21 August, 2012

What Are Your Fitness Inspirations (WAYFI): The Gym

One of the first things I ever did to try and keep physically fit, was to join a gym. Just out of High School, most of my friends belonged to Bally's. Back then there were many incentives to signing up your friends, and I took advantage of this. Or should I say one of my friends took advantage of this? Actually, I really enjoyed it. Spending time with friends as we 'pumped iron' seemed invigorating. Of course we were still young and I can recall a couple of incidents were someone was 'pants-ed'. Oddly enough, I don't recall that ever happening to me. Either I was lucky, or I've blocked it out.

I'm not sure about anyone else, but there's nothing else like the physically fit high you get after a workout is done. The mind feels invigorated and the body feels rejuvenated. I still get this feeling when I work out. However, between my post High School years and my marriage years, I stopped going to the gym. As a result of that, (mixed with other factors), I gained the major portion of my weight. Having returned to the gym has helped me in reducing the size of my waste line. Sure, the weight isn't melting off as fast as I'd like it, but at least I'm not gaining more weight.

The Gym: Pros vs Cons:
Working at the local gym helps to motivate me. Being around others who (at least in part) have the same goals as me helps. Also, everything is right there. When I'm done, I can sit in the hot tub or steam room. I can run on the track or use the weights. When I'm done, I can shower right there and be ready for whatever else the day has provided for me.
When the gym isn't picked up or cleaned properly, the locker room can get nasty. Also, what's the deal with older guys walking around a la Garden of Eden? Though it's nice to have a shower room readily available, I'm certainly not one for sharing the experience with others. Another con I can think of is sometimes having to wait for a machine that's being used. As I normally use the track more than anything, this isn't usually a problem for me. But last night I used Foursquare to check into Blast Fitness and found this con listed.
Anon. - "This is a fitness gym, not a pick-up joint".
I hadn't realized this was a problem. Ladies, is this truly a problem for you?

So what are your pros and cons regarding working out at the gym? Let me know and I'll include your thoughts.

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