18 February, 2010

Finding My Motivation - Tomorrow?

What's the opposite of procrastination? Isn't it motivation? Even though I want to be thin and fit I find my motivation lately has been replaced with procrastination. How many times in the past few weeks have I told myself, "Tomorrow I work out" or "Tomorrow I start eating better". Yet, tomorrow never seems to arrive. Well things are going to change, I've reached my wits end for various reasons. Today I begin to change my procrastination back into motivation; here's what's going to help me.

As mentioned in a recent article, the lack of sun seems to drain all motivation from my system. At long last, the days are getting longer and soon to be followed with warmer days. As the days move along, tomorrow seems to be gradually approaching.

There is nothing so motivating as trying to put a shirt or pair of pants on and realize they no longer fits. I can only blame the washer and dryer for so much. Currently I'm enraged it keeps eating one of my socks from every pair I own. Oh, how I long to once again put a shirt on and not have it ride up.

Does this make sense, food as a motivation for me? I think it's more a reminder. For the past few years, I have been trained to not eat garbage/junk food. So lately as I've been doing so, I'm finding myself feel guilty for shoving that piece of pie into my pie-hole. I remember being satisfied as I ate my healthier dinners, and light snacks. So why have I been so bad with my eating lately? Probably because it's so easy to say you'll start eating healthier 'tomorrow', then find out the next day you are too depressed and turn once again to your favorite snacks. Suddenly you are locked in a never ending cycle. Funny how comfort food turns out to be anything but.

Health & Fitness
Believe it or not, I'm one of those persons who actually likes to go to the gym. The problem is actually getting to the gym. The short, cold Winter months make most people want to hibernate and I'm no exception. Still, I've been longing to make it back to the gym and do a few miles on the track at the very least. I've always rewarded myself with a trip to the hot tub or steam room. I've been feeling really bloated and miserable lately, so I'm longing for the time I will once again be fit and feel so much better. I'm tired of my back and legs hurting like they did back when I weighed over 300 pounds.

I think currently my biggest motivation is knowing my travel plans are coming closer and closer. This year I'm looking forward to a full week of vacation, something I haven't done in over 10 years. Being over-weight is not an option for me, I want to feel and look good in my travels.

Yes, I seriously want to be 20-30 pounds less in the next few months and I know if I don't get on the ball now, tomorrow won't be here till sometime next year. I refuse to accept that. I'm getting back to being serious with my fitness goals. I'm not going to start tomorrow. The time for excuses has past, the time for fitness is NOW!

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