15 February, 2011

S11E07 - A Little Tied Up At The Moment

Original Air Date: 02/15/11

The episode begins with a cheerful and smiling Alison Sweeney, a sure sign a pop challenge is about to take place. In this challenge each team is tied to an enormous rope, which ever team is able to untie themselves will have the only access to the gym for the week. Once again, the red team beats the black team who is very discouraged. Bob tells the team they don't do well because they don't work well together. Hannah chastises the team also which is not taken well by the rest of the team.

On the red team, Cara notices Rulon is not putting his all into his workouts. When she confronts him, he tells Cara he will do better. But perhaps it's said to just shut her up? We'll see why I say this in a future episode.

While working out in the pool, Jennifer and Justin have a competition to see who can swim the length of the pool the quickest. The winner will be served breakfast in bed by the loser. Justin prevails and is brought a Subway breakfast sandwich the following morning.

Later, the teams are challenged with moving a 24 ton train 8000 feet. To make this even more difficult, they will be asked trivia questions. If you give the wrong answer, time will be added to your total time. Winners decide who sits out on the opposing team during the weigh-in. Once again, the red team prevails in the challenges. The red team opts to sit Irene out instead of Arthur.

At the weigh in: The red team has a total weight loss of 2.68%, but Arthur from the black team has a weight loss of 20 pounds, which helps them beat the red team. At the elimination, red team votes out Jay.

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