07 October, 2009

Biggest Loser Recap - S08E04 Part-1

Last Week: Tracey wins an advantage of being able to choose who will weigh in for each team. Daniel visits Tracey right before the weigh-in to ask if Tracey will consider having him weigh-in instead of Shay, which Tracey listens to but does the opposite.

This Week: Orange team has decided to have a chat with the purple team. Tracey denies saying she was going to have Daniel weigh in and that she seriously thought Shay was going to lose a large amount of weight. Shay doesn’t believe it and says Tracey does not respect her. Tracey refuses to apologize and reaffirms her decision. Mo speaks up and says everyone wanted a favor from the purple team last week but no one was willing to give anything back. It’s obvious he was referring to the pink team, and alluded to others as well. Once they are done they return to the gym where immediately Bob and Jillian call everyone over to discuss the night before. They find out how the red team sacrificed themselves for the orange team, primarily Shay. Jillian lets them know they need to put themselves first, Bob adds that no one needs to be in the gym any more or any less than anyone else. They are all there for a reason and need help just as much. When dismissed to continue their workouts, Jillian targets Julio and tries to get him to reveal why he’s sad and not happy with his life. He says he is happy but Jillian doesn’t believe this, thinking something must have driven him to his weight. She tries a different approach and asks what he’s good at. He says he’s not good at anything but food, he’s excellent at food. He knows all about it, how to cook it, how to prepare it and how to eat it. He even reads about food and then admits he’s obsessed with it.

For the past few days Tracey has been having blood tests done, Dr. Huizenga calls her in to have a chat with her. Her enzyme count has gone up from 3,000 to 17,000 which is an alarming rate and can be very hazardous to her health, damaging her kidneys or other organs. He lets her know they are going to ‘shut her down’. Till further notice she is not allowed to do any exercises, even in the pool. Tracey talks to Mo and lets him know about the results and what her limitations are, essentially nothing. Mo says he will have to ‘carry the weight’ of both of them. Returning to the kitchen with the other teams, Alison greets them and tells everyone to look around. They notice the refrigerator and every cupboard has been chained and padlocked. The challenge for the week is to order out for every meal; breakfast, lunch and dinner. She says the key to maintaining weight is knowing what to eat, even when dining out. However, Alison has some good news for one team. There will be a quiz where three food meals are presented. The team that chooses the healthiest will win a year of groceries.

The three choices given:
1.) ¼ skinless roasted chicken breast, ½ cup low fat creamed spinach, 2.75 oz of sweet potatoes, 2 cups unsweetened iced tea and ½ cup nonfat peach frozen yogurt.
2.) ½ rotisserie chicken with skin, ½ cup creamed spinach, ½ cup vanilla frozen yogurt with ½ cup of blueberries and 2 cups green tea.
3.) ¼ skinless bbq chicken, 1 cup peas and carrots mix, 1 cup mango slices, 1 cup skim milk.
They are then asked to leave, and one team at a time can come in and ask as many questions as they can to determine the best possible answer. The majority of the teams, (purple, blue, black and green) choose option ‘C’ while teams Orange, Pink and Brown go with option ‘A’. Alison lets them know option ‘A’ is indeed the healthiest choice. So for a tie-breaker they are asked how many calories option ‘A’ has. The one who comes closest without going over will win the challenge. Orange team estimates the calories to be 475, Brown – 547 and Pink 385. The correct calorie count is 445, pink wins the groceries for a year. The chicken has 175 calories, creamed spinach 80, sweet potatoes are 95 and the frozen yogurt is 100. Pink team is very happy to win. Before sending everyone away, Alison shows off the book “Biggest Loser, Simple Swaps”, an easy guide for making substitutions, especially when eating out.

Set to the task of eating out now, the various teams start making decisions for dinner. They come to find ordering out is much harder than they thought. For the most part, everyone received food back prepared different than the way they requested. This particular restaurant they ordered from not only screw up their order but include bagel chips for everyone. A collection is made to dispose of the unwanted chips.

Trainer Tip – substitute mashed potatoes with mashed cauliflower, both have same consistency and similar taste.

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