24 January, 2012

Biggest Loser S13E04 - Putting on the MacGyver Hat

Being only an hour long episode, the episode begins right into a challenge. The two teams meet outside in a 'battering ram' obstacle course. But Red Team is minus Buddy, who has gone home for the week as his wife is expecting. Alison informs them he will be back for the weigh-in. For this challenge, both teams will be given a battering ram. As they start out, they will be given a question they must answer with two choices. Before them are two doors for each team. Whichever question they feel is right, they will use the battering ram to bust through the door. If they get the question right, they will be able to move to the next question with ease, guess wrong and they need to wade through thick mud. The first team through all doors win the prize, access to the gym. The team that comes in last will be denied access to the gym. Black Team is first to answer, but get the question wrong and must wade through the mud. The Red Team is on a roll and makes it through most of the doors without having to wade through the mud. The black team is not so lucky and wades through mud for pretty much the entire episode. Red team wins with Black Team still a few doors back. Roy celebrates his victory with glee, but his wife Chris says he's a 'sore winner'.

With one week to go, Dolvett visits the Aqua team in Chicago. He hopes to help them through the last week by having a training day with them. He also does a quick infomercial for the Biggest Loser Slim Coach. Aqua team is certain they will lose the 50 pounds needed to make it back to the Biggest Loser Ranch.

Back at the resort, Chris is upset and demands the cameras leave her alone. When they remain she barricades herself in the bathroom. Roy goes to check on her as Bob shows up trying to figure out what's going on. Chris tells Roy she doesn't want to be there anymore. Roy tells her she can't quit, but she decides she's going to do what she wants to do. She continues to cry in the bathroom. Conda thinks Chris is doing it for the attention. The rest of the teams fears she's going to go home, just like Joe. Finally, Bob goes to talk to her and she says there too much going on in the house. For so long she's felt invisible and in the house it's impossible to feel that way. Bob tells her what she's feeling is normal, and she can work through her feelings. Chris is willing to try once more, and Bob reminds her not to give up on herself.

Cue the montage music and we get Bob Harper outside with his Black Team working out with whatever they can find. Though unhappy, Bob is willing to put on his MacGyver hat and get the job done. Chism says they don't need the gym because they are making their own gym. For the most part, they are working out using chairs. Lifting them over their head, stretching alongside them or simply walking and running. His training outside is working as best it can, but he's still having problems with Gail. She continues to move slow and cry about something. Bob jokes she'll cry about her shoes becoming unlaced.

While this is going on, Dolvett is in the gym having his own problems. Nancy is giving him lip, and Conda is doing her best to resist Dolvett's training. Despite his best intentions, she mutters under her breath and rolls her eyes at him. Finally he's had enough and kicks her out of the gym. He tells her to come back when she's ready to work out. Outside, she starts talking to the Producer and says Dolvett is just pushing her buttons. But Dolvett finally comes out to talk to her and he explains his position. He tells her it's difficult for him to train her while she continues to roll her eyes at him and has a 'smart comment' for everything he tells her. Finally he tells her she needs to figure out why she's there, and when she does, she can come back in. She thinks things over for a while and reluctantly goes back in and apologizes to Dolvett.

It's time for the weigh-in and Buddy joins his Red Team. He announces the birth of his son Levi.

At The Weigh-In:
Black team
Emily 244 / 235 / -9 "I didn't want to think that high, and I got it."
Chsim 332 / 320 / -12
Cassandra 212 / 206 / -6
Jeremy 358 / 347 / -11 "The whole season I can keep getting 11, I'll be happy."
Alison: "Gail, you seem very nervous."
Gail: "I'm a big gal, and I just want a big number."
Gail 302 / 297 / -5
Bob: "That sucks. You are a big gal. And a big gal has to pull big numbers."
Chris 222 / 215 / -7 "That was my goal number."
Megan 240 / 238 / -2 "I feel very disappointed."
Total 52 Pounds - 2.72%

Red Team
Buddy 363 / 353 / -10 "More than my son weighed."
Roy 278 / 272 / -6
Kimmy 203 / 197 / -6
Mark 266 / 255 / -11 "How about that, baby?"
Kim 230 / 220 / -10
Nancy 205 / 200 / -5
Conda: "The pressure is all on me."
Conda 275 / 265 / -10 "I definitely give Dolvet a hard time."
Alison: "Dolvett, it sounds like Conda does not make this easy for you."
Dolvet: "Not even a little bit."
58 pounds 3.19%

As the black team decides who is going home, the consensus seems to be for who is not working as hard as could be, versus the one who wanted to go home.
Megan - Gail
Chism - Chris
Cassandra - Gail
Chsim - Chris
Chris - Gail
Gail - Chris
Emily - Gail

Gail's Success So Far:

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