25 January, 2011

S11E04 - I Did Nothing Wrong

Original Air Date: 01/25/11

The contestants are given a food challenge to start the week off and are presented with some of their favorite foods. The team who eats the most calories gets to choose which team will have to work with the unknowns for a week. Most teams refuse to eat any calories but Arthur eats a chicken leg which gives him control. He sends the green (Jay & Jennifer) team to the others.

Meanwhile, the rest of the contestants on the ranch let Don know they are upset with him for throwing the weigh in last week. Jillian tries to talk to him, but Don claims he's innocent and refuses to admit he's done anything wrong.

Letters from home are next offered to both the Ranch and the Unknown teams. Whichever group can come closest to guessing the number of calories in various meals they will win the letters. The players from the ranch win the reward. Despite the tears, they are all encouraged from home not to give up. Even Don seems to take the encouragement to heart.

No weigh-in this week.

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