23 February, 2012

Biggest Loser S13 - The Ice Cream Parlor

Once upon a time there was a boy who loved ice cream. One day, like many others, he visited the local ice cream parlor to enjoy a refreshing treat. Each ice cream flavor was slightly different but he always enjoyed every last bite. In addition to the ice cream, he always made great friends. Things were just wonderful, till one day...

Let's pause for a second so I can tell you what you are NOT going to hear. Being an article devoted to the Biggest Loser, you might think the story ends 30 years later with an obese person swearing off ice cream forever. That, however, is not the case. You see, I'm using an analogy. The little boy is me (or someone very similar to me [maybe you]), and the ice cream is one of my favorite shows; In this case the Biggest Loser. The days refer to seasons, and his new friends are the contestants. Now that I've cleared that up, let's proceed.

... something very strange happened. The flavoring of the ice cream was wrong. No longer was it satisfying and refreshing. Now the ice cream was bitter and left a bad taste in his mouth. To make matters worse, the ice cream parlor was now filled with bullies. The great number of people who used to visit the ice cream shop with the little boy, stopped coming. The once great ice cream parlor, was now just a shadow of it's former glory.

Stepping back from the analogy once more I have to address what is the problem here. It's as if this 'ice cream' parlor is under new management. The steps they are taking are just not working, and it seems the new manager is not doing enough to protect his investment. Same thing for the Biggest Loser show. Have the producers passed this project on to people who just don't care anymore? What once used to be about encouragement, motivation and determination; has been replaced with catty, game-playing, drama. Instead of inspiring positive change in people, it's inspiring negativity.

For example, there is the I Dislike Conda page, as found on Facebook.

Personal bloggers have nothing but negative things to say; as can be seen in Foster Fitness's article, "Why I am Breaking Up With the Biggest Loser"

Even Twitter has a plethora of negative comments such as the following:
@HazelzWorld - "just cancel the show. I wont miss it. Conda makes it easy 4 me to not watch"
@RunonAwesome - "WTF people?! I'm sitting here getting ready for some vile #BL13 tweets and everyone is giving up on the show!? At least the tweeting is fun!"

So with all this negativity, what can be done? Maybe it's time the producers went back to what worked. Using encouragement, optimism and inspiration. It would also help if they did what they can to bring Jillian back. She would NOT have stood for any of this foolishness. Or maybe she saw the handwriting on the wall and got out while she could. I can't be the only person who wishes Jillian would come back. As another example check out Facebook's 'Bring Back Jillian Michaels' page.

I truly hope something can be done. Because I want my cool refreshing ice cream back. I want to meet great new friends, NOT BULLIES. I want my ice cream parlor back.



  1. Thank you! I so agree with this post. Biggest Loser is the only contestant reality show I watch and the reason I watch it is because there is (was) rarely any backstabbing and infighting. This season is terrible and it needs to be fixed. "Jus' fix it!" (SNL skit - very funny, can't remember who does it).

  2. I've found a number of people have been agreeing. And with the recent news story about a 'walk-off', I'm not sure how much more anyone else can handle. BL13 is starting to stand for Blunder13.