open the chest.

Alison won't reveal whats inside, but says it'll determine who leaves.

Some dig with shovels, others with their hands...

... others use their face.

Dan finds his key first. Inside the wooden box.

In answer to Alison, We don't know what we're playing for.

"Oh... right."

Blue team wins the reward. A trip home.

But passes it to black, with mixed emotions.

Bob takes advantage and trains blue as hard as possible for the week.

Celebrating the black team gone, with a glass of milk.

Volunteering some time at the food bank.

Black team is warmly welcomed home.

Jillian tries to motivate Dan who's been low in his weight loss.

Dan realizes how much his mother loved him by trying to motivate him.

Time for the weigh in, where anything can happen.

The Good

The Bad

The Ugly

No victory this week.

Deciding who to send home. Dina? Shay? Dan?

Time to send someone home.

Dina is sent home. She hates it, but she's a good sport.

Finally overcome her fear of the step.

Now weighing 188, and has done a half marathon.

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