01 February, 2011

S11E05 - I'm Done, Can I Go Home Now?

Original Air Date: 02/01/11

Brett and Cara's contestants finally move into the Biggest Loser ranch where they will continue to be trained. But this means they are now eligible for elimination if they go below the yellow line.

With a weigh in to start the show, Irene and Don both gain weight. Irene claims to have done so for Don who wants to go home. He also admits he wants to leave. Instead of giving the contestants an hour, Alison allows Don to leave without further delay.

Once the two groups of contestants meet, Alison gives them a challenge. If they can lose more than 48 pounds, they will win immunity. The original campus team end the week with a weight loss of 63 pounds, winning them immunity. The 'unknowns' fall short. They must now eliminate their first member and it'll be either Q or Larialmy. Q vows to do better if he's allowed to stay, so the rest of the team vote out Larialmy.

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