17 December, 2010

A-Z Fitness - Motivation

Motivation is probably the most important thing you can have when you want to do weight loss or maintenance. Without it, there is no drive to do what you want to accomplish. A few weeks back we talked about having an initiative. The initiative is nothing without motivation, though. You can find motivation through various sources. You can be inspired via friends, family or even those you see on TV. I've always been a big fan of the show Biggest Loser, and though I'm not sure that's the best way to lose weight, it's certainly effective. What motivates me more than anything is when the contestants keep the weight off. At one point I weighed over 300 lbs, and was properly motivated to lose 100 lbs. My motivation somehow slipped and I gained about half of it back, but I'm proud to say I've found the motivation once more and have been doing well at taking it back off.

Tips: Don't have the right motivation? Talk to someone you know has the proper motivation. Or simply talk to your friends and family and let them know what your goals are and ask for their help. You will be surprised how supportive they can be, and that's the biggest motivation of all.

Remember: Motivation can be tricky. Unlike a goal, motivation can be easily lost. Keep a firm grasp on what you are shooting for and never lose focus of your motivation. Also, it's not like you can only have one thing motivate you. As stated above, there are several things to motivate you. What motivates you?

Goal: Last week you were making lists, did you make a list of what motivates you? If not, it's your goal for this week. Find what motivates you, this time be more specific. If family motivates you, name each person who motivates you. Does a particular feeling motivate you, (a feeling of accomplishment), list it. What about a particular picture? What else can you find to motivate you?

Last Weeks Goal: The goal for last week was to make a few lists, of food to shop for or exercises to try. What did you come up with? Did they help and possibly inspire you?

What fitness words starting with the letter "M" inspire you?

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