11 January, 2010

Biggest Loser?

OH man, it's been a rough few months. This winter has me knocked for a loop and it's just starting. I've gained 15 pounds (over a stone) in this time. The biggest problem for me has been the motivation. I've got no motivation to do much of anything. Exercising has been non-existent and I've had no motivation for proper food shopping and tracking. Even my Weight Watcher meeting attendance was scattered for a few weeks. I'm trying to get back on the ball and get myself motivated. With the nights finally starting to get longer I'm hoping I'll get myself more and more motivated. It would also help if I could kick this cough I've had for two weeks.

Biggest Loser is always a motivation and I'm glad it's back on. Anyone else feel like motivating me, please feel free to include your comments. Maybe we can all motivate each other!

Meanwhile, enjoy the cartoon.


1 comment:

  1. You and I have to be in shape to hit some cons this year!! You need to make me look bad with your fit self! Keep it up dear!