28 October, 2009

Biggest Loser Recap - S08E07 Part-1

As the black team returns from voting Dina home, Rudy is really upset and soon leaves. Amanda wishes it would have been Dan going home as she is closer to Daniel, Shay and Abby. Liz is as upset as Rudy and hates how they said it was a tough decision. She claims they knew who they were going to vote out the second they left the gym.

When the contestants meet Alison, she informs them this is “Face-Off” week. The catch for the week is they will be weighing off head to head. One contestant from each team will weigh in together. Whoever has a higher percentage lost, will win a point for their team. The team with three points will win for the week and the other team will be forced to vote someone home.

Rudy is only 13 pounds away from having lost 100 pounds. Previously, Dane of season 7 lost 100 pounds in 8 weeks, if Rudy can lose 13 this week, he will beat Dane’s record.

For the challenge, each team has one participant at a time. Each team has a bar they must go under to hit a disk and then go back under the bar and hit a disk on the other side of the bar. Each player can tap out and bring someone else into the game, but each contestant can only go once. The first team to 500 points wins. The winners of the challenge get to decide who faces off at the weigh-in. Abby and Tracey are both allowed to play and go first for their teams. After only 20 points Abby passes to Shay. Tracey continues for a full 100 points before bringing Allen in. Shay leaves the challenge next at 104 points and brings in Dan who leaves at 219 and brings in Amanda. Finally Allen gets tired and passes to his next team-mate at 250 points. Liz follows Allen and is able to continue to 302 points, now followed by Rudy. Amanda tires at 350 and brings in Daniel to finish. Rudy has a lot of problems with the challenge but he stops at 390, letting Rebecca come in to finish up. The numbers are neck and neck for a while but Rebecca finally overtakes Daniel and reaches 500 while he is still on 496. Daniel continues to finish what he started, but blue team has won.

Blue team deliberates for a while but ultimately they decide the match ups will be Rebecca vs. Amanda; Tracey vs. Abby; Allen vs. Dan; Rudy vs. Shay and Liz vs. Dan.

For the work-outs, Bob is in the pool with his team and tells them he wants them to kick their legs in the pool so hard all the water comes out. Jillian is in the gym with her team. Jillian and Amanda face off when Amanda says she can’t do what Jillian wants of her. Jillian keeps trying to convince her she can continue by telling her the difference between failing and quitting. Amanda walks out anyway; despite being upset she is always the ‘fat girl’.

The reward challenge has both teams on a baseball field filled with many baseballs. On a scoreboard, Derek Jeter encourages both teams, and talks about teamwork. He wishes Daniel well and congratulates him on his weight loss of both seasons, and also tells the black team they need to win one.

For the challenge, each contestant must gather as many balls as they possibly can and throw them at targets with pictures of each contestant. A container collects all the balls thrown at each target. When a person has collected 316 balls, they are out of the game. The winners will receive lunch cooked for them by Curtis Stone and receive a 2 pound bonus at the weigh in. Because of the vigorous activity, Abby has to sit out and Tracey is chosen to sit out as well to make the game fair. As the challenge begins, the black team begin loading up on Allen and take him out of the game quickly. Blue team work on getting Amanda out, even Rebecca has a hand in it. But Rebecca is next out. Blue team take out Dan next, and the black team retaliates by taking out Rudy and Liz in quick succession. Black team win the reward and the weigh-in bonus which they can decide later how to use it. Either giving 2 pounds to one person or splitting it up

For the reward, Curtis Stone grills out with the black team and shows them how to make burgers using Jeanne-o ground turkey, thyme and garlic. Also used are cherry tomatoes, red peppers, red onions and red wine vinegar. The bun is replaced with an open faced portabella mushroom. The team really seem to enjoy the lunch reward.

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