30 November, 2010

A-Z Fitness - Kudos

It's said imitation is the sincerest form of flattery. That may be true, but ultimately people are more flattered when they receive kudos from a loved one. Kudos are what you give people when you appreciate something they have done, to acknowledge the hard work they have put in on a particular task. So how do kudos relate to fitness? It's true, you can give yourself 'props', but how much more will someone else appreciate receiving them? The more you recognize how others are doing in their fitness goals, the more you'll focus on your own. And you never know, you might receive a few of your own.

Tips: Don't be surprised if someone thinks you are 'after something'. True, it does seem in this day and age the only time a person gives kudos they are trying to receive something back; either fishing for a compliment back or some sort of favour. However, a true appreciation for someone is to NOT expect anything back. To solve this problem, send an anonymous note or preface a verbal compliment with "I was thinking how much I appreciate you for", and then give a valid reason for why you appreciate them. The intended recipient will realize its more sincere and less likely to think you are 'fishing'.

Remember: There are different ways to give kudos. A pat on the back, gift card or note of appreciation is as effective as a verbal accolade. Also, you don't have to reserve your appreciation for only fitness goals. There are many things you can appreciate someone for; being a good mother, a caring person, keeping a bedroom nice and tidy, working hard for the family. Certainly you can think of something you give a person kudos for.

Goal: This week I've got a unique goal to work on. Instead of trying to give yourself kudos, try spreading it to other people. Truly, the best acclaim one can receive is from another person. Everyone enjoys knowing they have done a good job or are appreciated. Try to give away either three kudos in a single day or try to give one out each day to a different person. Especially at this time of the year will it be more appreciated.

Last Weeks Goal: So how did you do on your goal from last week? What substitutes did you make? Was it a continual effort all week long or did you try once? Even trying a single time can be helpful as you'll likely keep it in mind for later use. As always, even though it's not this weeks goal, doesn't mean you can't keep working on it.

What fitness words starting with the letter "K" inspire you?



  2. Karma, as seen on Biggest Loser, certainly comes back to haunt you.

  3. Aww, you gave me kudos when you said I was doing good things for my family and they would appreciate it :) Thank YOU for commenting on my blog. You are so nice.

    Hmmm, "K"? Karate is one fitness word that comes to mind for my kids. They both do karate twice a week. The 9 year old has been doing it since he was 3 (the 6 y.o. started when he was 4). My "K" word this week would have to be Kale, since I just made some awesome, healthy, vegan Kale chips :)

  4. The Kale chips sound lovely. Yea, I don't just write the blogs, I try to follow them also. This is the first week in a while where I've really been trying to give people kudos. It's nice to know people appreciate it.

    Don't forget to pay it forward.