10 May, 2011

S11E19 - First Let's Take This Seat Off

Original Air Date: 05/10/11
As Hannah is reflecting on how far she's come, Alison comes to announce finals week. That's right, all contestants are going to be given a four part test on how well they can teach a spin class, motivate others, answer general fitness questions, and how well they can box. The winner of this challenge walks away with $10,000.

The first portion is teaching a spin class and the contestants have to teach Bob. Jay starts by taking the seat off and earning a poor 58 points. Austin does better and earns 95, while Hannah and Olivia score a perfect 100.

In the next challenge, Brett asks fitness questions and the many scores are very close, 80, 82 and 83. Jay scores the highest with 88 points, but Hannah only has 77.

When it's time for Cara to grade the contestants, she wants them to 'act like fighters' and is looking for the fighter spirit. Irene has problems with this test and only scores 70 but Hannah scores another 100 points.

For Jillian's turn, she's going to role-play being a new contestant and will score according to how well she is motivated by the others. Again, the scores are close; 80, 85, 89, and two 90's.

As a final test, Alison is in the gym with a unique challenge. All five will be playing the Biggest Loser Ultimate Workout Game on the X-Box. Each has a fitness avatar looking just like them which they must imitate as closely as possible. First place scores 100 points and all other places earn 10 less points. The game includes many grueling tasks, giving Irene, Jay and even Austin some trouble. When this challenge is over, Hannah narrowly beats her sister by 3 points.

During the challenge, the contestants must haul 100 sand bags to the top of a platform. Winning this challenge means a one pound advantage for the week - A prize as good as gold this late in the game. Olivia does her best to win this challenge also, but Austin out performs her and wins the advantage.

At the weigh in: Before Alison weighs the contestants, she offers Austin and Olivia a chance to exchange the prizes they've won. Olivia can trade her $10,000 for a one pound advantage and Austin can trade his one pound advantage for $10,000. Neither decide to exchange. Irene and Jay have a great loss for the week and are determined to be safe right away. Once Olivia weighs in, she pushes her sister below the yellow line. Jillian is upset Olivia didn't trade in for the one pound advantage. If Austin has a good week, both sisters will be below the yellow line. Unfortunately for Austin, even with the one pound advantage he falls below the yellow line with Hannah. Olivia refuses to vote out her sister and others agree. It's Austin going home this week.

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