04 May, 2011

Biggest Loser Comments - S11E18

Instead of writing a recap of the show, I've decided to post a few quotes from the live tweeting of the episode I found interesting or humorous. What were your thoughts? Feel free to add your own in the comments section. What did you like or hate about the episode?


@Jeffrey__Scott - Jillians last season = let's cut the shows by an hour suddenly.

@Nyxks - ummm Hannah looks better outside of that dress, it doesn't suit her at all or that hair - oh well she's happy that's what matters.

@TVReviewProgram - Awesome Austin ....looking like a million bucks! And he lost another 3lbs in hair for the weigh in!

@Jeffrey__Scott - I'm jealous of @BL11Austin. I want to dance with @Ali_Sweeney. Come on, like that's a big surprise to anyone here.

@luannschindler - Everyone looks fantastic on #bl11. Ali's hair is so elegant!!

@Jeffrey__Scott - Does anyone happen to know how long it'll be till #TheVoice is on?
@defectivecandy - really, do they have to have that at the bottom of the screen?

@Jeffrey__Scott - I wonder if he could use that magic wand on Jillian to make her stay another season.

@Jeffrey__Scott - Ho-hum, another #BL11 first? Seems to be happening each week lately.

@Jeffrey__Scott - I'm going to be blown away if the Biggest Loser first isn't some watered down semi-trivia fact.
@ChelleBelle87 - I bet someone lost 20 lbs or something...they make it sound like a catastrophe!
@ervc1 -You really expect much?

@Jeffrey__Scott - Next week in a Biggest Loser first, there will be no Biggest Loser firsts.
@FitInMyHeart - ROTFL!!!!! I was thinking the same thing!

@Jeffrey__Scott - Suddenly have an odd urge for Extra Sugar Free gum. Weird, where did THAT come from?

@scotps23 - Talk about a @PriceIsRight moment!
@KatMoulton - LOL 'It's a new car" I can hear it in my head now

@Jeffrey__Scott - They forgot to bury the last key
@ozipherus - LMAO! How classic would that be...
@scotps23 - Ali's got the key in her pocket. Whoop!

@stacigway - Bob looks like an old man tonight. He's headed out after the workout to catch the early bird special at Perkins.

@defectivecandy - Ghhhhh....biggest loser feels soooo rushed tonight :(

@mikiepocd - How much was hair, Austin?

@Jeffrey__Scott - I've got to admit, Irene has quickly become one of my favorites.
@jennifuhohjenny - I'm totally with you!..I love @BL11Irene, I think she's tough and cute and funny. Sorta like Ada from #BL10.
@melgotserved - I just dubbed her Irene the Machine

@jeffrey__scott - Has Cara or Brett said word one tonight?
@TheBLblog - Shhh! You'll jinx it.
@Liciak7 Hahahahahaha I was just saying how peaceful it has been tonight to not listen to Cara!

@Jeffrey__Scott - For what it's worth, I'd LOVE to lose 3 pounds in a week. #BL11

@Jeffrey__Scott - With only 6 minutes left, I smell a non-elimination week.

@KatMoulton - Fairy Godfather returns.

@stacigway - I heard a lisp! Tim Gunn is there! He's saving our Purple Team!

@lenkees haha!! U crazy!
biggestloserlvr This season cracks me up!

@kindledscholar - MY prediction: The thing that blows Bob away is @BL11Olivia singing on the scale!

@Jeffrey__Scott - The Biggest Loser first was @BLOlivia singing? Really? Is this a #TheVoice tie-in?
@KatMoulton She KICKS the Voice's ass
@keltaylor312 - I would rather listen to @BL11Olivia than #thevoice. Just sayin.

@TheBLblog - I cannot help laughing at Tim Gunn and his magic wand and fairy references. It's because no one's going home. I'm happy.

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