24 March, 2011

A-Z Fitness - Zeal

You might think zeal is related to motivation, and to some degree you might be right. But ultimately, zeal isn't something you should have to work on. If you don't have motivation, you need to inspire yourself. But the only reason you'd do such a think is because you naturally have the zeal to want to keep yourself motivated and fit. Does that mean an article on zeal is a waste of time then? Not necessarily. Even if you don't have the zeal to keep fit, you can still be told you need to be healthier by a Doctor, or just naturally decide for yourself it's something you need to do. So then how do you use your zeal? Everyone is zealous for something. Find what that is for you and use it to your advantage.

Tips: What are you zealous for? Even if losing weight is not at the top of your list, perhaps it's looking or feeling better. If that's the case, use that to find the motivation inside yourself to want to take on the task. Additionally, find a fruit you might be more zealous towards eating as a snack, find a fitness routine or exercise you are more zealous for and work on that.

Remember: A person doesn't have to be zealous about only one thing. If several things will help motive or inspire you, and you are zealous for them, use them! Don't think you have to be painted into a corner once you choose one thing you want to work on, or have the zealousness for. Also, just because you are not naturally zealous for something, doesn't mean over time you won't become so.

Goal: Find what you are zealous for in your fitness routine and work on it this week. Do you enjoy cardio, or strength training? Focus on that this week, especially to work towards a new goal you have never accomplished or thought you never could before. When you concentrate on what you are naturally more prone to, you'll be far more successful.

Last Weeks Goal: How did everyone do on last weeks goal? I did a lot of substitution this week, usually trading out candy from the company candy jar for a banana or another piece of fruit. I've always been a big yogurt person but have never tried a Greek Yogurt, so took this opportunity to pick one up from the store. So what did you do for healthier snacking this week?

What fitness words starting with the letter "Z" inspire you?

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