30 December, 2010

A-Z Fitness - Organization

So far in this series I've talked about many things including blogging, goals, lists and nutrition labels. In these weeks I've given you written goals. Now is the time to concentrate on how you keep everything together. Hopefully, you don't have several lists in one place and a pile of notes and memos in another. If so, you'll need to organize everything. But why is this important to your health and fitness? Because if you are taking the time to make notes, you need to have everything organized so you can review it when you need to. Continual review is essential and organization is key to making sure you can find the notes you want to keep track of. Organization not only makes things tidier, it also means your review will be more enjoyable. Pulling your hair out because you can't find the one article you saved means you'll be less likely to review in the future.

Tips: One of the best ways to organize your notes is to keep a binder. A loose-leaf notebook is okay if you are simply taking notes, but sometimes its interesting to keep other items along with your notes. Attend a gym? Keep essential material with your fitness notes. Do you attend classes like Weight Watchers? They provide lots of useful information, keep all motivational material in your binder. Do you use a fitness coach or personal trainer? Include all your schedule times in the binder.

Remember: Keeping all your notes, thoughts, lists and motivational material in one place will make it easier to review. What better reason to keep everything together than to do a review from time to time. Include pictures or success stories along with everything else, in an organized fashion, and your biggest inspiration will be you.

Goal: Organize all your fitness material in one place. Even if you don't go as far as creating a binder, simply keeping things in a folder is still better organization than in several piles here and there. Do you already have things organized? Your goal then is to do a review. Is there anything you can include? Is there information you could weed out? Now is the time to do so.

Last Weeks Goal: Were you able to accomplish last weeks goal? It was a fairly simple task of reading nutrition labels and taking notes and comparing favourite foods. Did you learn anything looking at the labels? Did you decide to make any changes after what you discovered? Or are doing well in what is being put into your body? If you eat a lot of organic food, you are one step ahead of the game as processed foods have so much more junk added to them. But working on this task, you'll have noticed it for yourself.

What fitness words starting with the letter "O" inspire you?

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