14 February, 2012

Biggest Loser S13E07 - If Looks Could Kill

After Adrian is eliminated, the Red Team walk back into the Kitchen one at a time, where the Black Team is waiting anxiously to see who was eliminated. Daphne is hurt realizing Adrian went home because no one liked him instead of him being a weak link. Conda informs her that despite a nine pound weight loss, Adrian was a weaker link than most. The two argue and Conda says it wasn't about him not being liked, and Daphne doesn't know what she's talking about. When Daphne reminds Conda about her list of complaints and when she pretended to kick Adrian at the beach, Conda finally gives up and turns her back on Daphne. If looks could kill, Conda would be seriously in trouble.

In the morning, Alison meets the teams with two heart shaped boxes. The catch for the week is, each trainer gets to pick one contestant from their team. The lucky contestant gets to go home for a week, along with the trainer. At the end of the week, the person who goes home is going to be the only person who's weight is going to count for the entire team. Mark hopes he's not sent home, he realizes it's going to be a distraction. Chism doesn't want to go home because he doesn't want the pressure of having to lose the most weight for his team to keep them safe. Daphne is certain it's not going to be her, considering the looks she's been getting. Buddy also hopes he's picked because of his newborn at home and Chris would also like to go home, most importantly so she has Bob's backing all week. When the decision is made, Dolvett chooses Conda and Bob picks Daphne. He knows Daphne has something to prove and wants to help her. Chris is very upset, stating Daphne was JUST home. Finally, Alison lets the rest of the teams know they do not have the week off. Whichever team loses the most weight will win a one pound advantage. Conda says she's happy Daphne is going home and hopes the both of them can put the past week behind them. They finally 'hug it out' before heading home.

Conda and Daphne introduce their trainer to their families. Bob shakes Adrians hand and informs the family Daphne is up against one person. He wants to make sure during the week, Daphne is doing all she can to make sure when they get back to the gym, she's the one who wins the weigh-in.

Meanwhile, Dolvett is trying to learn more about Conda and talks with her and her mother. He explains he needs to know more about Conda because she has a huge personality. It's then he learns about her dad who had numerous drug problems. Conda has always felt he choose the drugs over her and her family. The way she deals with this is putting up a defense of seeming to be strong.

Back at the ranch, the Black Team is trying to put together a workout which will make Bob proud. They are each having problems devising one and it shows. The Red Team is also having their problems, Roy is absent as the others are working out. He feels tired and exhausted by says he's going to try and make up for the time he's lost. All teams start off strong, but soon fall into lackadaisical attitudes. Buddy notes there is a loss of energy. Black team is having a real good time during their workout. Megan cheers playfully and the rest of the team laugh.

Back in Chicago, Bob is doing whatever he can to keep Daphne 'in the game'. He wants her to prove her point to the rest of the team and hopes this can be a personal vendetta for her. Daphne agrees and hopes she will lose enough weight to rub this in Conda's face. Bob stresses how this week she's going to be jogging and running in place only. She doesn't need to be doing anything else. Bob wonders what Conda is doing. In Rockford, MI, Dolvett has Conda doing laps outside mixed with running steps. Dolvett wants to show her she can get a workout anywhere, not just in the gym. As a reward, Dolvett gives Conda some encouraging letters from the rest of her team. In addition to this, he gives her a night out with her friends. Instead of joining her, he offers to babysit her daughter Brooklyn. Conda is worried as Brooklyn can be a bit sassy, (unlike her mother).

The remainder of the Black and Red teams gather on the beach for a reward challenge. Whichever team wins, gets letters from home and a one pound advantage. The challenge is going to be an obstacle course where each team must dig under logs, then squeeze underneath them. They will also have a 200 pound dummy they will need to bring with them. Black Team has one extra person so have to sit someone out. Emily is considering sitting out Jeremy as he's the biggest, but with no confirmation from him, she tells Alison she'll be the one to sit out. Cassandra is the first person from both teams to make it under the first obstacle but the Red Team quickly passes them. Jeremy keeps getting stuck, which slows down the entire Black Team. The Red Team ultimately wins the challenge.

For the last chance workout, Dolvett brings Conda to her old High School where she started having her life problems. She begins to cry as she remembers the horrible days she faced. Dolvett wants to remind her what it was like to be a team player so introduces her to the schools current girls basketball team. While this is going on, Bob brings Daphne to the Willis Tower (the former Sears Tower) in Chicago. Her task is to climb all the steps to the top of the building. For motivation, Bob reads her the encouraging letters from the Black Team.

Black Team
Chris 206 201 -5 "So close, One more week."
Jeremy 326 320 -6 "It's the worst I've done so far."
Emily 223 218 -5 "For me this week, that's good."
Megan 223 219 -4
Cassandra 195 189 -6 "THAT WAS THE NUMBER I WANTED!"
Chism 305 298 -7 "That's awesome".

Red Team
Kimmy 188 184 -4
Buddy 336 329 -7 "I was really nervous, he (Dolvett) wasn't there this week."
Roy 261 252 -9 "It's been an emotional roller-coaster."
Kim 209 200 -9
Mark 244 234 -10

Red Team has the highest weigh-in so they win another one pound advantage for Conda.

Daphne 236 224 -12 "I want to dedicate this weigh-in to the Black Team, my children and most of all my brother.
Conda 255 245 -10 - Conda falls short of what she needed to beat Daphne and starts to cry.
The rest of the Red Team tell Conda they are proud of her. Daphne says it doesn't feel good to watch Conda cry. The Biggest Loser for the week is Kim, so she'll be safe at elimination.

Kim - Roy "This person has had a lot of distractions, the past couple of weeks."
Mark - Roy "This person has had lack of focus."
Kimmy - Roy "If you are going to be on this team, you have to be committed."
Roy - Kimmy "I based my decision on percentage of weight loss since starting here."
Conda - Roy "Squeaky squeak squeak, and the stress and the drama, squeak squeak."

Roy 306 - 230 "I'm happy for this opportunity." Roy is hoping to improve the Santa image and thinks the world needs to change their view of what Santa looks like. As a role-model for children, he thinks it makes a difference how Santa is projected. Roy wants to start an outdoor adventure camp for kids to help them stay healthy and active.

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