08 December, 2010

A-Z Fitness - Lists

Writing lists can be an effective tool to losing and maintaining your weight. How? If you think about it, the best way to keep active on your goals is to keep track of them. What better way than to make a list of what you want to work towards? But goals aren't the only thing a list is good for. Make sure you take a list with you to the grocery store. I've been in a grocery store and I know how easy it is to be tempted by special deals and offers or foods less healthier than what you are planing on purchasing. So you've got a grocery list and a goal list set up, what else can you do? Why not make a list of exercise routines you'd like to try. Stair climbing, track, spin class; put them in a list and set about doing them.

Tips: I've said it before and I'll say it again - Kiss. 'Keep it Simple Sally.' The point being, one or two key words are all you need for each item on the list. Keeping a list helps keep your thoughts and ideas in order, so don't over complicate it.

Remember: Your lists do not have to be 800 pages novels. A simple list will be an easier list to remember and work on. The more complicated you get, the harder it will be to maintain. Check things off your list as you go along.

Goal: Before your next stop to the grocery, make a list of the items you want to pick up, make sure the foods are healthy. Don't be afraid to put a snack on the list, as long as its not a trigger food for you. Already write a grocery list? Concentrate on your goals. Make a list of all minor and major goals you are working towards. Can you think of a few new ones to add to the list? Can you think of something else to make a list of? Why not share it with us here?

Last Weeks Goal: I know you all did a great job on last weeks goal, right? It was a fairly easy goal, and a way to give appreciation to your friends and family. I really took this goal to heart this week and did what I could to give kudos to those I appreciate. I gave a few through my twitter account, on my facebook account, through various comments on web sites and of course live in person to those I know personally. How did you do? How did you give kudos to those you appreciate? How did you feel afterward?

What fitness words starting with the letter "L" inspire you?

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  1. New tip with respect to maintaining Weight & fitness. Our Conscious always pokes us if we do not keep up with Goals that we have Written down.